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Bruce Lee

Other names : 李小龍
Bruce Lee Siu Lung
Lee Jun Fan
Lee Lung
Lee Siu Lung
Li3 Xiao3 Long2
Birthdate : 27/11/1940
Date of death : 20/7/1973
Nationality : Hong Kong, USA
Workplace : Hong Kong, USA
Activities : Director (3), Assistant Director (2), Producer (1), Action Director (10), Writer (3), Actor (45), Brief appearance (5), Original Story (1), Motion capture (5)


Bruce Lee was first a child actor before becoming an international acclaimed Kung Fu fighter and superstar. In his childhood, he played in 23 films in Cantonese language from 1940 to 1959. His most famous "child movies" are The Kid, Infancy and The Orphan. His adult career started in 1968 although he starred in his most famous four films from 1971. He gained overnight fame with low-budgeted Big Boss in 1971. In 1972, He pulled the nationalist strings and found the box office favours with Fist Of Fury. In 1972, he directed and played the lead part in The Way Of The Dragon. Finally, he co-produced with Warner Bros. Enter The Dragon which was released in 1973. His first three movies were all huge successes in HK. However, Enter The Dragon, despite its international success wasn't considered very commercially or critically successful in HK. Bruce Lee died in 1973, leaving his fifth movie The Game Of Death uncompleted.

 [ Director - Assistant Director - Producer - Action Director - Writer - Actor - Brief appearance - Original Story - Motion capture ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 Bruce Lee in G.O.D. : Shibteki Ygi 2000 Director
 Game Of Death, The 1978 Director
 Way Of The Dragon, The 1972 Director
Assistant Director
 Fist Of Fury 1972 Assistant Director
 Big Boss, The 1971 Assistant Director
 Way Of The Dragon, The 1972 Producer
Action Director
 Game Of Death, The 1978 Action Director
 Enter The Dragon 1973 Action Director
 Fist Of Unicorn 1973 Action Director
 Fist Of Fury 1972 Action Director
 Way Of The Dragon, The 1972 Action Director
 Longstreet 1971 Action Director
 Walk In The Spring Rain, A 1970 Action Director
 Marlowe 1969 Action Director
 Wrecking Crew, The 1969 Action Director
 Green Berets, The 1968 Action Director
 Bruce Lee in G.O.D. : Shibteki Ygi 2000 Writer
 Game Of Death, The 1978 Writer
 Way Of The Dragon, The 1972 Writer
 Dragon : Since 1973 2004 Actor
 Bruce Lee : The Immortal Dragon 2002 Actor
 Bruce Lee : A Warrior's Journey 2000 Actor
 Bruce Lee in G.O.D. : Shibteki Ygi 2000 Actor
 Century Hero 1999 Actor
 Bruce Lee : In His Own Words 1998 Actor
 Bruce Lee : The Path Of The Dragon 1998 Actor
 Bruce Lee : Curse of the Dragon 1993 Actor
 Life Of Bruce Lee, The 1993 Actor
 Top Fighter 1993 Actor
 Bruce Lee And Kung Fu Mania 1992 Actor
 Tower Of Death 1981 Actor
 Game Of Death, The 1978 Actor
 Real Bruce Lee, The 1977 Actor
 Bruce Lee, The Legend 1976 Actor
 Bruce Lee : The Man And The Legend 1973 Actor
 Enter The Dragon 1973 Actor
 Fist Of Fury 1972 Actor
 Way Of The Dragon, The 1972 Actor
 Big Boss, The 1971 Actor
 Marlowe 1969 Actor
 Green Hornet, The 1966 Actor
 Orphan, The 1960 Actor
 Darling Girl 1957 Actor
 Thunderstorm 1957 Actor
 Too Late For Divorce 1956 Actor
 Wise Guys Who Fool Around, The 1956 Actor
 Faithful Wife, The 1955 Actor
 Love (Part 2) 1955 Actor
 Orphan's Song 1955 Actor
 Orphan's Tragedy, An 1955 Actor
 We Owe It To Our Children 1955 Actor
 Blame It On Father 1953 Actor
 Guiding Light, The 1953 Actor
 In the Face of Demolition 1953 Actor
 Mother's Tear, A 1953 Actor
 Myriad Homes, A 1953 Actor
 Infancy 1951 Actor
 Bird On The Wing 1950 Actor
 Blooms And Butterflies 1950 Actor
 Kid, The 1950 Actor
 Sai See In The Dream 1949 Actor
 Story Of Fan Lihua, The 1949 Actor
 Birth Of Mankind, The 1946 Actor
 Golden Gate Girl 1941 Actor
Brief appearance
 Longstreet 1971 Brief appearance
 Blondie 1968 Brief appearance
 Here Come The Brides 1968 Brief appearance
 Ironside 1967 Brief appearance
 Batman 1966 Brief appearance
Original Story
 Circle Of Iron 1978 Original Story
Motion capture
 Bruce Lee - Return Of The Legend 2003 Motion capture
 Bruce Lee : Quest Of The Dragon 2002 Motion capture
 Dragon : The Bruce Lee Story 1993 Motion capture
 Bruce Lee Lives : The fall Of Hong Kong Palace 1989 Motion capture
 Bruce Lee 1984 Motion capture

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 Bruce Lee pictures :  (Hide)
Top Fighter
Tower Of Death
The Game Of Death
Fist Of Fury
Fist Of Fury
Fist Of Fury
Fist Of Fury
The Way Of The Dragon
The Way Of The Dragon
The Big Boss
The Big Boss
Enter The Dragon
 Other Bruce Lee pictures :  (Hide)
Top Fighter (2)
Tower Of Death (3)
Enter The Fat Dragon (1)
The Game Of Death (6)
Enter The Dragon (23)
Fist Of Fury (14)
The Way Of The Dragon (6)
Longstreet (13)
The Big Boss (9)
Here Come The Brides (1)
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