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Paul Chang Chung

Other names : 张冲
Chang Chung
Paul Chang
Zhang Chong
Workplace : Hong Kong, Taiwan
Activities : Director (6), Producer (1), Writer (1), Actor (118), Brief appearance (3)


Fans of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung might remember veteran actor Paul Chang Chung for his small distinguish roles in such movies as Wheels on Meals (Yuen Biao’s lunatic father), My Lucky Stars (the dapper-suited crime boss), Millionaire's Express (one of the mountain bandit chiefs ) and Police Story (the judge). In the sixties, though, he had being one of Hong Kong’s Mandarin Cinema leading male star during it’s great golden age.

Born Chang Chung Tien in 1931, Paul Chang Chung’s earliest reported movie appearance was as a child actor in the Cantonese production; Three Provocations Against the Emperor. He reappeared twenty years later as a contract actor for the Shaw’s movie moguls; first for their Shaw And Sons, Ltd studio and then the newly establish Shaw Brothers. Tall and handsome he was set-up into a leading man/matinee idol player. While in their early days Shaw Brothers mostly used already establish stars like Linda Lin Dai or Peter Chen Ho, Paul Chang Chang was one of the very fist to be “made” and totally contract own by the studio.

Over his decade-long stay at Shaw, Paul Chang made more than three dozen movies in a wide variety of genres including drama (Golden Trumpet, Auntie Lan), romance (Song of Orchid Island) period piece (Empress Wu, Amorous Lotus Pan) and thrillers (The Mid-Nightmare, To Catch a Murderer). However as Hong Kong’s Mandarin star system was overwhelmingly female dominated; Paul Chang’s stardom was never a match to most of his female co-stars. He also didn’t seem to have the same clout as Shaw’s others top male stars of the period, such as Peter Chen , Guan Shan or Zhao Lei. Paul Chang Chung was perhaps just too manly looking for his own good at a time where a somewhat effete screen quality was very much look for in the lead male actors at the time. As a result, despite his output, Paul Chang was mostly cast as leads in minor genre pieces (like romances or thrillers), or minor productions of major genres. He was never cast as the lead in Shaw Brothers’ prestige productions, instead appearing in only secondary leading male roles.

It was not until the mid Sixties that Shaw Brothers began making films in the genre that truly suited Paul Chang’s manly look and suave disposition; the spy caper. With such films as Golden Buddha>, Operation Lipstick, Black Falcon and Kiss and Kill, Chang became Shaw’s own asian James Bond. At the same time, however, the growing success of wuxia movies was launching a new generation of upstart leading men (Jimmy Wang Yu, Yueh Hua, Lo Lieh) which likely explains Paul Chang’s abrupt departure from Shaw Brothers, to their rival Cathay in 1968.

Unfortunately, Paul Chang’s move didn’t do his career any favours. Cathay was already in steady decline in their competitive struggle against Shaw, and would close down at the turn of the Seventies. Still, Chang did manage to make as many as fifteen movies for Cathay. It was during this time that he was able to get on the wuxia pian bandwagon, but none of the swordplay movies he made were ever able to match the success of those made by Shaw Brothers.

Upon Cathay’s closure, Paul Chang became a free agent. While past his prime as a leading star he was still a very famous name. Through the years he worked with Golden Harvest, as well as several other smaller independent production houses in Hong-Kong and Taiwan, mostly in the genre du jour, martial-arts movies. He made up to seven sword/k-f movie movies with Jimmy Wang Yu alone (including; The Brave and the Evil, The Gallant) although usually in villainous roles and even returned occasionally to his old studio Shaw Brothers (Vengeance Of A Snowgirl, Sinful Confession)

Starting in 1974, like many stars at the time (Lui Kei, David Chiang, Patrick Tse), Chang tried his hand as a director. Over the following ten years, he went on to make six movies of his own, in a variety of genres, from thrillers (Death Comes in Three) to wuxia pian (Super Dragon) and even established his own small production companies; Cheung Jeung (Chang Brothers) followed later by Chang’s. It’s around the same period that he finally tied the knot. Having dated Linda Lin Dai and Ivy Ling Po back in his Shaw Brothers days, he married sexy movie siren Hu Chin in 1975, though their marriage lasted only until 1979.

In the eighties, Paul Chung was among the many veteran stars who redirected their careers towards television. He became a regular for both TVB in H-K and TTV in Taiwan. His film output diminished accordingly, limited mostly to small parts in Sammo Hung or Jackie Chan movies. With his second wife, he attempted to establish himself in the restaurant business but ended up bankrupt. His last movie role was in 1992 with Center Stage. Paul Chang Chung’s twilight years were spent in Singapore, where he died early in 2010 from colon and lung cancer. At the request of his family, his passing went unheeded for months.

While Chang Chung’s movies with Cathay, those he made in Taiwan, and all of his directorial efforts are out of circulation nowadays, the bulk of his Shaw Brothers output has been made available through Celestal/IVY DVD releases.

Paul Chang was younger brother to writer director Cheung Sam with who he establish Chang's Brothers back in the seventies.

Yves Gendron (December 2010)

 [ Director - Producer - Writer - Actor - Brief appearance ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 Super Dragon 1982 Director
 Little Ancestors, The 1976 Director
 Lucky, Lucky 1974 Director
 Silver Band, The 1974 Director
 Wild As The Waves 1974 Director
 Death Comes In Three 1973 Director, Producer
 Lucky, Lucky 1974 Writer
 Center Stage 1992 Actor
 Promising Young Boy 1987 Actor
 Young Dragons - Kung Fu Kids 3 1987 Actor
 Young Dragons - Kung Fu Kids 4 1987 Actor
 Millionaire's Express, The 1986 Actor
 Naughty Boys 1986 Actor
 Where's Officer Tuba ? 1986 Actor
 My Lucky Stars 1985 Actor
 Duel To The Death 1983 Actor
 Lost Generation 1983 Actor
 Sword With The Windbell 1983 Actor
 Winners And Sinners 1983 Actor
 Alliance Of Hung Sect, The 1982 Actor
 Dragon Lord 1982 Actor
 Fantasy Mission Force 1982 Actor
 Lily Under The Gun 1982 Actor
 Stunning Gambling, The 1982 Actor
 Super Dragon 1982 Actor
 My Cape Of Many Dreams 1981 Actor
 Wells Up In My Heart 1981 Actor
 Women Soldiers 1981 Actor
 Kung Fu Vs Yoga 1979 Actor
 Raining In The Mountain 1979 Actor
 Big Land, Flying Eagles 1978 Actor
 Discharged, The 1977 Actor
 Pursuit Of Vengeance 1977 Actor
 800 Heroes 1976 Actor
 Born Rich 1976 Actor
 Little Ancestors, The 1976 Actor
 Love In The Twilight Zone 1976 Actor
 Black Alice 1975 Actor
 Eight Hundred Heroes 1975 Actor
 Sup Sap Bup Dup 1975 Actor
 Silver Band, The 1974 Actor
 Sinful Confession 1974 Actor
 Wild As The Waves 1974 Actor
 Death Comes In Three 1973 Actor
 Death On The Docks 1973 Actor
 Love Is A Four Letter Word 1973 Actor
 Private Eye, The 1973 Actor
 Adventure, The 1972 Actor
 Fatest Fists 1972 Actor
 Gallant, The 1972 Actor
 Invincible, The 1972 Actor
 Jenny And Her Sexy Mother 1972 Actor
 Lion's Heart 1972 Actor
 Many Faces Of A Diamond 1972 Actor
 Peeper, The Model And The Hypnotist, The 1972 Actor
 Blade Spares None, The 1971 Actor
 Brave And The Evil, The 1971 Actor
 Her Vengeance 1971 Actor
 I Want To Sing 1971 Actor
 Invincible Eight, The 1971 Actor
 Invincible Sword 1971 Actor
 Lark, The 1971 Actor
 Legends Of Cheating 1971 Actor
 Money and I 1971 Actor
 Secret Of My Millionaire Sister 1971 Actor
 Vengeance Of A Snowgirl 1971 Actor
 Dial For Murder 1970 Actor
 Eagle's Claw, The 1970 Actor
 Filial Girl At The Icy Valley, The 1970 Actor
 I Don't Want To Divorce 1970 Actor
 Night Is Not Made For Stealing 1970 Actor
 Rivals, The 1970 Actor
 Violet Clove And Firebird 1970 Actor
 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 1970 Actor
 Black Panther, The 1969 Actor
 Challenge, The 1969 Actor
 Daring Sword, The 1969 Actor
 Eight For The Border 1969 Actor
 Mad, Mad Sword 1969 Actor
 Mallow Forest 1969 Actor
 My Father In Law 1969 Actor
 Pearl In Command, A 1969 Actor
 Fight For The Agreement 1968 Actor
 To Kill A Rover 1968 Actor
 Wolf And The Angel, The 1968 Actor
 Auntie Lan 1967 Actor
 Black Falcon 1967 Actor
 Hong Kong Nocturne 1967 Actor
 Kiss And Kill 1967 Actor
 Madam Slender Plum 1967 Actor
 Million Eyes Of Su-Muru, The 1967 Actor
 Operation Lipstick 1967 Actor
 Downhill They Ride 1966 Actor
 Golden Buddha, The 1966 Actor
 Till The End Of Time 1966 Actor
 Crocodile River 1965 Actor
 Song Of Orchid Island 1965 Actor
 Sons Of Good Earth 1965 Actor
 Amorous Lotus Pan, The 1964 Actor
 Between Tears And Laughter 1964 Actor
 Coin, The 1964 Actor
 Story Of Sue San, The 1964 Actor
 Bitter Sweet 1963 Actor
 Empress Wu Tse-Tien, The 1963 Actor
 Mid-Nightmare (Part 2) 1963 Actor
 To Catch A Murderer 1963 Actor
 Mid-Nightmare 1962 Actor
 When Fortune Smiles 1962 Actor
 Belles, Les 1961 Actor
 Golden Trumpet, The 1961 Actor
 Lost Love, The 1961 Actor
 Oh Boys ! Oh Girls ! 1961 Actor
 Three Dolls In Hong Kong 1961 Actor
 Flames Of Passion 1960 Actor
 Love Thy Neighbour 1960 Actor
 Malayan Affair 1960 Actor
 Rendezvous In The South Sea 1960 Actor
 Black Gold 1959 Actor
 Darling Daughter 1959 Actor
 Desire 1959 Actor
 Enchanted Melody 1959 Actor
 Lovers In A Sea Of Desire 1959 Actor
 Where Is My Bride ? 1958 Actor
 You Are My Soul 1958 Actor
 Three Provocations Against The Emperor 1939 Actor
Brief appearance
 Righting Wrongs 1986 Brief appearance
 Police Story 1985 Brief appearance
 Wheels On Meals 1984 Brief appearance

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Kung Fu Vs Yoga
Sinful Confession
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Lion's Heart
The Adventure
The Blade Spares None
The Blade Spares None
Black Falcon
The Golden Buddha
Between Tears And Laughter
The Amorous Lotus Pan
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