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Lam Suet

Other names : 林雪
Lin Xue
Lin2 Xue4
Pa Suet
Birthdate : 8/7/1964
Nationality : China
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Actor (187), Brief appearance (6)


In 1979, Lam Suet went to HK from Tianjian City in North China to inherit his grandpa's belongings. After spending his last dollar within a few months' time, Lam had to work in local factories for survival. He changed jobs often and stuck finally as a part-time carpenter.

The one responsible for introducing Lam into the movie circle was the legendary Lam Ching Ying. The two of them became great friends while playing English snooker. It was Lam Ching Ying who first brought Lam Suet into the movie industry as script supervisor. He also had numerous other jobs on the set before getting into acting. He can be seen in a number of very small roles before getting his big break under Johnnie To. (ST)

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Three 2016 Actor
 Trivisa 2016 Actor
 Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal 2015 Actor
 Monk Comes Down The Mountain 2015 Actor
 Apostles, The 2014 Actor
 But Always 2014 Actor
 Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 2014 Actor
 Extreme Fox, The 2014 Actor
 Great Mr. Zhou 2014 Actor
 Iceman 3D 2014 Actor
 Just Another Margin 2014 Actor
 Midnight After, The 2014 Actor
 Town Of The Dragon 2014 Actor
 True Love, The 2014 Actor
 Better And Better 2013 Actor
 Constable, The 2013 Actor
 Love Experience 2013 Actor
 Pay Back 2013 Actor
 SDU: Sex Duties Unit 2013 Actor
 Sweet Summer Love 2013 Actor
 Tales From The Dark 2013 Actor
 Blind Detective 2012 Actor
 Chrysanthemum To The Beast 2012 Actor
 Drug War 2012 Actor
 Eight Happiness 2012 2012 Actor
 Fairy Tale Killer 2012 Actor
 Feng Kuang De Chun Zei 2012 Actor
 Good-For-Nothing Heroes 2012 Actor
 Million Dollar Crocodile 2012 Actor
 Vulgaria 2012 Actor
 Beach Spike 2011 Actor
 Detective 2, The 2011 Actor
 Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2011 Actor
 Great Magician 2011 Actor
 I Love Hong Kong 2011 Actor
 Land With No Boundary, The 2011 Actor
 Loan Shark, The 2011 Actor
 Sleepless Fashion 2011 Actor
 Sorcerer And The White Snake, The 2011 Actor
 Turning Point: Laughing Gor Returns 2011 Actor
 Woman Knight Of The Mirror Lake, The 2011 Actor
 All's Well, End's Well, Too 2010 2010 Actor
 Beauty On Duty 2010 Actor
 Jade And The Pearl, The 2010 Actor
 Just Another Pandora's Box 2010 Actor
 Legend Is Born - Ip Man, The 2010 Actor
 Triple Tap 2010 Actor
 Womb Ghosts 2010 Actor
 Accident 2009 Actor
 Bad Blood 2009 Actor
 Gao Xing 2009 Actor
 Poker King 2009 Actor
 Storm Warriors 2009 Actor
 Tactical Unit: Comrades In Arms 2009 Actor
 Tactical Unit: Partners 2009 Actor
 Vengeance 2009 Actor
 Fatal Move 2008 Actor
 Legendary Assassin 2008 Actor
 Linger 2008 Actor
 Ocean Flame 2008 Actor
 Run Papa Run 2008 Actor
 Sasori 2008 Actor
 Shinjuku Incident, The 2008 Actor
 Sparrow, The 2008 Actor
 Tactical Unit: Human Nature 2008 Actor
 Tactical Unit: No Way Out 2008 Actor
 Tactical Unit: The Code 2008 Actor
 Beauty And The 7 Beasts 2007 Actor
 Brothers 2007 Actor
 Dancing Lion 2007 Actor
 Forest Of Death 2007 Actor
 Gong Tau 2007 Actor
 Happy Birthday 2007 Actor
 House Of The Invisibles 2007 Actor
 Invisible Target 2007 Actor
 Mad Detective 2007 Actor
 Simply Actors 2007 Actor
 Triangle 2007 Actor
 2 Become 1 2006 Actor
 Dog Bite Dog 2006 Actor
 Election 2 2006 Actor
 Exiled 2006 Actor
 Eye In The Sky 2006 Actor
 Fatal Contact 2006 Actor
 I'll Call You 2006 Actor
 Love @ First Note 2006 Actor
 Undying Heart 2006 Actor
 2 Young 2005 Actor
 All About Love 2005 Actor
 Colour Of Loyalty 2005 Actor
 Divergence 2005 Actor
 Election, The 2005 Actor
 Home Sweet Home 2005 Actor
 My Kung Fu Sweetheart 2005 Actor
 Unusual Youth, The 2005 Actor
 Boxer's Story 2004 Actor
 Breaking News 2004 Actor
 Bust Family 2004 Actor
 Cop Unbowed 2004 Actor
 Crazy 'n The City 2004 Actor
 Elixir Of Love 2004 Actor
 Explosive City 2004 Actor
 Fear Of Intimacy 2004 Actor
 Infernal Mission 2004 Actor
 Jiang Hu 2004 Brief appearance
 Kung Fu Hustle 2004 Actor
 Miracle Box, The 2004 Actor
 Moving Targets 2004 Actor
 My Baby Shot Me Down 2004 Actor
 My Romeo 2004 Actor
 One Nite In Mongkok 2004 Actor
 Papa Loves You 2004 Actor
 Snow Falling From The Sky Of June 2004 Actor
 Diva Ah Hey 2003 Actor
 Era Of Vampires 2003 Actor
 Good Times, Bed Times 2003 Actor
 Kung Fu Master Is My Grandma ! 2003 Actor
 Looking For Mr Perfect 2003 Actor
 Love For All Seasons 2003 Actor
 Love Undercover 2 : Love Mission 2003 Actor
 Men Suddenly In Black 2003 Actor
 My Troublesome Buddy 2003 Actor
 Project 1:99 Rhapsody 2003 Actor
 PTU 2003 Actor
 Sound Of Colors 2003 Actor
 Trouble Makers, The 2003 Actor
 Truth Or Dare : 6th Floor Rear Flat 2003 Actor
 Turn Left Turn Right 2003 Brief appearance
 Wedding Or A Funeral, A 2003 Actor
 45 Days Lover 2002 Actor
 Color Of Pain 2002 Actor
 Devil Face, Angel Heart 2002 Actor
 Ghost Office 2002 Actor
 If U Care ... 2002 Actor
 Just One Look 2002 Actor
 My Left Eye Sees Ghosts 2002 Actor
 Perfect Education 3 2002 Actor
 Possessed 2002 Actor
 Shark Busters 2002 Actor
 Stewardess, The 2002 Actor
 U-Man 2002 Actor
 Cop On A Mission 2001 Actor
 Dead End 2001 Actor
 Doctor No... 2001 Actor
 Electrical Girl 2001 Actor
 Every Dog Has His Date 2001 Actor
 Everyday Is Valentine 2001 Actor
 Fulltime Killer 2001 Actor
 Gambler’s Story, A 2001 Actor
 Gold Fingers 2001 Actor
 Goodbye Mr Cool 2001 Actor
 Hero Of City 2001 Actor
 Love On A Diet 2001 Actor
 Maniacal Night 2001 Actor
 Master Q 2001 2001 Actor
 Nightmares In Precinct 7 2001 Actor
 Prison On Fire - Plaintive Destiny 2001 Actor
 Running Out Of Time 2 2001 Actor
 Wu Yen 2001 Actor
 You Shoot, I Shoot 2001 Actor
 Blood Rules, The 2000 Actor
 Help !!! 2000 Actor
 Juliet In Love 2000 Actor
 My Name Is Nobody 2000 Actor
 Needing You 2000 Actor
 Play With Strangers 2000 Actor
 Resort Massacre 2000 Actor
 Roaring Wheels 2000 Actor
 Twilight Garden 2000 Actor
 Afraid Of Nothing, The Jobless King 1999 Brief appearance
 Fist Power 1999 Actor
 HK Triad, The 1999 Actor
 Mission, The 1999 Actor
 Running Out Of Time 1999 Actor
 Where A Good Man Goes 1999 Actor
 Expect The Unexpected 1998 Actor
 Hero Never Dies, A 1998 Actor
 Longest Nite, The 1998 Actor
 Intruder 1997 Actor
 Killing Me Tenderly 1997 Actor
 Lifeline 1997 Actor
 Odd One Dies, The 1997 Actor
 Adventurous Treasure Island 1996 Actor
 God Of Cookery, The 1996 Actor
 Movie Story, The 1996 Actor
 Loving You 1995 Brief appearance
 Out Of The Dark 1995 Actor
 Love On Delivery 1994 Brief appearance
 Handsome Siblings 1992 Actor
 Legend Of Chiuchow Brothers 1991 Brief appearance
 Story Of Ricky, The 1991 Actor
 Story Of My Son, The 1990 Actor
 Proud And Confident 1989 Actor

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 Lam Suet pictures :  (Hide)
The Legend Is Born - Ip Man
Tactical Unit: Comrades In Arms
Tactical Unit: Comrades In Arms
Tactical Unit: Partners
Fatal Move
Fatal Move
Tactical Unit: Human Nature
Tactical Unit: No Way Out
Tactical Unit: No Way Out
Tactical Unit: The Code
Beauty And The 7 Beasts
Gong Tau
Invisible Target
Mad Detective
Crazy 'n The City
Elixir Of Love
Jiang Hu
Kung Fu Hustle
Moving Targets
My Romeo
One Nite In Mongkok
Men Suddenly In Black
Sound Of Colors
Just One Look
Shark Busters
You Shoot, I Shoot
Roaring Wheels
Running Out Of Time
The HK Triad
The Longest Nite
Legend Of Chiuchow Brothers
Proud And Confident
 Other Lam Suet pictures :  (Hide)
Good-For-Nothing Heroes (5)
The Legend Is Born - Ip Man (1)
Accident (2)
Tactical Unit: Comrades In Arms (4)
Tactical Unit: Partners (2)
Fatal Move (1)
Tactical Unit: Human Nature (6)
Tactical Unit: No Way Out (2)
Tactical Unit: The Code (1)
Gong Tau (2)
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