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Interview Jaycee Chan, dodging the shadow of his father
A young career 1/1 - Page 1
Author(s) : Bastian Meiresonne
Date : 10/10/2008
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Jackie Chan
Jaycee Chan Cho Ming
Peter Chan Ho Sun
Samson Chiu Leung Chun
Jiang Wen
Fiona Sit Hoi Kei
Movies :
2 Young
McDull, The Alumni
The Sun Also Rises
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Page 2 : The Sun also rises for Jaycee

We met the young actor Jaycee Chan at the last Pusan film festival in Korea where he presented Jiang Weng’s new movie The Sun Also Rises. It was enough for us to discuss the (young) career of one of the most gifted artists of his generation, despite his familial burden. He is Jackie Chan’s son after all. Between the lines we felt his father’s influence still remains strong but Jaycee is a real fighter, a truly sympathetic guy and he has a real promising future.
In this interview, Jaycee shares his point of view on the enigmatic message expressed in The Sun Also Rises, delves into his young career and discusses the action bits of Invisible Target.


HKCinemagic : Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
Jaycee Chan : I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Hong Kong. During the retrocession in 1997, I went back to Los Angeles where I studied and entered a music faculty.
When I felt ready, I came back to Hong Kong because I wanted to enter the music industry. I thought I could begin a musical career but my first movie release led to my first album release…
HKCinemagic : We actually thought you were first involved in the music industry before making your first appearance "Twins Effect 2"…
Jaycee Chan : Ah….maybe…I don’t even remember… Maybe both have been made in the same time, but in the end, neither my first single nor Twin Effects 2 were successful. Until now, I just did one album and now I’d truly like to do it once again.
With movies, I get lucky that some directors, with different universes, chose me to take part in their films. With that luck, I’ve never stopped shooting. Up to now (at the end of 2007), I appeared in six movies and four of them get released that same year; Twins Effect 2 was shot in 2005 and "2 Young" en 2006.

2 Young

HKCinemagic : During the shooting of Twins Effect 2, there was a rumour that said if the movie failed at the box office you would have ended your career….

Jaycee Chan : This is true, but with that casting and the big success of the first part, there was not such a risk that the movie failed (laugh).
But on the other side, Twins Effects 2 didn’t let me prove my acting skills, you can even say that I was pretty bad in the movie.
I didn’t even trust myself and I nearly quit when Derek Yee’s son called me and told me he wanted me as the leading role in his new project, 2 Young. I asked him if he even noticed how bad I was in Twins Effects 2 and he answered that he didn’t care because he saw something in me that he wanted to explore on screen. That thrilled me and that’s why I got to give my best not to deceive the director. I really put much pressure on myself and I think that I was not so bad, even if I think Fiona Sit was the most impressive one.

Even if the movie wasn’t much distributed in Asia, the box office grosses were pretty good. The film was a success in Taiwan because of the TV large audience.

Twins Effect 2
HKCinemagic : "McDull, the Alumni" must have been a funny break on the other hand...
Jaycee Chan : Well I shot it just after that "Le Soleil se lève aussi" by Jiang Wen, even if this one was released a while after other movies I did.
I don’t consider McDull as a real movie for me, I only made a brief appearance there. Well, what happened is Peter Chan called me once and asked if I would like to play in his new film. So I accepted right away, you must be insane not to play in one of his movies! When I first came on the set, I asked to meet the director and they took me to Samson Chiu…Chiu…I said “You are not Peter Chan" and this is how they explained me that Peter was only the producer on the movie. Even if he was really involved in the project, indeed he got me! (Laugh) At least, I learnt from that it is better to ask from the start whom is involved in the movie direction in Hong Kong. (Laugh).
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Page 2 : The Sun also rises for Jaycee

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