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China Strike Force    (2000)

Director :
Stanley Tong Gwai Lai

Producer :
Andre E. Morgan, Stanley Tong Gwai Lai

Action Director :
Ailen Sit Chun Wai, Stanley Tong Gwai Lai

Assistant Action Director :
Chan Wai To

Other titles : 雷霆战警 (HK Title)
雷霆戰警 (HK Title)
Lei ting zhan jing (HK Title)
Country : Hong Kong
Film Company : China International Entertainment Ltd (CIEL), CMC Movie Corporation
Genre : Action / Crime
HK Category : I I B
Runtime : 103 min.
Alt. Runtime :
- 92 : Netherlands
Video : Colour
Audio : Speaking (Cantonese, English)
HK Gross : 20.514 M. HK$
 Cast :  
Aaron Kwok Fu Sing
Wang Lee Hom
Norika Fujiwara
Mark Dacascos
Ruby Lin Sam Yue
Paul Chun Pui
Lau Siu Ming
Ken Lo Hui Kwong
Kim Won Jin
 (full cast & crew)


Mainland triad kingpin Ma Man-ho (Lau Siu-ming) dabbles in just about every illegal activity but draws the line at drugs, much to the annoyance of his nephew, Tony (Mark Dacascos), who is anxious to tap into the huge China market with American partner Coolio (played by the like-named rapper). While attending a Shanghai fashion show, Ma's brother-in-law is murdered and the crimelord's guest, the beautiful Norika (Japanese superstar Norika Fujiwara), removes a computer disk from the corpse. She is seen and pursued by local policeman Alex Cheung (Wang Leehom), while fellow cop Darren Tong (Aaron Kwok Fu-sing) takes off after the killer. Neither officer is successful at apprehending their quarry and, when the two cops participate in a smuggling bust soon afterwards, Tony is able elude them after an extended chase through traffic. While Alex is off proposing to girlfriend Ruby (Ruby Lin Hsin-ru), Darren decides to return to the scene of the crime. Re-examining some old cars that his associates searched, he discovers a large quantity of drugs secured inside one of the vehicles. High ranking officer Lin (Paul Chun Pui, billed here as Paul Chiang) has a long history with Ma and knows that if narcotics are now being smuggled into the area, it is being done without the man's knowledge or approval. Norika approaches Tony and Coolio with an item of interest: the disk she took, which contains a list of everyone on Ma's payroll (a potential plot thread that is soon forgotten). She also proposes a partnership. Tired of his uncle's interference in his plans, Tony kills the old man but the police discover Norika beside the body and take her into custody. Her back against the wall, the woman reveals that she is with Japanese Interpol and seeks to arrest Coolio for the murder of her partner three years earlier. The three team up to put a stop to Tony and Coolio's master plan: smuggling drugs inside basketball-sized steel balls that flow through an oil pipeline, allowing the illicit cargo to travel from ship to shore unseen.

Crew and cast galleries
 Crew : (when available)  (Hide)  (full cast & crew)

Director, Producer, Action Director :
Stanley Tong Gwai Lai

Producer :
Andre E. Morgan

Action Director :
Ailen Sit Chun Wai
 Cast : (when available)  (Hide) (full cast & crew)

Aaron Kwok Fu Sing

Wang Lee Hom

Norika Fujiwara

Mark Dacascos


Ruby Lin Sam Yue

Paul Chun Pui

Lau Siu Ming

Ken Lo Hui Kwong

Kim Won Jin

Movie Trailer

[Trailer Int.] China Strike Force (2000)
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