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Wong Tin Lam

Other names : 王天林
Wang Tian Lin
Wang Tien Lin
Wong Tin Lan
Birthdate : 1/1/1928
Nationality : China
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (58), Assistant Director (1), Producer (7), Writer (7), Actor (48), Brief appearance (4), Cameo (1), Planning (2)


Father of Wong Jing.

 [ Director - Assistant Director - Producer - Writer - Actor - Brief appearance - Cameo - Planning ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 Black Sabre, The 1989 Director
 Pembunahan Pursuit 1980 Director
 Utmost Greatness, The 1979 Director
 Big Showdown, The 1974 Director
 Dragon Blows 1974 Director
 Fingers That Kill 1972 Director
 Chase, The 1971 Director
 How Love is Tested 1969 Director
 Mad, Mad Sword 1969 Director
 Darling, Stay at Home 1968 Director
 Desperate Seven 1968 Director
 Travel With A Sword 1968 Director
 Little Matchmaker 1967 Director
 Wife Of A Romantic Scholar 1967 Director
 Lucky Purse, The 1966 Director
 Beggar's Daughter, A 1965 Director
 Magic Lamp, The 1964 Director
 Romance Of The Forbidden City 1964 Director
 Story Of Three Loves (Part 1), The 1964 Director
 Story Of Three Loves (Part 2), The 1964 Director
 Because Of Her 1963 Director
 Father Takes A Bride 1963 Director
 Double Date 1962 Director
 Greatest Wedding On Earth, The 1962 Director
 Her Pearly Tears 1962 Director
 Lily of the Valley 1962 Director
 Greatest Civil War on Earth, The 1961 Director
 Venture Of The Lady Musketeer 1961 Director
 You Were Meant for Me 1961 Director
 Death Traps 1960 Director
 Iron Fist, The 1960 Director
 Lady Musketeer, The 1960 Director
 Wild, Wild Rose, The 1960 Director
 All In The Family 1959 Director
 Lady On The Roof 1959 Director
 Riots in Outer Space 1959 Director
 Film World's Merry Song, The 1958 Director
 Serpent Girl's Worldly Fancies, The 1958 Director
 Escorting Lady Jing On A 1,000 Mile Journey 1957 Director
 Season of Budding Roses 1956 Director
 Wang Zhaojun's Exile To The Barbarians 1956 Director
 Lady Balsam's Conquest 1955 Director
 Lady Balsam's Conquest Part 2 1955 Director
 Magic Monk And His Double, The 1955 Director
 Scholar Whose Ambition Is To Marry A Princess, The 1955 Director
 Blood-Stained Flowers 1954 Director
 Beggar Named Su, A 1953 Director
 How Huang Feihong Redeemed Haitong Monastery (Part 1) 1953 Director
 How Huang Feihong Redeemed Haitong Monastery (Part 2) 1953 Director
 Bloody Fight By The Golden Sand Beach 1952 Director
 Duel Between Fang Shiyu And Hong Xiguan 1952 Director
 Extraordinary Hero, Black Swirling Wind, An 1952 Director
 Heroine In Red 1952 Director
 How The Heroine Of Deserted River Shattered The Centipedes Militia 1951 Director
 Lightning Sword, The 1951 Director
 Three Swordsmen From Kunlun 1951 Director
 Gardener's Daughter, The 1950 Director
 Strange Hero 1950 Director
Assistant Director
 Devoted Soul (Part 2), A 1949 Assistant Director
 Who's My Father ? 1994 Producer
 Big Score, The 1990 Producer
 Family Of Swindler King, The 1990 Producer
 Ghost Busting 1989 Producer
 Ghost Fever 1989 Producer
 Flying Fox Of Snowy Mountain, The 1985 Producer
 Shell Game II, The 1981 Producer
 Utmost Greatness, The 1979 Writer
 Riots in Outer Space 1959 Writer
 Escorting Lady Jing On A 1,000 Mile Journey 1957 Writer
 How Huang Feihong Redeemed Haitong Monastery (Part 1) 1953 Writer
 How Huang Feihong Redeemed Haitong Monastery (Part 2) 1953 Writer
 Nine Heroes Of Guangdong (Part 2) 1950 Writer
 Nine Heroes Of Guangdong, Part 1 1950 Writer
 Bad Blood 2009 Actor
 I Corrupt All Cops 2009 Actor
 Fatal Move 2008 Actor
 Hong Kong Bronx 2008 Actor
 Vampire Who Admires Me, The 2008 Actor
 Beauty And The 7 Beasts 2007 Actor
 Lady Iron Chef, The 2007 Actor
 Don't Open Your Eyes 2006 Actor
 Election 2 2006 Actor
 Election, The 2005 Actor
 Kung Fu Mahjong 2 2005 Actor
 Shopaholics 2005 Actor
 Sex And The Beauties 2004 Actor
 Honesty 2003 Actor
 New Option - Confrontation, The 2003 Actor
 New Option - Gold Rush, The 2003 Actor
 New Option - Puppet Hon, The 2003 Actor
 New Option - Saviour, The 2003 Actor
 New Option - The Campaign, The 2003 Actor
 New Option - The Final Showdown, The 2003 Actor
 New Option - The Revenge, The 2003 Actor
 New Option - The Syndicate, The 2003 Actor
 Beauty And The Breast 2002 Actor
 Conman 2002, The 2002 Actor
 Fat Choi Spirit 2002 Actor
 My Left Eye Sees Ghosts 2002 Actor
 New Option - Run And Shoot, The 2002 Actor
 Love On A Diet 2001 Actor
 Wu Yen 2001 Actor
 Blood Rules, The 2000 Actor
 Conman In Tokyo 2000 Actor
 Mission, The 1999 Actor
 Hero Never Dies, A 1998 Actor
 Longest Nite, The 1998 Actor
 True Mob Story, A 1998 Actor
 Young And Dangerous 5 1998 Actor
 Last Hero In China 1993 Actor
 Justice, My Foot ! 1992 Actor
 To Miss With Love 1992 Actor
 Queen Of Gamble 1991 Actor
 Royal Scoundrel 1991 Actor
 Look Out, Officer ! 1990 Actor
 All About Ah Long 1989 Actor
 Doubles Cause Troubles 1989 Actor
 Born To Gamble 1987 Actor
 Master Strikes Back, The 1985 Actor
 Prince Charming 1984 Actor
 Film World's Merry Song, The 1958 Actor
Brief appearance
 PTU 2003 Brief appearance
 Women From Mars 2002 Brief appearance
 Romancing Star, The 1987 Brief appearance
 Enter The Dragon 1973 Brief appearance
 Love Is A Many Stupid Thing 2004 Cameo
 Young Vagabond 1985 Planning
 New Tales Of The Flying Fox 1984 Planning

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 Wong Tin Lam pictures :  (Hide)
Fatal Move
Beauty And The 7 Beasts
Sex And The Beauties
The Mission
The Longest Nite
The Longest Nite
Look Out, Officer !
The Romancing Star
The Master Strikes Back
 Other Wong Tin Lam pictures :  (Hide)
Fatal Move (1)
Shopaholics (1)
The Election (5)
Sex And The Beauties (1)
Love On A Diet (1)
The Longest Nite (1)
Prince Charming (1)

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 Interview with Wong Jing, guru of mainstream cinema (preview)
HK talents > Film directors > Other directors
Author(s) : Thomas Podvin
Date : 10/12/2007
Type(s) : Interview
Page(s) : 1  - index

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