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Statistics :
11630 Movies
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73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Simon Lui Yue Yeung

Other names : 雷宇扬
Simon Loui
Simon Loui Yue Yeung
Lui Yue Yeung
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (1), Producer (3), Writer (11), Music (2), Actor (126), Original Story (2)


He works fast and he must work cheap because it often feels like Simon shows up in every low budget film that comes out of Hong Kong these days. He was in 27 films in 1999 alone! If a horror film is made without Simon it almost feels incomplete. He has actually been acting in films since the early 90’s – Easy Money, Hero of Beggars, The Sting – but it wasn’t really until the Troublesome Night series began in 1997 that he took on the mantle of the king of low budget horror.

Recently Simon has begun writing a few scripts as well and they - among which was that for Last Ghost Standing - are very solid efforts. His writing and acting in Paramount Motel made that one of the better crime films in 2000.


 [ 2010 - 2000 - 1990 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Young and Dangerous: Reloaded 2013 Actor
 Vulgaria 2012 Actor
 Choy Lee Fur Kung Fu 2010 Actor
 Virtual Recall 2010 Actor
 Feel It Say It... 2006 Actor
 Loss Of Memory 2006 Actor
 Corpse Spirit Is Pressing, The 2005 Actor
 Knife-Shooter, A 2005 Actor
 Escape From Hong Kong Island 2004 Director
 Herbal Tea 2004 Producer, Writer, Actor
 I.T. Story 2004 Actor
 Super Model 2004 Actor
 Feel 100% 2003 2003 Producer, Writer
 Get The Murderer 2003 Actor
 I Want To Get Married 2003 Actor
 Seamy Side Of Life 2 : Crying Stars 2003 Actor
 Troublesome Night 18 2003 Actor
 Troublesome Night 19 2003 Actor
 Happy Family 2002 Actor
 Hidden Enforcers, The 2002 Actor
 Hooker's World 2002 Actor
 Nine Girls And A Ghost 2002 Producer, Writer, Actor
 Sleeping With The Dead 2002 Actor
 Troublesome Night 16 2002 Actor
 Wall, The 2002 Writer, Actor
 Cheaters, The 2001 Actor
 Esprit D'Amour 2001 Writer, Actor, Original Story
 Headlines 2001 Actor
 Hero Of City 2001 Actor
 Horror Net 2001 Actor
 Killing End 2001 Writer, Actor
 Moods Of Love 2001 Actor
 Nightmares In Precinct 7 2001 Writer, Actor
 Replacement Suspect, The 2001 Writer, Actor
 Tough Cop Inside 2001 Actor
 Troublesome Night 8 2001 Actor
 Troublesome Night 9 2001 Actor
 9th September 2000 Actor
 Conspiracy 2000 Actor
 Cut Off The Throat 2000 Actor
 Hong Kong Pie 2000 Actor
 Killer 2000 Writer, Actor
 Man Wanted 3 2000 Actor
 Miles Apart 2000 Actor
 Money Laundry 2000 Actor
 Paramount Motel 2000 Writer, Actor
 Play With Strangers 2000 Actor
 Prostitute Killers 2000 Actor
 Super Cars Criminals 2000 Actor
 Sworn Revenge 2000 Actor
 Treasure Hunter 2000 Actor
 Troublesome Night 7 2000 Actor
 Undercover Blues 2000 Actor
 Untouchable Maniac 2000 Actor
 Big Spender 1999 Actor
 Cruel Zone 1999 Actor
 Cyber War 1999 Actor
 Doctor In Spite Of Himself 1999 Actor
 Faterangers, The 1999 Actor
 Fourteen Days Before Suicide 1999 Actor, Original Story
 Gigolo Of Chinese Hollywood 1999 Actor
 Hong Kong Spice Gals 1999 Actor
 Horoscope I : The Voice From Hell 1999 Actor
 Imp 2, The 1999 Actor
 Killing Maze 1999 Actor
 Lamb In Despair, A 1999 Actor
 Last Ghost Standing 1999 Writer, Actor
 Never Compromise 1999 Actor
 Nuclear Weapon 1999 Actor
 Romance & Sex Of Sung Dynasty 1999 Actor
 Royal Sperm 1999 Actor
 Rules Of The Game, The 1999 Actor
 Street Kids : The Final Combat 1999 Actor
 Sunshine Cops 1999 Actor
 Sword Of Damocles, A 1999 Actor
 Troublesome Night 5 1999 Actor
 Troublesome Night 6 1999 Actor
 Truth About Jane And Sam, The 1999 Actor
 Ungrateful Tink 1999 Actor
 Viagara Madness 1999 Actor
 Wan Chai Express 1999 Actor
 Who's The Assassin 1999 Actor
 X Imp 1999 Actor
 Young Ones, The 1999 Actor
 Ballistic Kiss 1998 Actor
 Extra, The 1998 Actor
 F***/Off 1998 Actor
 Group, The 1998 Actor
 How To Get Rich By Fung Shui ? 1998 Actor
 Love In The River 1998 Actor
 Magnificent Team 1998 Actor
 Ninth Happiness 1998 Actor
 Professionals, The 1998 Actor
 Raped By An Angel 3 : Sexual Fantasy Of The Chief Executive 1998 Actor
 Step Into The Dark 1998 Actor
 Three Lustketeers, The 1998 Actor
 Tricky King 1998 Actor
 Troublesome Night 3 1998 Actor
 Troublesome Night 4 1998 Actor
 Young And Dangerous 5 1998 Actor
 24 Hours Ghost Story 1997 Actor
 97 Aces Go Places 1997 Actor
 All's Well, End's Well 97 1997 Actor
 Lawyer, Lawyer 1997 Actor
 Love Cruise 1997 Actor
 Troublesome Night 1997 Actor
 Troublesome Night 2 1997 Actor
 Wedding Days, The 1997 Actor
 Banana Club 1996 Actor
 Mr Mumble 1996 Music, Actor
 Streets Of Fury 1996 Actor
 War Of The Underworld 1996 Actor
 Wild 1996 Music, Actor
 Infatuation 1995 Actor
 Meaning Of Life, The 1995 Actor
 Give And Take 1994 Actor
 Gods Must Be Funny In China, The 1994 Actor
 Mr. & Miss Saigon 1994 Actor
 Oh ! My Three Guys 1994 Actor
 Always On My Mind 1993 Actor
 Black Panther 1993 Actor
 Man Of The Times 1993 Actor
 Girls Without Tomorrow 2 1992 Actor
 Hero Of The Beggars 1992 Actor
 Rhythm Of Destiny 1992 Actor
 Sting, The 1992 Actor
 Bullet For Hire 1991 Actor
 Easy Money 1991 Actor

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 Simon Lui Yue Yeung pictures :  (Hide)
Herbal Tea
The Replacement Suspect
Treasure Hunter
A Lamb In Despair
Gigolo Of Chinese Hollywood
Royal Sperm
The Truth About Jane And Sam
Raped By An Angel 3 : Sexual Fantasy Of The Chief Executive
Tricky King
97 Aces Go Places
Lawyer, Lawyer
Banana Club
Always On My Mind
Hero Of The Beggars
Easy Money
 Other Simon Lui Yue Yeung pictures :  (Hide)
The Replacement Suspect (1)
Killer (4)
Man Wanted 3 (1)
Treasure Hunter (1)
A Lamb In Despair (1)
Gigolo Of Chinese Hollywood (1)
Horoscope I : The Voice From Hell (1)
Royal Sperm (1)
Ballistic Kiss (1)
Step Into The Dark (4)
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