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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Cheung Wood Yau

Other names : 張活游
Zhang1 Huo2 You2
Birthdate : 1/1/1910
Date of death : 10/12/1985
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Actor (281)


This famous Cantonese actor was the father of the SB director Chu Yuan.

 [ 1980 - 1970 - 1960 - 1950 - 1940 - 1930 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Fate, The 1982 Actor
 House Is Not A Home, A 1977 Actor
 From Here To Eternity 1969 Actor
 Love Burst 1966 Actor
 Running Tears 1966 Actor
 Poor Daughter In Law 1965 Actor
 Remorse 1965 Actor
 Mad Woman, A 1964 Actor
 Men And Women 1964 Actor
 Too High To Touch 1964 Actor
 Willow Knife, The 1964 Actor
 Eternal Regret (Part 1) 1962 Actor
 Scholar And The Woman Ghost, The 1962 Actor
 Vampire Woman 1962 Actor
 Human Cargo (Part 2) 1961 Actor
 Long Live The Money 1961 Actor
 Seven Kids, The 1961 Actor
 Forever Lovers (Part 1) 1960 Actor
 Forever Lovers (Part 2) 1960 Actor
 Great Devotion, The 1960 Actor
 Humanity 1960 Actor
 Stepmother 1960 Actor
 Talented Children Getting Robbers 1960 Actor
 Feast Of A Rich Family 1959 Actor
 Road, The 1959 Actor
 Seven Swordsman Leave Tianshan 1959 Actor
 Sketch Of Humanity, A 1959 Actor
 Autumn Comes To Purple Rose Garden 1958 Actor
 Humble Wife, The 1958 Actor
 Jiang Haiyan, Girl With A Miserable Fate (Part 1) 1958 Actor
 Liu Yi Sends His Letters 1958 Actor
 Lotus Lantern (Part 3), The 1958 Actor
 Marriage On The Rocks 1958 Actor
 Rent A Bride 1958 Actor
 Scholar Redeems His Love, A 1958 Actor
 Case Of The Blood Stain, The 1957 Actor
 Escorting Lady Jing On A 1,000 Mile Journey 1957 Actor
 Feud between Mr. Easy-Does-It And The Fierce Wife, The 1957 Actor
 Fox-Spirit's Romance, The 1957 Actor
 Goddess Of Heaven, The 1957 Actor
 How Prince Xinling Stole The General's Seal To Save The State Of Zhao 1957 Actor
 How Xue Rengui Thrice Mocked Liu Jinhua 1957 Actor
 I Cannot Love You 1957 Actor
 Lizhi's Tale, The 1957 Actor
 Lotus Lamp, The 1957 Actor
 Lui Bei Crosses The River To Meet His Bride 1957 Actor
 Pearl's Reconciliation 1957 Actor
 Princess Miaoshan, The 1957 Actor
 Return On A Snowy Night 1957 Actor
 Story Of Liang Tianlai, The 1957 Actor
 Taking The Birthday Gifts Caravan By Strategy 1957 Actor
 Beauty In The Mist 1956 Actor
 Beauty Raised From The Dead 1956 Actor
 Hymn To Mother, A 1956 Actor
 Love And Hate 1956 Actor
 Madam Mei 1956 Actor
 Matching The Beauty And The Handsome 1956 Actor
 Peacock's Sad Tale, The 1956 Actor
 Pleasure Daughter 1956 Actor
 Precious Lotus Lamp, The 1956 Actor
 Romance At The Western Chamber 1956 Actor
 Sad Wife In A Grand House, The 1956 Actor
 Swallows Return To Spring, The 1956 Actor
 Backyard Adventures 1955 Actor
 Broken Spring Dreams 1955 Actor
 Devoted Lover, The 1955 Actor
 Hypocritical Heart, The 1955 Actor
 In Different Lands We Still Long For Each Other 1955 Actor
 Love (Part 1) 1955 Actor
 Love (Part 2) 1955 Actor
 Next Generation, The 1955 Actor
 Orphan's Tragedy, An 1955 Actor
 Pagoda Of Long Life, The 1955 Actor
 Renewal Of An Ancient Garden, The 1955 Actor
 Tragedy On The Hill Of The Waiting Wife 1955 Actor
 We Owe It To Our Children 1955 Actor
 Autumn 1954 Actor
 Big Thunderstorm 1954 Actor
 Cuckoo's Spirit, A 1954 Actor
 Dream Encounter Between Emperor Wu Of Han And Lady Wei, The 1954 Actor
 Father And Son 1954 Actor
 Hills Divide Us, The 1954 Actor
 Lady Ping 1954 Actor
 Love In Malaya 1954 Actor
 Love Killed At Midnight 1954 Actor
 Loving Father, Faithful Son 1954 Actor
 Madam Yun 1954 Actor
 Mother 1954 Actor
 Noble Family, The 1954 Actor
 Orchid Of The Valley 1954 Actor
 Unforgettable Song, An 1954 Actor
 We'll Meet Again 1954 Actor
 All In The Family 1953 Actor
 At Odds With Each Other 1953 Actor
 Bird In The Sunset 1953 Actor
 Death Of A Beauty 1953 Actor
 Fallen Petals In The Autumn Rain 1953 Actor
 Family 1953 Actor
 First Come, First Serve 1953 Actor
 Guiding Light, The 1953 Actor
 Hell-Raisers, The 1953 Actor
 Newly-Weds, The 1953 Actor
 Spring 1953 Actor
 Sweet Love-Affair, A 1953 Actor
 Things Of The Past 1953 Actor
 Two Heroic Rivals 1953 Actor
 Valiant Dog Saves His Master, The 1953 Actor
 All The Love Heaven Allows 1952 Actor
 Back Stage Lovers 1952 Actor
 Crab Apple Blossom's Tears, The 1952 Actor
 Everything Goes Wrong For Poor Couple 1952 Actor
 Gold And The Beauty, The 1952 Actor
 Green Window, Red Tears 1952 Actor
 He Returrns By The Lonely Moon 1952 Actor
 Love Chain, The 1952 Actor
 Love's Bliss 1952 Actor
 Misjudged Courtship 1952 Actor
 Night of Romance 1952 Actor
 Poor Daddy 1952 Actor
 Prayer For Happiness, A 1952 Actor
 Red And White Peonies 1952 Actor
 Red House By The Sea, The 1952 Actor
 Return Of The Soul 1952 Actor
 She Said "No!" To Marriage But Now She Says "Yes!" 1952 Actor
 Song Of Everlasting Sorrow, A 1952 Actor
 Stage-Fans' Sweetheart 1952 Actor
 Swallow's Return, The 1952 Actor
 Sweet Love Lingers One 1952 Actor
 Tale Of Laughter And Tears, A 1952 Actor
 Ten Years Of Marriage 1952 Actor
 Wedding Candles 1952 Actor
 Camille's Tears 1951 Actor
 Chilly Peach Field, The 1951 Actor
 Dazzling Devil, The 1951 Actor
 Dream Of Red Mansions, A 1951 Actor
 Drifting The Sea 1951 Actor
 Everybody's Happy 1951 Actor
 Fathomless Love, Fathomless Hate 1951 Actor
 Flower In The Tempest 1951 Actor
 From Now On We Are Strangers 1951 Actor
 Hall Packed With Riches, A 1951 Actor
 How Liang Tianlai Was Thrice Beaten Up By Ling Guiqing 1951 Actor
 Lovely Dream Of Paradise, A 1951 Actor
 Love's Misgivings 1951 Actor
 Merry Lovers, The 1951 Actor
 Mistaken Responses 1951 Actor
 Mutual Affections 1951 Actor
 No Sign Of The Swallow's Return 1951 Actor
 Orphan Girl In Love 1951 Actor
 Pearly Tears 1951 Actor
 Pretty Girl Homeless 1951 Actor
 Pretty Girl's Favours, A 1951 Actor
 Red And White Azaleas 1951 Actor
 Red And White Gold Dragons (Part 1) 1951 Actor
 Red And White Gold Dragons (Part 2) 1951 Actor
 She Regrets Having Married A Rich Husband 1951 Actor
 She Says "No!" To Marriage 1951 Actor
 Silver World of Stardom, The 1951 Actor
 Singing Girl's Spirit, The 1951 Actor
 Splendid Years Of Youth (Part 1), The 1951 Actor
 Splendid Years Of Youth (Part 2), The 1951 Actor
 This Glamorous Life 1951 Actor
 Twelve Cheeky Girls 1951 Actor
 When A Lovely Girl Bestows Her Favours 1951 Actor
 Who Will Sympathize With Stepmother? 1951 Actor
 Why not Return? 1951 Actor
 Young Lady Sells Her Maid, A 1951 Actor
 Bird On The Wing 1950 Actor
 Camille 1950 Actor
 Ciyun's Farewell In Storm And Fire (Part 1) 1950 Actor
 Cruel Murder Of Concubine, The 1950 Actor
 Dark Paradise 1950 Actor
 Dream Of Silken Finery, A 1950 Actor
 Eighteen Years Of Woe 1950 Actor
 Fragment Of A Tearful Song 1950 Actor
 Gardener's Daughter, The 1950 Actor
 Ghost House 1950 Actor
 Girl Minstrel 1950 Actor
 Girl Narned Liang Lengyan (Part 1), A 1950 Actor
 Girl Narned Liang Lengyan (Part 2), A 1950 Actor
 Grand Homecoming, The 1950 Actor
 Great Dictator, The 1950 Actor
 Happy Family Means Wealth, A 1950 Actor
 Kaleidoscope 1950 Actor
 Love Forever Severed 1950 Actor
 Love Tears Of A Buddhist Recluse 1950 Actor
 Lutenist's Seduction Under The Moon, The 1950 Actor
 Midnight Bells 1950 Actor
 Morning Sun 1950 Actor
 Pear Blossom In A Winter Storm 1950 Actor
 Phoenix In The Vulture's Nest, A 1950 Actor
 Sad Song Of An Orphan Girl 1950 Actor
 Slave Girl Spanks Her Faithless Lover 1950 Actor
 They Love To Argue 1950 Actor
 Blood-soaked Tomb 1949 Actor
 Breaking The Medicinal Herb 1949 Actor
 Charlie's Escape From The Tianxian Trap 1949 Actor
 Cow Boy And The Sewing Girl, The 1949 Actor
 Devoted Soul 1949 Actor
 Devoted Soul (Part 2), A 1949 Actor
 Dumb Wife, The 1949 Actor
 For My Country 1949 Actor
 Golden Leaf Chrysanthemum 1949 Actor
 Hanging On Live Or Dead 1949 Actor
 Hanging On Together 1949 Actor
 Life Debt Of Our Children 1949 Actor
 Miserable Sisters 1949 Actor
 Never Too Late To Meet 1949 Actor
 Nocturnal Sacrifice To Leifeng Tower 1949 Actor
 Owing 1949 Actor
 Pitiable Girl Saved By Love, A 1949 Actor
 Red Chamber Dream 1949 Actor
 Romance Forever 1949 Actor
 Story Of Xiao Yuebai (Part 1) 1949 Actor
 Story Of Xiao Yuebai (Part 2) 1949 Actor
 Third Madame's Story 1949 Actor
 To Kill The Love 1949 Actor
 Woman's Heart Is Never Mended, A 1949 Actor
 Xiao Qing's Shadow 1949 Actor
 You Better Return 1949 Actor
 Zhuo Wenjun's Night Visit To Xiangru 1949 Actor
 Award To The Husband But Not The Wife 1948 Actor
 Butterfly Lovers, The 1948 Actor
 End To The Song, Death To The Soul 1948 Actor
 Girl From The Peach Blossom Village, The 1948 Actor
 Gone The Phoenix From The Cage 1948 Actor
 Jiang Ping, Zhan Chao Versus Bai Juhua 1948 Actor
 Lusty Thief Girl, The 1948 Actor
 Mysterious Mind Of A Woman 1948 Actor
 Return By The Cool Moon 1948 Actor
 Return Of The Lascivious Woman's Soul 1948 Actor
 Revenge Of The Evil Girl 1948 Actor
 Rich And Abundant 1948 Actor
 Tears To Te Harvested 1948 Actor
 Twelve Beauties Pavilion 1948 Actor
 Wild Imagination 1948 Actor
 Woman's Heart 1948 Actor
 Beauty In War 1947 Actor
 Christmas Tree 1947 Actor
 Distressed Lover, The 1947 Actor
 Pavilion Of Sorrow 1947 Actor
 Sad Love Stories 1947 Actor
 Take The Poison With Smile 1947 Actor
 Faster Than Lightning 1946 Actor
 Lonely Life 1946 Actor
 Romance From Temple 1946 Actor
 Illusion Of Happiness 1945 Actor
 Couple Forever, A 1943 Actor
 Forsaken In Humanity 1943 Actor
 Gone With The Song 1943 Actor
 Rich House, The 1942 Actor
 Amorous Ghost, The 1941 Actor
 Boudoir Blues 1941 Actor
 Expedition To The North 1941 Actor
 Heartbreak Flower, The 1941 Actor
 Love In Another Life 1941 Actor
 Sentimental Swallow Returns, The 1941 Actor
 Song Of The Red Bean 1941 Actor
 Three Amorous Women 1941 Actor
 War And Love 1941 Actor
 Wasted Years 1941 Actor
 White Cloud Pagoda, The 1941 Actor
 Woman Of My Dream, The 1941 Actor
 For The Love Of A Woman 1940 Actor
 In Memory Of A Virtuous Woman 1940 Actor
 More Sons And More Money 1940 Actor
 Mother Bridge, The 1940 Actor
 Seduction On The Plains 1940 Actor
 Stormy Night, The 1940 Actor
 When Will You Return? 1940 Actor
 White Twister 1940 Actor
 Who's The Bride? 1940 Actor
 Why Don't You Return? 1940 Actor
 Breaking Through The Bronze Net 1939 Actor
 Daughter Vs. Stepmother 1939 Actor
 Grave Of The Sisters-in-Law 1939 Actor
 Hubbub At Three Gate Street 1939 Actor
 Living Buddha, The 1939 Actor
 Three Trials Of Yu Tangchun 1939 Actor
 Triple Flirtation Of The White Chrysanthemum 1939 Actor
 Twelve Widows 1939 Actor

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How Prince Xinling Stole The General's Seal To Save The State Of Zhao
The Noble Family

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