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Interview Jaycee Chan, dodging the shadow of his father
PK.COM.CN - The Drummer: an auteur-ish turn 1/1 - Page 3
Author(s) : Bastian Meiresonne
Date : 10/10/2008
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Kenneth Bi
Wilson Chen Bo Lin
Roy Cheung Yiu Yeung
Tony Leung Ka Fai
Xiao Jiang
Movies :
The Drummer
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HKCinemagic: Yet, on the contrary, it was more difficult for you to understand the instructions from director Xiao Jiang on PK.COM.CN, wasn’t it?

Jaycee Chan: Exactly. "PK.COM.CN" was my fourth shooting and it was also another Chinese art-house film.

The movie is in fact the adaptation by director Xiao Jiang ("Electric Shadows") of a novel published in the Internet. I accepted this movie with only one condition, being with my “blood brother” Taiwanese actor Wilson Chen (Chan Pak-Lam), who was also in "Twins Effect 2".

In fact, I discussed a lot with the director and that helped me understand a lot about directing. I learnt a lot with her and with the technical team…
But we also argued some times. She had strong ideas that I didn’t catch. She is a real artist… For example, she had selected a really good actress for the female leading role but she was not very pretty. PK.COM.CN is a youth movie targeting the young people. Yet this actress was about 30 years old and she was supposed to be a twenty years old girl. So, because of this, there was much tension.
I didn’t truly know if the movie was festival material or if it was more like a commercial flick.

But it didn’t stop us to have fun during the shooting. Well, I think it even was the funniest shooting I ever made until now. On the other hand, when I shot "The Drummer", I thought that I was going to die because of the Taiwanese mosquitoes! That led me to believe they loved Hong Kong blood.

HKCinemagic:With your desire for a musical career, you must have been pleased to be involved in The Drummer?

Jaycee Chan: In fact, The Drummer is less about the music than the hard work and a team spirit. And it’s a project that I could have never been involved in.

With my last collaboration with Xia Jang on PK.COM.CN, I was a little bit scared to work again with a young and inexperienced director. And I never had seen yet a good Hongkongese movie dealing with music and a real musical institution such as drummers.

When I read the first pages of the script, which talked only about triads and gangsters, I almost turned it down. And to be honest I wasn’t much motivated to work with Kenneth Bi who chose me because I was the only one of my generation to be free at the moment. He had called all my friend for the role! All of them!

And finally I met him and I realized how passionate he was about directing! He is one of the rare and young directors who thinks about every shots and carries his project form A to Z. It is a person who has much talent and a real vision of the story he wants to shoot.

The Drummer
HKCinemagic: He has a common point with you: to get out from the shadows of his famous parents (Kenneth Bi is the son of the Shaw Brothers actress Ivy Ling Po and actor Chin Han).
Jaycee Chan: Yes and he truly devote himself and I was pleased to play with actors such as Tony Leung Kar-fai or Roy Cheung.
HKCinemagic: How did you approach the music in this film?

Jaycee Chan: I thought it was important for me to learn and play the drums and a drum for real in order to really grasp the character. A drum is really different from the drums, there is only one piece of instrument and we have to make a ‘noisy melody’ with it. And then the movie is not only about playing movie. I was supposed to findind an interior peace and to becoming zen, which was much more difficult to express in my acting than to play any music instrument.

However, when I came on the set at first, I thought that it was enough to be actor, to « play » a situation and not necessarily to experience it for real. But during the shooting I understood that sometimes you need to immerse yourself into a character or a situation to be able to really express something. The music team helped me a lot to understand that. I’m not sure I’d like to live once more what I experienced on the set but I’m really thankful for what they taught me.

The easiest part was to play the bad guy but the most difficult was to express the evolution of my character. At the beginning, I play a young nervous thug while at the end I’m someone calmer and thoughtful.

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Page 2 : The Sun also rises for Jaycee
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Page 4 : Invisible Target: the mainstream actor

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