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19215 People
1448 Studios
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3722 Videos
Movie Studios Index

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Name Country Year Movies Founder(s)
C & D Production International 2005 1
Cameron Entertainement Co. Hong Kong 13
Canaan Film Production Hong Kong
Capital Artists Limited Hong Kong
Captial Hong Kong 1
Carofund International Limited Hong Kong
Carrianna Film Production Hong Kong
Casey Silver Productions USA 2003 1
Cassia Hill Production Co. Hong Kong 1
Cathay Asia Films Hong Kong 170 Loke Wan Tho
CCTV China 4
Celestial Pictures 1
Central Motion Picture Corporation 1956 24
Centro Hong Kong 19
Century China Culture Assets Limited 2005 1
Century Creator Co., Ltd Hong Kong 9
Century Motion Picture & Distribution Co. Hong Kong 1980 3 Dennis Yu Wan Kwong , Jeff Lau Chun Wai
Champion International Films Co., Ltd.
Chan Ming Hong Kong 1951 1
Chan Shing Chai Chok Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1989 1
Chan Sin Mei 1967 1
Chang Chiang Film Co., The Hong Kong
Chang Chun Film Studio China 1983 8
Chang He Motion Picture Co. Ltd. Taiwan 1
Chang Ho Hong Kong 1983 5 Chang Cheh
Chang-Hong Channel Film and Video Co. Hong Kong 10
Changjiang Film Company Hong Kong 1949
Chang's Film Co Taiwan 1974 17 Chang Cheh
Chap Lung Hong Kong 1965 1
Chat Yeung Hong Kong 1965 1
Che Jeung Hong Kong 1972 7
Cheerland Entertainment Organization China 2
Cheeter Film Co. Hong Kong
Cheng Ming Film Co. Taiwan 1
Cheong Hing 1
Cheung Hung / Changhong Film Company Hong Kong 1937 1
Cheung Jeung Hong Kong 1 Chang Shen , Paul Chang Chung
Cheung Kong Hong Kong 1949 1
Cheung Man Movie Production Co. Hong Kong 2
Cheung Ming Film Co. Hong Kong
Cheung Sang / Xiangsheng Film Company Hong Kong 1948 1
Cheung Sing Movie Co. Hong Kong
Cheung Wang Taiwan 4
Cheung Yau Production Co. Hong Kong 3
Chi (HK) Film Production Co. Ltd Hong Kong
Chi Luen 12
Chi Shing Hong Kong 1950 1
Chi Wa Ying Pin Gung Shut Hong Kong 1941 1
Chien Hua Film Company Hong Kong 1
Chik Lei Hong Kong 1953 15
Children's Town Hong Kong 1 Eric Tsang Chi Wai
China 3D Digital Entertainment Limited Hong Kong 2 Stephen Shiu Jr Ding Yat
China Central Television (CCTV) China 1958 9
China Entertainment Culture Development 1
China Entertainment Film Production Hong Kong 7
China Film Co-Production Corporation China 26
China Film Group Corporation China 43
China Film Salon Digital Video Films Ltd. China 2005 1
China Horse Films Production Company 1
China International Entertainment Ltd (CIEL) Hong Kong 2000 1 Barbie Tung Wan Si , Stanley Tong Gwai Lai
China Movie Channel Programme Centre China 2005 5
China Star Entertainment Group Hong Kong 1992 41 Charles Heung Wah Keung
China Television China 2
China United Film Company China 1941 1
Chinese Cultural Federation of Audio and Video Publishing House China 2002 1
Chinese International Company Limited Hong Kong 1999 1
Chinese Television System (CTS) Taiwan 2
Ching Chung Hong Kong 1963 1
Ching Nin Hong Kong 1995 1
Ching Pang Ko Film Production Co., Ltd. Taiwan 1998 16
Ching Wa 1
Chiu Lik Hong Kong 1979 1
Choice Film Productions Co. Hong Kong 1
Chong Cho Sau China 1
Chu Kong Din Ying Chai Pin Chong China 1986 2
Chu Kong Din Ying Chai Pin Gung Shut Hong Kong 1989 2
Chuen Chan Jeung Yuen Hong Kong 1995 1
Chuen Kau / Quanqiu Film Company Hong Kong 1934 8
Chuen Lei Hong Kong 1968 6
Chuen Mei Si Hong Kong 1979 1
Chun Chau Hong Kong 1962 1
Chun Git Hong Kong 1994 1
Chun Shing Ying Pin Gung Shut Hong Kong 1940 1
Chun Sing Film Co. Hong Kong 4
Chun Sing Ying Yip Gung Shut 1
Chun Wah Film and TV Hong Kong
Chun Yue Amusement Production Hong Kong
Chung Aau Hong Kong 1958 3
Chung Au Chan Kuen Film Company Hong Kong
Chung Daat Ying Pin Gung Shut Hong Kong 1939 1
Chung Gin Hong Kong 1955 1
Chung Gwok Din Ying Chai Pin Chong Taiwan 1971 4
Chung Gwok Din Ying Chai Pin Gung Shut Hong Kong 1956 1
Chung Gwok Maan Bo Liu Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Chung Gwong Hong Kong 1956 2
Chung Jeung Hong Kong 1979 2
Chung Jing Ying Yip Gung Shut Hong Kong 1937 1
Chung Naam Ying Pin Gung Shut 2
Chung Wah Films Company Hong Kong 1
Chung Ying Taiwan 2
Chung Yuen Motion Picture Co. Hong Kong 1949 3
Cine Art Film Co. Hong Kong 1968 4
Cine Century Company Hong Kong 1989 6 Ricky Wong Ga Kui
Cine Century Entertainment Limited Hong Kong 2002 3
Cinema Capital Entertainement Hong Kong 2
Cinema City & Films Co. Hong Kong 1980 65
Cinema City Enterprises Hong Kong 2
Cinema City Entertainment Hong Kong 2
Cinema Popular Film Company Hong Kong 2009 3 Huang Jianxin , Peter Chan Ho Sun
Cinema Systems Inc. 2006 1
CineMagic Hong Kong
Cinematografica Pelimex Italy 1
Cinergi Pictures Entertainment USA 1992 1
Citimagic Hong Kong
Citimedia Limited Hong Kong 1992 4
City Connection Ltd Hong Kong
City Host Production Co
Class Limited Hong Kong 1999 7
Classic S.r.l. Italy 1
Cleveland Film Company Limited Hong Kong
Clever Mark Hong Kong
CMC Movie Corporation Taiwan 6
CNC Film International Corporation China 1
Colordance Pictures Corp. 1
Colour Business Entertainement Ltd. (CBE) Hong Kong
Columbia Pictures Asia Hong Kong 9
Columbia Pictures Corporation USA 4
Columbia Tri Star USA 14
Come On Film Co. Hong Kong 1
Companion Films Co. Ltd 1
Concept Link Productions Limited Hong Kong 3
Concord Creation International Beijing Co. China 2
Concord Productions Inc. Hong Kong 1972 3
Congrad Company Hong Kong
Core Image Production Co. Taiwan 2003 1
Cosmopolitan Film Productions Co. Hong Kong 1988 16 Mona Fong Yat Wah , Run Run Shaw
Crane Film Company Hong Kong
Creative Alliance Co Ltd Hong Kong 1 Tsui Hark
Crown Film Co .Ltd. Hong Kong 1
Crystal Art (H.K.) Ltd. Hong Kong 1974 1
Crystal Clear Pictures Hong Kong 2009 1
Crystal Corporation Ltd. Hong Kong
CTV Hong Kong 9
Current Entertainment 1998 6

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