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1448 Studios
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Name Country Year Movies Founder(s)
G.H. Pictures Limited (China) 2
Ga Foo 1
Ga Jeung 1
Ga Shing 1
Ga Wa Ying Yip Gung Shut Hong Kong 1940 1
Ga Wai Chai Chok Yau Haan Gung Shut 1
Gaai Daat Din Ying Chai Chok Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Gaai Ging Chai Chok Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Gaai Lang Ying Yip Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Gaau Sin / Koksin Film Company Hong Kong 1936 1
GAGA Communications Japan 1987 1
Gala Film Distribution Limited Hong Kong 2
Galaxy Films Ltd Hong Kong 6
Gam Faat Hong Kong 1961 1
Gam Gwok Hong Kong 1967 1
Gam Hoi Hong Kong 1964 3
Gam Lun Yue Lok Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1996 3
Gam Lung / Jinlong Film Company Hong Kong 1947 8
Gam Ma 5
Gam Moon Hong Kong 1957 2
Gam Shut Din Ying Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Gam Wa Hong Kong 1954 1
Gam Wan Hong Kong 1986 1
Gam Ying Hong Kong 1968 5
Gap Shing Hong Kong 1949 2
Gap Yik Hong Kong 1950 1
Gar Bo Motion Picture Company Hong Kong 2 Lau Kar Wing , Karl Maka , Sammo Hung Kam Bo
Gat Shing Mau Yee Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Gau Lung 2
Genesis Films Ltd Hong Kong 1
Genlord Limited Hong Kong 1999 1
Giant Film Production Co. Hong Kong
Gik Ban Yuen Sin Luk Cheung Faat Hang Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 2003 7
Gin Gwok / Jianguo Film Company Hong Kong 1947 2
Gin Lei Hong Kong 1968 1
Gin Shing / Jiansheng Film Company Hong Kong 1948 13
Ging Ngai Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1997 1
Glamour Film Production Co Ltd Hong Kong Jamie Luk Kim Ming
Global Entertainment Group Co. China 2
Global Investment Limited Hong Kong 1
Go Chi Sam Chai Chok Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1989 1
Go Film Distribution Ltd. Hong Kong 2003 1
Go Go Film Productions Co. Hong Kong 1
Go Shut Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Gold City Films Co 2
Gold Double Productions Hong Kong 1
Gold Harbour International Hong Kong 1991
Gold Label Hong Kong 2004 9
Gold Rush 1
Gold Spring Corporation Ltd. Hong Kong 1992 1
Gold Yes-Shen (H.K) International Co., Ltd. Hong Kong 2001 4
Golden Centro Pictures Hong Kong
Golden Eagle Film Co. Hong Kong 1
Golden Entertainement Co. Hong Kong 1
Golden Flare Films Co. Ltd. Hong Kong 5
Golden Gate Film Production Hong Kong 1
Golden Harvest Hong Kong 1970 310
Golden Harvest Entertainment Co. Ltd. Hong Kong 27
Golden Harvest Pictures (China) Co., Ltd 3
Golden Icon Entertainment Hong Kong 1
Golden Leaf Film Production Consultant Hong Kong
Golden Movies International Hong Kong 5
Golden Phoenix Hong Kong 1976 1
Golden Port Productions Limited 1
Golden Power Productions Hong Kong 3
Golden Princess Film Production Limited Hong Kong 1989 28
Golden Principal Organisation Ltd Hong Kong 2
Golden Scene Hong Kong 1998 9
Golden Sun Film Co., Ltd. Hong Kong 1972 9
Golden Sun Light Production Co. Hong Kong 1
Golden Tripod Film Co., Hong Kong Hong Kong 1970 3
Golden Way Films Hong Kong 1980 17 Jackie Chan , Willie Chan Chi Keung
Goldig Films (H.K.) Ltd. Hong Kong 1972 26
Goldpeak Corporation Limited.
Gon Gwoh Hong Kong 1956 2
Gong Aau Hong Kong 1969 1
Gong Chow / Luen Shing Hong Kong 1986 1
Gong Kiu Hong Kong 4
Gong Lung Ying Aau Chuen Boh Gung Shut Taiwan 1991 3
Gong Sing Hong Kong 1965 1
Good Fellas Film Co., The Hong Kong 1
Good Machine Taiwan 4
Good Standard International Hong Kong 2
Goodyear Film Co 5
Goon Wa Hong Kong 1952 2
Graffons Films Co. Hong Kong 1
Grand March Movie Production Co. Hong Kong 3 Lo Wei
Grand Motion Picture Company Taiwan 1963 3 Li Han Hsiang
Grand River Film Ltd Hong Kong 1 Kent Cheng Jak Si
Grandview Hong Kong 1949 1
Grandview Entertainment International Hong Kong
Grandview Film Company Limited Hong Kong 41 Chiu Shu San , Kwan Man Ching
Grandwell Film Production Hong Kong 4
Great & Bright Hong Kong 1
Great Audience Film & Television Production Hong Kong
Great China Film Company 6
Great Dragon Films (HK) Ltd Hong Kong
Great Earth Film Company Hong Kong 1950 2
Great Star Film Ltd. Guang Dong China 2004 1
Great Wall Film Company China 1929 1
Great Wall Movie Enterprise Limited Hong Kong 1950 14
Great Wall Pictures Corporation Hong Kong 1949 40 Cheung Sin Kwan
Greek Mythology Entertainment Compagny 1
Green Light Film Ltd. Taiwan 2002 3
Greenworld Co., Ltd. Hong Kong 1982 1
Grive Productions United Kingdom 2008 1
Group Power Workshop Inc. Taiwan 1995 1
GSC Movies Malaysia 1
Guangdong Face Audio & Video Production Co., Ltd. China 2005 1
GuangDong TV station China 1
Guangming / Gwongming Film Company Hong Kong 1
Guangming / Gwongming Film Company Hong Kong 1948 4
Guangzhou City Ying Ming Culture Communication Ltd. China 2005 2
Gui Ming Tau Jeung Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Gwok Bo Hong Kong 1962 2
Gwok Ching 3
Gwok Fung
Gwok Ga Hong Kong 1947 2
Gwok Gwong Ying Pin Gung Shut Hong Kong 1937 4
Gwok Luen Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Gwok Man Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Gwok Wa Hong Kong 1950 1
Gwong Shing Hong Kong 1964 1
Gwong Wa / Guanghua Film Company Hong Kong 1948 3

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