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Choice of weapons: Tsui Hark's Seven Swords
Press Conference 4/5 - Page 5
Author(s) : Thomas Podvin
Date : 26/10/2005
Type(s) : Interview
Food for thought
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People :
Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia
Sun Hong Lei
Tsui Hark
Donnie Yen Chi Tan
Movies :
Swordsman 2
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Page 6 : Press Conference Photo Gallery
Press conference held in July 21, 2005 at the Shanghai Art Film Center.
Special thanks to Mr Gu Ming.
Translation from Mandarin into English by Cherry Xue.
Transcribed and collated by Thomas Podvin.

Question : How do you see your role and your relation with Fire-Wind (Sun Hong Lei) and Chu Zhaonan (Donnie Yen)?

Kim So Yeun: Thanks to Tsui Hark for creating such a role. It's very charming and an interesting part. With Fire-Wind, I am forced to accept his emotions, this relationship is painful and unpleasant. With Chu Zhaonan we both love each others, it's true affection.'

Question : Have you ever watched Chinese kung fu movies?

Kim So Yeun: I have watched a lot, because my dad is fan of Tsui Hark! I especially like the character of Brigitte Lin in Swordsman 2.

Question : In this movie did you improvise a lot?

Sun Honglei: For 90% of the words I didn't say them according to the script. The director, other staff members and myself thought together about it. We always discussed and had new ideas when it came to shooting time; a lot of word came out like this. I don't like to recite script, it's not very responsible for the audience and the director. In fact the director deleted 2/3 of my part. Anyway, for my part, a lot of words and acting were thought together just when we were shooting.

Question : Why Tsui chose you to be the bad guy?

Sun Honglei: In fact just by coincidence he saw a bit of a one of my TV-series, and then managed to find out all my them and my movies too, and after watching them all, he felt this role is for me. When he came to tell me that, I was very surprised; before no director said that to me. He came because he thought I was suitable and not popular. So we discussed and made the deal in one hour. During the shooting, we had a lot of difficulties, Tsui slept for 2-3 hours per night for more than 20 days, he also didn't sleep for 72 hours in a row, and he's very dedicated. I gave the director the nickname “old monster”. I really appreciate working with him, I like him.

photo hkcinemagic.com©
photo hkcinemagic.com©
Question : In the movie, it's a sad role. How about your own personality?

Kim So Yeun: In reality I am just the opposite, I am open-minded, I like to express myself, to tell other my feelings, I am very frank. For the role I had to work on this part for 3 months. I had to develop a sad atmosphere. After finishing the movie and I came back to Korea I still couldn't come back to normal for a while.

Question : What if you had to play Zhang Jinchu role?

Kim So Yeun: I haven't watched the movie yet, so I couldn't tell more about the acting skill of each of the actors or actresses. But from the comments of critics, she plays very well. If I had to play this role, maybe I couldn't achieve 50% of her performance.

Question : For fighting part, did you have any stunt doubles?

Sun Honglei: Yes of course, we needed to. But most fight sequences are finished by myself.

Kim So Yeun: Every time when I went on set I saw him practicing and being very concentrated.

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Page 4 : Tsui Hark / Zhang Jinchu
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Page 6 : Press Conference Photo Gallery

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