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Name Country Year Movies Founder(s)
L & B Hong Kong 1978 3
La Sept - Arte France 1
La Sept-Cinema France 1
Laam Tin
Laam Yan Hong Kong 1947 1
Laam Ying Hong Kong 1947 2
Laap Daat 18
Laap Hing Hong Kong 1961 1
Lai Kwan Ying Yip Gung Shut Hong Kong 1938
Lai Ngai (Li'Er Colour) Hong Kong 1953 5
Lai Sang Hong Kong 1961 2
Lai Shing Ying Yip Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1992 1
Lai Si 18
Lai Sing Hong Kong 1950 1
Lai Wah Film Company Hong Kong 3
Lau Jeung Ying Yip Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Lau Kun Wai Productions Hong Kong
Laurel Films China 2005 6
Lau's Film Production Company Hong Kong 1
Law Jeung Hong Kong 1973 1
Lawrence Bender Productions USA 1997 1
Le Film France 2002 1
Le Fresnoy France 1
Le Vision Pictures, Ltd. China 2011 18
Lee Jeung Hong Kong 1976 3
Legend Films Co. Hong Kong 3
Lei Ming Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1972
Les Films Christian Fechner France 1
Li Yang/Tang Splendour Films Limited Hong Kong 2003 1
Lian Hua Shanghai No.2 Studio China 1934 1
Liangyou Film Company Hong Kong 1947 4
Lianhe Film Company Hong Kong 1947 7
Lianhua Film Company Hong Kong 1931 15
Lihe Film Company Hong Kong 1
Ling Gwong Hong Kong 1953 8
Lingxing Film Company Hong Kong 1948 1
Linksun International Limited Hong Kong 1
Lion Rock Hong Kong 4 John Woo , Terence Chang Chia Tsun
Lisa Film GmbH Germany 1997 1
Lisheng Film Company Hong Kong 1949 2
Live-Art Workshop Hong Kong
Lo Mar Hong Kong 4 John Law Ma
Lo Wei Films Hong Kong
Lo Wei Motion Pictures Hong Kong 24 Lo Wei
Lok Fung Film Company China 1984 1
Lok Kei Hong Kong 1965 2
Lok Kwan Hong Kong 1947 1
Lok Lam Hong Kong 1979 1
Long Shong Entertainment Multimedia Company Taiwan 5
Long Shong Pictures H.K. Hong Kong 15
Long Sun Film Co. 1
Longfeng Film Company 6
Loong Hsiang Film Co. Hong Kong
Lo's Film Co 1 Lo Lieh
Lotus Cinevision Co. Hong Kong 1
Lotus Film Hong Kong 1
Love in Fresh Environments Ltd Hong Kong
Luckfilm Productions Hong Kong 1
Lucky Star (HK) Film Co Hong Kong 4
Luen Dang Gwok Chai Goo Ban Yau Haan Gung Shut 1
Luen Gap Chai Chok Yau Haan Gung Shut 1
Luen Kiu Man Dut Si Yip Gung Shut Hong Kong 1940 1
Lui Daat Hong Kong 1960 4
Lui Ming Hong Kong 1970 1
Lui Ming Enterprises Hong Kong 2
Lunch Time Production Hong Kong 1
Lung Cheung Din Ying Chai Chok Goo Ban Yau Haan Gung Shut 1
Lung Cheung Ying Yip 1
Lung Chung Film Production Co., Ltd. Taiwan 1974 1
Lung Moon 1
Lung Wai Hong Kong 1954 6

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