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Name Country Year Movies Founder(s)
H. K. Skylite Film Company Hong Kong 1976 4
H.K. Fong Ming Motion Picture Co. Hong Kong 2
Ha Gwong Ying Yip Gung Shut Hong Kong 1939 4
Hammer Film United Kingdom 2
Han Entertainment Inc Hong Kong 2000 Michelle Yeoh , Thomas Chung Choi Sze
Handmade Film Productions Hong Kong 3
Hang Ngai Films Co. Hong Kong
Hang Saan Hong Kong 1955 1
Hang Sing Production Co. Hong Kong 1
Happiness Movie & TV Studios Inc. China 2003 2
Happy Pictures Culture Communication Ltd. China 2004 2
Harbour USA 1
Harvest Crown Hong Kong 1
Hatract Films Limited Hong Kong 12
Haut et Court France 1
Heaven Pictures (Beijing) Culture & Media Co. China 2
Henan Film & TV Production Group Corp. China 1
Henan Film Studio China 1
Hero China International Ltd. 1
Heroes United Films Hong Kong 1
Heung Gong Gam Bo Ying Yip Gung Shut Hong Kong 1
Heung Gong Yan Yan Din Chai Chok Yau Haan Gung Shut Hong Kong 1992 1
Heung Gong Ying Pin Gung Shut Hong Kong 1931 3
Heung Shing / Xiangcheng Film Company Hong Kong 1947 1
Hing Fat Film Production Co. Hong Kong 3
Hing Fut Film Company 11
Hip Lei (Goldig Films) 1972 19
Hip Lik Hong Kong 1960 1
Hip Woh Yuk Lok Goo Ban Yau Haan Gung Shut Taiwan 1996 1
Hi-Pitch Co. Ltd. Hong Kong 1
Hitamin Hong Kong
HK Film Entertainment Production Co. Hong Kong 1 Billy Chan Wui Ngai
Ho Tin 1
Ho Wa Hong Kong 4
Hoi Fung Films Production Co Hong Kong 9
Hoi Ngoi 2
Hoi Sing Hong Kong 1951 1
Hoi Yeung 1
Hoi Yin 1
Hollywood Pictures USA 1986 1
HomeGreen Films Co., Ltd. Taiwan 2001 6
Hon Yeung Hong Kong 1967 2
Honest Films (HK) Co.
Hong Hai Film Productions Limited. Hong Kong
Hong Hwa International Films (HK) Ltd. Hong Kong 22 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
Hong Kong Alpha Motion Picture Co. Hong Kong 1968 7
Hong Kong Chang He Motion Pictures Co. Hong Kong
Hong Kong Film Director's Guild Hong Kong 1
Hong Kong Film Unit Hong Kong 1966 1
Hong Kong Films Co. Hong Kong 10
Hong Kong Hehuo Film Company Hong Kong 1949 1
Hong Kong Jade Dragon Film Co. Hong Kong 1
Hong Kong Kai Fa Film Company Hong Kong 1
Hong Kong Kai Lang Hong Kong 1999 1
Hong Kong Pin Chong Hong Kong 1966 1
Hong Kong Seng Film Production Hong Kong 1993 2
Hong Kong South Sea Film Co. 1
Honghe Hani Nation and Yi Nation Government China 2005 1
Hongli Film Company Hong Kong 1949 2
Hop Chung Film (H.K.) Co. Ltd. Hong Kong 1977 3
Hou Hsiao Hsien Co 1
Hoventin Films Creativity Hong Kong 1
Hoventin Films Production Co. Hong Kong 1
Hsin Hwa Motion Picture Company 16
Hsing Bao Art Screen Co. Hong Kong 1993 1
Hua Wen Film Company Hong Kong 2
Hua-Hu Motion Picture Corp. Taiwan 1
Huahua Film Company Hong Kong 1949 12
Hualien Hong Kong 1952 2
Huanan Film Studio Hong Kong
huaqiao Film Production Company Hong Kong 1
Huaxia Hong Kong 1957 10
Huayi Brothers & Taihe Film Investment Co., Ltd. China 1999 33 Wang Zhong Lei
Huge Yield Films Manufacturing Hong Kong
Hui's Film Production Co. Hong Kong 1975 4
Hung Bo Hong Kong
Hung Faat Yau Haan Gung Shut Taiwan 1
Hung Min Hong Kong 1953 1
Hung Sing / Hongxing Film Company Hong Kong 1948 5
Hung Taai Taiwan 2
Hung Wan Hong Kong 1954 1
Hung Way Films Hong Kong 1979 1
Hung's Communications Ltd Hong Kong
Hwang Jang Lee Production Company 1 Hwang Jang Lee
Hyde Park Entertainment USA 1
Hyunjin Cinema South Korea 2006 1

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