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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
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73 Interviews
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3722 Videos
Tsui Hark

Other names : 徐克
Chui Hak
Tsui Man Kong
Tsui Man Kwong
Xu2 Ke4
Mark Yu
Birthdate : 15/2/1950
Nationality : Vietnam
Workplace : Hong Kong, USA
Activities : Director (48), Producer (68), Action Director (1), Writer (39), Cinematographer (1), Music (3), Art director (2), Editor (3), Voice dubbing (1), Actor (14), Brief appearance (8), Cameo (3), Original Story (6), Planning (1), Presenter (2), Production Manager (1)


Born in 1950 in Vietnam as Tsui Man Kong, he came to Hong Kong in 1966 for his secondary education. In 1969 he entered the Southern Methodist University in Texas from which he graduated in 1975. He had interrupted his studies to co-direct a 45-minute documentary "From Spikes to Spindles" on Asian American history. He became an editor of a Chinatown Newspaper in New York and found a community theatre group and was active in the Chinatown Community Cable TV.

He returned to Hong Kong in 1977 to begin work as a TV producer-director, first for TVB, then for the now defunct CTV. His swordplay series "The Gold Dagger Romance" is regarded one of the best Hong Kong TV series. He made his first feature "The Butterfly Murders" in 1979 and the controversial "Dangerous Encounter - 1st kind" in 1980. He found the Film Workshop in 1984 and began with a nostalgic "Shanghai Blues". Co-produced with Cinema City in 1986 "A Better Tomorrow" is a huge succes. Adopted from the classic Hong Kong films, he created totally new images of Nie XiaoQian (Joey Wong Tsu Hsien: "A Chinese Ghost Story" series, 1987-1991), Wong Fei Hung (Jet Li / Zhao Wen Zhuo (aka Vincent Chiu Man Chuk): "Once Upon A Time In China" series, 1991-1997), Asia the Invincible (Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia: "Swordsman" series, 1991-1993), White Snake and Green Snake (Joey Wong and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk: "Green Snake", 1993), Liang Shan Bo and Chu Ying Tai (Nicky Wu Kei Lung and Charlie Young Choi Nei: "The Lovers", 1994).

He was award the Best Director Award of the Taiwan Golden Horse Award for "All The Wrong Clues For The Right Solution" and also the Best Director Award of the Hong Kong Film Awards for "Once Upon A Time In China". In 1997 he made his Hollywood debut with "Double Team" starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. (Universe Laser & Video Co. Ltd.)


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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Bodyguard, The 2016 Actor
 Sword Master 2016 Producer, Writer
 Taking Of Tiger Mountain, The 2014 Director
 White-Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom, The 2014 Art director
 Catching Monkey 3D 2013 Director, Writer
 Christmas Rose 2013 Producer
 Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon 2013 Director, Producer, Writer, Original Story
 Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate 2011 Director, Producer, Writer
 Simple Life, A 2011 Cameo
 Detective Dee - The Mystery Of Phantom Flame 2010 Director, Producer
 All About Women 2008 Director, Writer
 Missing 2008 Director, Producer, Writer
 Triangle 2007 Director, Producer, Presenter
 In The Blue 2006 Planning
 Seven Swords 2005 Director, Producer, Writer
 Seven Swords Of Mount Heaven 2005 Director, Producer, Writer
 Warrior, The 2005 Action Director, Writer, Art director
 Era Of Vampires 2003 Producer, Writer
 Hong Kong Stories 2003 Actor
 Project 1:99 2003 Director
 Project 1:99 Believe It Or Not 2003 Director, Writer
 Xanda 2003 Producer, Music
 Black Mask 2 : City Of Masks 2002 Director, Producer, Writer
 Legend Of Zu, The 2001 Director, Producer
 Master Q 2001 2001 Producer, Writer
 Time And Tide 2000 Director, Producer, Writer
 Knock Off 1998 Director
 Chinese Ghost Story : The Animated Movie, A 1997 Producer, Writer, Editor, Voice dubbing
 Double Team 1997 Director
 Once Upon A Time In China And America 1997 Producer
 Black Mask 1996 Producer, Writer
 Shanghai Grand 1996 Producer
 Tristar 1996 Director, Producer, Writer
 Wong Fei Hung Series : The Final Victory 1996 Director, Producer
 Wong Fei Hung Series : The Headless General 1996 Producer
 Wong Fei Hung Series : The Ideal Century 1996 Director, Producer
 Wong Fei Hung Series : The Suspicious Temple 1996 Producer
 Yang ± Ying : Gender In Chinese Cinema 1996 Actor
 Blade, The 1995 Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Production Manager
 Chinese Feast, The 1995 Director, Producer, Writer
 Love In The Time Of Twilight 1995 Director, Producer, Writer
 Wong Fei Hung Series : The Eight Assassins 1995 Producer
 Burning Paradise 1994 Producer
 Forging The Swords 1994 Producer
 Lovers, The 1994 Director, Producer, Writer
 Once Upon A Time In China V 1994 Director, Producer, Writer, Music
 East Is Red, The 1993 Producer, Writer
 Green Snake 1993 Director, Producer, Writer
 Iron Monkey 1993 Producer, Writer
 Magic Crane, The 1993 Producer, Writer, Presenter
 Once Upon A Time In China III 1993 Director, Producer, Writer, Music
 Once Upon A Time In China IV 1993 Producer, Writer
 Dragon Inn 1992 Director, Producer, Writer
 King Of Chess 1992 Director, Producer
 Once Upon A Time In China II 1992 Director, Producer, Writer
 Swordsman 2 1992 Producer, Writer
 Twin Dragons, The 1992 Director, Writer, Brief appearance, Original Story
 Wicked City, The 1992 Producer, Writer
 Banquet, The 1991 Director, Writer, Brief appearance
 Chinese Ghost Story 3, A 1991 Producer, Writer
 Once Upon A Time In China 1991 Director, Producer, Writer
 Portrait of Lin Ching Hsia, A 1991 Actor
 Chinese Ghost Story 2, A 1990 Producer
 Raid, The 1990 Director, Producer, Writer
 Spy Games 1990 Producer
 Swordsman 1990 Director, Producer
 Better Tomorrow III : Love And Death In Saigon, A 1989 Director, Producer, Editor, Original Story
 Just Heroes 1989 Producer
 Killer, The 1989 Producer
 Master, The 1989 Director, Producer, Original Story
 Terracotta Warrior 1989 Producer
 Web Of Deception 1989 Producer
 Big Heat, The 1988 Director, Producer, Brief appearance
 Diary Of A Big Man 1988 Producer
 Gunmen 1988 Producer
 I Love Maria 1988 Producer, Actor
 Laserman 1988 Producer
 Better Tomorrow II, A 1987 Producer, Original Story
 Chinese Ghost Story, A 1987 Producer
 Final Victory, The 1987 Actor
 Long Arm Of The Law II 1987 Writer
 Better Tomorrow, A 1986 Producer, Cameo
 Happy Ghost 3 1986 Actor
 Peking Opera Blues 1986 Director, Producer
 Kung Hei Fat Choy 1985 Cameo
 Working Class 1985 Director, Producer, Actor
 Yes, Madam 1985 Actor
 Aces Go Places III : Our Man From Bond Street 1984 Director, Brief appearance
 Run Tiger Run 1984 Actor
 Shanghai Blues 1984 Director, Producer, Brief appearance
 Aces Go Places II 1983 Actor
 All The Wrong Spies 1983 Producer, Actor
 Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing 1983 Cinematographer
 Perfect Wife, The 1983 Producer
 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1983 Brief appearance
 Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain 1983 Director, Brief appearance
 Aces Go Places 1982 Brief appearance
 It Takes Two 1982 Actor
 All The Wrong Clues For The Right Solution 1981 Director, Original Story
 Dangerous Encounter - 1st Kind 1980 Director, Writer, Actor
 We're Going To Eat You 1980 Director
 Butterfly Murders 1979 Director
 Gold Dagger Romance, The 1978 Director

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 Tsui Hark pictures :  (Hide)
I Love Maria
The Final Victory
A Better Tomorrow
Working Class
Run Tiger Run
Shanghai Blues
Aces Go Places II
All The Wrong Spies
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain
Chasing Girls
 Other Tsui Hark pictures :  (Hide)
Triangle (1)
Seven Swords (1)
Xanda (1)
The Legend Of Zu (2)
The Twin Dragons (1)
I Love Maria (3)
The Final Victory (3)
A Better Tomorrow (1)
Working Class (5)
Run Tiger Run (4)
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