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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Cheung Ying

Other names : 张瑛
Chang Ying
Cheng Ying
Cheung Ying (1)
Zhang Ying
Zhang1 Ying1
Birthdate : 25/1/1919
Date of death : 14/12/1986
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (14), Executive producer (1), Writer (9), Actor (304)


Born as Chang Yi-sang in Fujian, 1919, Chang was raised in Hong Kong.

Chang has a fame as South China Best Actor. He began his film career in 1937. The first time he took the leading role is The Midnight Killer.

A veteran actor whose career spans decades in over 400 films. He teamed up with twenty scriptwriters, directors, and actors in 1953 and co-founded the Chung Luen Film Company, and later founded and co-owned seven other film companies. Addition to acting, he has directed many films like The Swordmates.

Chang joined ATV in 1969. He later signed up with another TV station TVB, while returning to film at the same time. In 1984, Chang suffered a stroke and passed away at the age of 65.

Source : Celestial Pictures

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Love Ma And Dad 1988 Actor
 Flying Mr. B, The 1985 Actor
 Let's Make Laugh 1983 Actor
 Spirit Of The Sword, The 1982 Actor
 Winner Takes All 1982 Actor
 Duel Of The Century, The 1981 Actor
 Mad Mad World, The 1981 Actor
 Notorious Eight 1981 Actor
 Fatherland 1980 Actor
 Ghosts And I, The 1979 Actor
 Legend Of Feng Shui 1979 Actor
 Sweeping Call Girls 1979 Actor
 Clan Of Amazons 1978 Actor
 For Whom To Be Murdered 1978 Actor
 Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part I 1978 Actor
 Legendary Strike, The 1978 Actor
 Mr Funny Bone Strikes Again 1978 Actor
 Voyage Of Emperor Chien Lung, The 1978 Actor
 Below The Lion Rock 1977 Actor
 Modern Secretaries, The 1977 Actor
 Money Crazy 1977 Actor
 No Money No Talk 1977 Actor
 Orchid In The Rain 1977 Actor
 Beautiful Vixen 1976 Actor
 Born Rich 1976 Actor
 Erotic Nights 1976 Actor
 Hustler From Canton 1976 Actor
 Love In Hawaii 1976 Actor
 Star Wonderfun 1976 Actor
 Carry On Con Men 1975 Actor
 Cohabitation 1975 Actor
 Cuties Parade 1975 Actor
 Empress Dowager, The 1975 Actor
 No End Of Surprises 1975 Actor
 Old Master Q 1975 Actor
 Two Con Men 1975 Actor
 Crazy Bumpkins, The 1974 Actor
 Too Young 1974 Actor
 Money-Tree, The 1973 Actor
 Sonny Come Home 1972 Actor
 Mad Dragon 1969 Actor
 Swordmates, The 1969 Director
 Patch Of Love, A 1968 Actor
 Miss. Mr. Mrs. 1967 Director, Writer, Actor
 Story Between Hong Kong And Macau, The 1966 Actor
 Thief With Baby Face, The 1966 Actor
 Unexpected Promotion 1966 Actor
 Curse, The 1965 Actor
 Sinner (Part 1), The 1965 Actor
 Sinner (Part 2), The 1965 Actor
 Valley Of Death, The 1965 Actor
 Big Restaurant, A 1964 Actor
 Bride From The Grave, The 1964 Director, Writer, Actor
 Conjuring Spirit At Midnight 1964 Director, Writer, Actor
 First Prize, The 1964 Director, Writer, Actor
 Frightened Bird, The 1964 Actor
 Men And Women 1964 Actor
 Murderer Is A Ghost, The 1964 Director, Writer, Actor
 Too High To Touch 1964 Actor
 Bedside Horror 1963 Actor
 Girl Named Leng Qiuwei (Part 1), A 1963 Actor
 Girl Named Leng Qiuwei (Part 2), A 1963 Actor
 House Of Murders, The 1963 Actor
 House Of Prosperity 1963 Actor
 Mad Tower (Part 1), The 1963 Actor
 Mad Tower (Part 2), The 1963 Actor
 Murder In A Deserted House 1963 Actor
 Revived Rose, The 1963 Actor
 Stingy Fellow, A 1963 Actor
 Story Of The Sword And The Sabre (Part 1), The 1963 Director, Writer, Actor
 Story Of The Sword And The Sabre (Part 2), The 1963 Director, Writer, Actor
 Wealthy Family, A 1963 Actor
 Fake Married Couple 1962 Actor
 Heart To Heart 1962 Actor
 Husband Of A Rich Lady 1962 Actor
 Sombre Night 1962 Actor
 This Merry World 1962 Actor
 To Capture The God Of Wealth 1962 Director, Writer, Actor
 Wandering Spirit In The Moonlight 1962 Actor
 Father Is Back 1961 Actor
 House Of Kam Topples (Part 1) 1961 Actor
 House Of Kam Topples (Part 2) 1961 Actor
 Hypocrite 1961 Actor
 Many Aspects Of Love 1961 Actor
 Poor Mother 1961 Actor
 Sinner Of love, The 1961 Actor
 Blood Terror 1960 Actor
 Book And The Sword (Part 1), The 1960 Actor
 Book And The Sword (Part 2), The 1960 Actor
 Cruel Hand, The 1960 Actor
 Humanity 1960 Actor
 Magic Lamp 1960 Actor
 Salvation 1960 Actor
 Tearful Life, A 1960 Director, Actor
 Ten Brothers Vs. The Sea Monster, The 1960 Actor
 They All Say I Do 1960 Actor
 We Want To Live 1960 Actor
 Wonderful Partner, The 1960 Actor
 Battle Of The Sexes 1959 Actor
 Beauty Slain By The Sword 1959 Actor
 Daughter Of A Grand Household 1959 Actor
 Dear Love 1959 Actor
 Feast Of A Rich Family 1959 Actor
 General Withour An Army 1959 Actor
 Money 1959 Actor
 Prodigal's Wife, The 1959 Actor
 Story Of The White-Haired Demon Girl (Part 1) 1959 Actor
 Story Of The White-Haired Demon Girl (Part 2) 1959 Actor
 Ten Brothers 1959 Actor
 Beauty Who Lived Through Great Changes, The 1958 Actor
 Big Clumsy Melon 1958 Actor
 Driver No. 7 1958 Director, Actor
 Faithless Husband 1958 Actor
 Lovely Girl's Lovely Dreams, A 1958 Actor
 Marriage is a Life-Long Business 1958 Actor
 May Heaven Bless You 1958 Director, Executive producer, Actor
 Mother's Broken Heart 1958 Actor
 Prince's Romantic Affairs, The 1958 Actor
 Romance Of Jade Hall (2nd sequel) 1958 Actor
 Treasure Box From Fhe Moon 1958 Actor
 Treasure Box From The Moon 1958 Actor
 Wife Killer, The 1958 Actor
 Blood And Gold 1957 Actor
 Caught In the Act 1957 Actor
 Darling Girl 1957 Actor
 Half Way Down 1957 Actor
 Handsome Groom And His Double, The 1957 Actor
 Her Tragic Death 1957 Actor
 Little Women 1957 Actor
 Mis-Matched In-Laws, The 1957 Actor
 My Kingdom For A Husband 1957 Actor
 Reunion, The 1957 Actor
 Sign Of Wealth, The 1957 Actor
 Splendour Of Youth, The 1957 Actor
 Thunderstorm 1957 Actor
 Actress In War, An 1956 Actor
 Dangerous Beauty 1956 Actor
 Fire 1956 Actor
 Happy Hall 1956 Actor
 Heartbreak Weather 1956 Actor
 Her Envious Beauty 1956 Actor
 Newly-Wed, The 1956 Actor
 Peaceful Family Will Prosper 1956 Director, Actor
 Peach-Blossoms Are Still In Bloom, The 1956 Actor
 Son Of A Noble Family 1956 Actor
 Swallows Return To Spring, The 1956 Actor
 Amorous Adventures In The Jade Hall 1955 Actor
 Backyard Adventures 1955 Actor
 Blessings Come In Pairs 1955 Actor
 Camille 1955 Actor
 Crossroads 1955 Actor
 Eternal Peony 1955 Actor
 Honeymoon 1955 Actor
 Never Forgotten 1955 Actor
 Queen of the Stage 1955 Actor
 Resurrection 1955 Actor
 Silver Phoenix 1955 Actor
 Strange Tale At Midnight 1955 Actor
 This Wonderful Land 1955 Actor
 True Story Of Xiao Yuebai (Part 1), The 1955 Actor
 True Story Of Xiao Yuebai (Part 2), The 1955 Actor
 Village Girl 1955 Actor
 Autumn Romance 1954 Actor
 Far Away 1954 Actor
 Heartbreak Petals 1954 Actor
 Her Difficult Life 1954 Actor
 Hills Divide Us, The 1954 Actor
 Homeward Bound 1954 Actor
 Lady Red Leaf 1954 Actor
 Love In Malaya 1954 Actor
 Neighbours All 1954 Actor
 Poor But Happy 1954 Actor
 This Wonderful Life 1954 Actor
 Tragedy Of Divorce 1954 Actor
 Tragedy Of The Double Marriage, The 1954 Actor
 Two Sisters On Phoenix Bower 1954 Actor
 Beautiful Thief, The 1953 Actor
 Bright Night 1953 Actor
 Death Of A Beauty 1953 Actor
 Fallen Petals In The Autumn Rain 1953 Actor
 Family 1953 Actor
 First Come, First Serve 1953 Actor
 Guiding Light, The 1953 Actor
 In the Face of Demolition 1953 Actor
 Lucky Gathering 1953 Actor
 Mother's Tear, A 1953 Actor
 Never Too Late 1953 Actor
 Newly-Weds, The 1953 Actor
 Rich And Happy 1953 Actor
 Sunrise 1953 Actor
 Temporary Wife, The 1953 Actor
 Three Blessings 1953 Actor
 Bride A La Mode 1952 Actor
 Funny Fellows 1952 Actor
 Girl Who Plays Young Master 1952 Actor
 How Two Naughty Girls Thrice Insulted Xiao Yuebai 1952 Actor
 Love Chain, The 1952 Actor
 Love So Deep And Great 1952 Actor
 Lovesick 1952 Actor
 May Fortune Grow And Sons Come In A Row 1952 Actor
 Money Will Come Somehow 1952 Actor
 Never Ended Night 1952 Actor
 New Story Of Aniu, A 1952 Actor
 Peach Blossoms Fount By Night 1952 Actor
 Poor Daddy 1952 Actor
 Red House By The Sea, The 1952 Actor
 Return Of The Soul 1952 Actor
 Satisfactory Wedding, The 1952 Actor
 Secret Mistress, The 1952 Actor
 Swallow's Return, The 1952 Actor
 Timely Fortune 1952 Actor
 Unexpected Gold 1952 Actor
 All Illusion Of Paradise 1951 Actor
 Couple With Double Identities, A 1951 Actor
 Dream Of Wealth And Splendour, A 1951 Actor
 Eight Immortals In The World Of Men 1951 Actor
 Erroneous Romance, The 1951 Actor
 Gay Bower In Spring 1951 Actor
 How Liang Tianlai Was Thrice Beaten Up By Ling Guiqing 1951 Actor
 I Want To Be Famous 1951 Actor
 Infancy 1951 Actor
 Love's Misgivings 1951 Actor
 Loving Father, A 1951 Actor
 Lucky Strike 1951 Actor
 Marriage By Mistake 1951 Actor
 Merry Lovers, The 1951 Actor
 Misguided Jealousy 1951 Actor
 Mis-Matched In-Laws, The 1951 Actor
 Mother and Son in Grief 1951 Actor
 Neglected Wife 1951 Actor
 Phantom In The Limelight 1951 Actor
 Sad Tale Of Rainbow Robes, A 1951 Actor
 Sail On To Success 1951 Actor
 Storm Of Life, The 1951 Actor
 Sunset Rendezvous 1951 Actor
 This Glamorous Life 1951 Actor
 Tragedy In Canton 1951 Actor
 Weep For The Fallen Petals 1951 Actor
 Who Will Sympathize With Stepmother? 1951 Actor
 Abandoned Woman Of A Rich Family, The 1950 Actor
 Blundering Couple, The 1950 Actor
 Dream Of Silken Finery, A 1950 Actor
 End Of The Year Means Money, The 1950 Actor
 Kaleidoscope 1950 Actor
 Kowloon City Fire 1950 Actor
 Love Forever Severed 1950 Actor
 Misarranged Love Trap, The 1950 Actor
 Misguided Spirit In The Well, The 1950 Actor
 Price Of Lust, The 1950 Actor
 Small Gift From Afar, A 1950 Actor
 Tragedy On The Pearl River 1950 Actor
 Wave Of Jealousy 1950 Actor
 Waves Of Sin (part 1), The 1950 Actor
 Waves Of Sin (part 2), The 1950 Actor
 Baby Every Year 1949 Actor
 Broken Hearted 1949 Actor
 Dead End Case 1949 Actor
 Devil Woman In Black 1949 Actor
 Devoted Soul (Part 2), A 1949 Actor
 Double Happiness At The Door 1949 Actor
 Love And Hate On The Sea 1949 Actor
 Perfect Together 1949 Actor
 Swallows Welcome Spring 1949 Actor
 As Time Goes By 1948 Actor
 Bat Thief 1948 Director, Writer, Actor
 Everlasting Regret 1948 Actor
 God's Punishment To The Good Man 1948 Actor
 Madame Butterfly 1948 Actor
 Remorseful Rich, The 1948 Actor
 Someday I Will Make It 1948 Actor
 To Steal A Sweet Heart 1948 Actor
 Welcome The God Of Wealth 1948 Actor
 Flower After The Storm 1947 Actor
 Flowers After The Storm 1947 Actor
 Hot-Tempered Liang's Adventure In Hong Kong 1947 Actor
 Hidden Mistress 1946 Actor
 Goddess Of The Streets 1941 Actor
 Good Son, Good Daughter 1941 Actor
 Heartbreak Flower, The 1941 Actor
 Metropolis, The 1941 Actor
 Patriotic Lovers, The 1941 Actor
 Roar Of The People 1941 Actor
 Song Of Retribution 1941 Actor
 Three Heroes 1941 Actor
 Tonight the Moon Is Full 1941 Actor
 Bravest Of The Brave 1940 Actor
 Encounter With The Gods 1940 Actor
 General, The 1940 Actor
 Life Of A Song Girl 1940 Actor
 Madam Butterfly 1940 Actor
 Peony Pavilion, The 1940 Actor
 Farewell On A Winter Night 1939 Actor
 Love Duel 1939 Actor
 Lovelorn 1939 Actor
 Midnight Killer, The 1939 Actor
 Modern Girl Seeks Husband 1939 Actor
 Song To Remember, A 1939 Actor
 Two Daughters 1939 Actor
 Beautiful Puppet, The 1938 Actor
 Rouge Tears 1938 Actor
 Shanghai Under Fire 1938 Actor
 Woman Spies 1938 Actor
 Back To The Motherland 1937 Actor
 Blood And Iron 1937 Actor
 Lady, Be Mine 1937 Actor

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The Flying Mr. B
The Spirit Of The Sword
Winner Takes All
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Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part I
Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part I
The Legendary Strike
Below The Lion Rock
Money Crazy
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Winner Takes All (1)
Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part I (1)
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