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11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
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By Profession : 
 Action Director
 Art director
 Assistant Action Director
 Assistant Director
 Associate producer
 Brief appearance
 Car Stunt
 Costume Designer
 Executive Director
 Executive producer
 Fire Stunt
 Hair Stylist
 Make-up Artist
 Motion capture
 Original Story
 Production Manager
 Props Manager
 Script Supervisor
 Second Unit Director
 Sound engineer
 Sound Recording Engineer
 Special effects
 Voice dubbing

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 Aan Lik
 Lawrence Ah Mon
 Bitto Albertini
 Ang Saan
 Jean-Jacques Annaud
 Sharon Au Koon Ying
 Tony Au Ting Ping
 Au Yuk Sing
 Au-Yeung Tin
 Baak Wong Gei
 Baak Ying Choi
 Drew Barrymore
 Bat Foo
 Frédéric Bellaïche
 Georges Benayoun
 Caroline Benjo
 Luc Besson
 Steve Black
 Philippe Bober
 Uwe Boll
 Frank Borzage
 Bob Brown
 Sylvain Bursztein
 Nicholas Cage
 Cai Rubin
 Cai Yun Hua
 Cao Biao
 Cha Chuen Yee
 Chak Sin Chung
 Alexander Chan Mong Wa
 Alice Chan Wai Chung
 Ann Chan Gong Yuen
 Anthony Chan Yau
 Bee Chan
 Benny Chan Chi Shun
 Benny Chan Muk Sing
 Betty Chan Kwai Wa
 Billy Chan Wui Ngai
 Casey Chan Lai Ying
 Catherine Chan Si Kan
 Charine Chan Ka Ling
 Chan Cheuk Sang
 Chan Chi Fook
 Chan Chi Ming
 Chan Chin Chung
 Chan Chung Ting
 Conroy Chan Chi Chung
 David Chan Sek Hong
 Dennis Chan Kwok San
 Eddie Chan Shu Chi
 Eddy Chan Ga Ho
 Chan Fei Lung
 Frankie Chan Fan Kei
 Fruit Chan Gor
 Chan Fung Lan
 Chan Gin Ting
 Gordon Chan Kar Shan
 Chan Gwan Chiu
 Chan Haau Ho
 Chan Hing Kar
 Chan Hiu Bing
 Chan Hon
 Irene Chan Pui Si
 Jackie Chan
 Jeffrey Chan Wing Hung
 Chan Jing Boh
 John Chan Koon Chung
 Joseph Chan Sin Ji
 Joseph Chan Wai Chi
 Chan Kau Yuen
 Chan Kin Tak
 Chan Kooi Yuen
 Chan Kwok Wa
 Chan Lee Wa
 Chan Leung (2)
 Chan Lit Ban
 Chan Man
 Chan Man Lung (2)
 Chan Man Sam
 Chan Man Wo (2)
 Michael Chan Wai Man
 Chan Ming Wa
 Chan Muk Chuen
 Nat Chan Pak Cheung
 Otto Chan Juk Tiu
 Chan Pak Fu
 Paul Chan Chung Chau
 Peter Chan Chiu Miu
 Peter Chan Ho Sun
 Philip Chan Yan Kin
 Chan Pooi Wa
 Chan Pui Yin (2)
 Rainy Chan Choi Yin
 Ricky Chan Ka Suen
 Second Chan Si Kan
 Chan Sheau Mei
 Chan Shiu On
 Chan Shu Kai (2)
 Chan Sing
 Stephen Chan Chue Gwong
 Stephen CK Chan
 Stephen Chan Yung
 Chan Suut Chi
 Chan Ta
 Chan Tung Man
 Chan Wa
 Chan Wai On
 Chan Wai Ying (4)
 Wendy Chan Wai Si
 Willie Chan Chi Keung
 Chan Wing Cheung
 Chan Yam Chuen
 Chan Ye Cheng
 Chan Yee Gan
 Chan Yue Lam
 Chang Cheh
 Chang Chik Ji
 Chang Ging Chiu
 Chang Pang
 Paul Chang Chung
 Pearl Chang Ling
 Stephen Chang Gwong Chin
 Sylvia Chang Ai Chi
 Terence Chang Chia Tsun
 Chang Yan Tao
 Chang Ying (4)
 Steve Chasman
 Che Bing Kwan
 Che Hin
 Che Si Ckui Ban Lip
 Che Yik Ji
 Che Yue Wa
 Soi Cheang Pou Soi
 Angie Chen On Kei
 Chen Bao Ping
 Chen Ching Te
 Chen Da Ming
 David Chen Jr
 Chen Hon Chun
 Chen Hong
 Chen Jie
 Joan Chen Chung
 Chen Kaige
 Chen Kuan Tai
 Chen Kun
 Chen Kuo Fu
 Leste Chen Cheng Tao
 Chen Mingxin
 Richard Chen Yao Chi
 Teddy Chen Tak Sum
 Chen Tian Xing
 Tiffany Chen Lan
 Tiffany Chen Ming Ying
 Chen Ying Chieh
 Chen Yueh Chiung
 Chen Ze Zhong
 Cary Cheng Kim Fung
 Clement Cheng Sze Kit
 Cheng Er
 Kent Cheng Jak Si
 Cheng Kim Fung
 Cheng Kwok Tung
 Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui
 Paul Cheng Jan Bong
 Cheng Pei Pei
 Steve Cheng Wai Man
 Cheng Su Ming
 Cheng Wen Tang
 Cheuk Ng
 Alfred Cheung Kin Ting
 Ben Cheung Ban
 Cheung Bo Wing
 Cheung Chee Keong
 Cheung Chi Gwong (2)
 Cheung Chi Sing
 Cheung Chi Suen
 Cheung Chi Yung
 Cheung Chit Foo
 Cheung Chui Ying
 Cheung Chung Lung
 Cheung Chung Ping
 Cheung Dai
 Debbie Cheung Jing
 Cheung Gau Yam
 Cheung Ho
 Cheung Hoi Ching
 Cheung Hong Tat
 Jacob Cheung Chi Leung
 Jeffrey Cheung Kai Ping
 Joe Cheung Tung Cho
 John Cheung Ng Long
 Joseph Cheung Man Kwong
 Cheung Kar Lung
 Cheung Kin Man
 Cheung Kong Tat
 Cheung Kwok Hing
 Cheung Lai Sang
 Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing
 Cheung Man (8)
 Cheung Man Yiu
 Cheung Nai Wa
 Cheung Ngai
 Cheung Paang Ching
 Peter Cheung Wing Yiu
 Richard Cheung Kuen
 Cheung Sek Gui
 Sharla Cheung Man
 Cheung Shing Sheung
 Cheung Sin Gung
 Cheung Sin Kwan
 Cheung Sing Chi
 Cheung Sing Yim
 Cheung Suk Sang
 Teresa Cheung Siu Wai
 Cheung Tiu Yin
 Tom Cheung Ga Lung
 Wallace Cheung Kwok Chung
 William Cheung Gin
 William Cheung Kei
 Wilson Cheung Wing Wa
 Cheung Wing Kit
 Cheung Wing Kwan
 Cheung Yat Par
 Cheung Ying (4)
 Cheung Yuk Fung
 Chi Kuan Chun
 Chian Wen Hsiung
 Chiang Chin Teh
 David Chiang Da Wei
 Jeffrey Chiang Ka Chun
 Chiang Jih Shen
 Chiang Wen Pin
 Chiang Xian Cheng
 Chiao Hsiang Yun
 Peggy Chiao Hsiung Ping
 Joe Chien Jen Hao
 Jonathan Chik Gei Yee
 Ando Chikahiro
 Chim Sek Faan
 Amy Chin Siu Wai
 Andy Chin Wing Keung
 Cash Chin Man Kei
 Cub Chin Kong Hon
 Katy Chin Shu Mei
 Wellson Chin Sing Wai
 Chin Wing Wai
 John Ching Tung
 Ching Kuo Chung
 Ching Lan Wing
 Ching Shing
 Tony Ching Siu Tung
 Chiu Chun Keung
 Chiu Fu Sheng
 Chiu Mei Bo
 Samson Chiu Leung Chun
 Chiu Shu Ken
 Chiu Shu San
 Chiu Shu Taai
 Chiu Shun Ching
 Dick Cho Kin Nam
 Cho Kei
 Choi Chau Lam
 Choi Cheung Lun
 Choi Chi Laam
 Choi Chung Lam
 Clifford Choi Gai Gwong
 Jim Choi Ji Ming
 Choi Man Sing
 Choi Tung Wa
 Choi Wing Cheong
 John Chong Ching
 Patricia Chong Lai Chan
 Chong Wai Kin
 Chong Yao
 Choo Kwok Leong
 Chou Chien Ten
 Jay Chou Kit Lun
 Chou Tan
 Anthony Chow Deng Au
 Chow Bun
 Chow Chin Hing
 Danny Chow Cham Foo
 Danny Chow Kei Foo
 Chow Do Ven
 Elaine Chow Sau Laan
 Chow Fong Mei
 Chow Fu Hung
 Chow Geung Man Kam
 Chow Jan Tung
 Chow Jan Wing
 Chow Kam Lun
 Chow Keung
 Chow Kim Kwong
 Chow Ling Gong
 Matt Chow Hoi Kwong
 Michael Chow Man Kin
 Chow On Hung
 Chow Pei Hok
 Raymond Chow Man Wai
 Chow See Luk
 Stanley Chow Fook Leung
 Stephen Chow Sing Chi
 Thomas Chow Wai Kwan
 Tony Chow Kwok Chung
 Chow Tung Chuen
 Chow Wah Yu
 Chow Yau
 Chow Yuk Kong
 Chu Chen On
 Elaine Chu Suk Yee
 Chu Feng Kang
 John Chu Ka Yan
 Chu Kei
 Kevin Chu Ka Wang
 Chu Ko Ching Wan
 Chu Tsi Kwai
 Chu Yen Ping
 Chu Yu
 Chu Yuan
 Chu Yuet Yuen
 Chua Lam
 Alan Chui (2)
 Chui Ban
 Chui Bo Chu
 Chui Ching Yat
 Chui Chung Ming
 Chui Fat
 Chui Gui Yin
 Chui Gwai Yuk
 Chui Jing Hong
 Chui Kin Chau
 Chui Suk
 Vincent Chui Wan San
 Chui Wai Gwok
 Chuk Ching Yin
 Janet Chun Siu Jan
 Barry Chung Man Keung
 Billy Chung Siu Hung
 Chung Chi Yin
 Chung Chun
 Claudia Chung Chun
 David Chung Chi Man
 Chung Fat
 Chung Gam Gwai
 James Chung
 Chung Ji Gwai
 Chung Kai Man
 Maria Chung Wai Bing
 Rico Chung Kai Cheong
 Thomas Chung Choi Sze
 Tommy Chung Siu Tong
 Chung Wai Man
 Chung Wai Shing
 Chung Woo Ban
 Robert Clouse
 Cui Xu
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Interview Clement Cheng on Gallants


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