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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Ng Cho Fan

Other names : Ng Choh Faan
Ng Chor Fan
Wu Chufan
Birthdate : 4/7/1911
Date of death : 22/2/1993
Activities : Director (1), Producer (1), Writer (2), Actor (135)

 [ 1960 - 1950 - 1940 - 1930 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Pillar Of Society 1968 Actor
 Adventures Of A Woman In A War 1965 Actor
 Tears Of Pearl 1965 Actor
 Hong Kong Woman, A 1964 Director, Writer, Actor
 Men And Women 1964 Actor
 Murderer Is A Ghost, The 1964 Actor
 Barren Valley, The 1963 Actor
 How The Ape Girl Stole The Lotus Lamp 1962 Actor
 Reunion, The 1962 Actor
 This Merry World 1962 Actor
 Father Is Back 1961 Actor
 Human Cargo (Part 2) 1961 Actor
 Seven Kids, The 1961 Actor
 Forever Lovers (Part 1) 1960 Actor
 Forever Lovers (Part 2) 1960 Actor
 Humanity 1960 Actor
 Orphan, The 1960 Writer, Actor
 Beautiful Ghost's Grievance, The 1959 Actor
 Feast Of A Rich Family 1959 Actor
 Road, The 1959 Actor
 Sketch Of Humanity, A 1959 Actor
 Adultery 1958 Actor
 Autumn Comes To Purple Rose Garden 1958 Actor
 Driver No. 7 1958 Actor
 How The Black Hero Captured The Criminal 1958 Actor
 Jiang Haiyan, Girl With A Miserable Fate (Part 1) 1958 Actor
 Lovely Girl's Lovely Dreams, A 1958 Actor
 Sword Of Blood And Valour 1958 Actor
 Darling Girl 1957 Actor
 Return On A Snowy Night 1957 Actor
 Splendour Of Youth, The 1957 Actor
 Taking The Birthday Gifts Caravan By Strategy 1957 Actor
 Black Cat, The Cat Burglar 1956 Actor
 Brothers 1956 Actor
 Grand Reunion, The 1956 Actor
 King And The Beauty, The 1956 Actor
 Backyard Adventures 1955 Actor
 Cold Nights 1955 Actor
 Everlasting Love 1955 Actor
 Jane Eyre 1955 Actor
 Love (Part 1) 1955 Actor
 Love (Part 2) 1955 Actor
 Love Trilogy 1955 Actor
 Matchmaker, The 1955 Actor
 Memories Of A Drifting Life 1955 Actor
 My Wife, My Wife 1955 Actor
 Orphan's Tragedy, An 1955 Actor
 Autumn 1954 Actor
 Cuckoo's Spirit, A 1954 Actor
 Dream Encounter Between Emperor Wu Of Han And Lady Wei, The 1954 Actor
 Her Fickle Heart 1954 Actor
 Lady Ping 1954 Actor
 Love In Malaya 1954 Actor
 Loving Father, Faithful Son 1954 Actor
 Unforgettable Song, An 1954 Actor
 We'll Meet Again 1954 Actor
 Family 1953 Actor
 Guiding Light, The 1953 Actor
 In the Face of Demolition 1953 Actor
 Love At First Sight 1953 Actor
 Myriad Homes, A 1953 Producer, Actor
 Spring 1953 Actor
 Two Heroic Rivals 1953 Actor
 Couple In Love, A 1952 Actor
 Her Perilous Adventures 1952 Actor
 Life Of Xiaomingxing, The 1952 Actor
 Lovely Dweller Of Enchanting Tower 1952 Actor
 My Beloved Grandchild 1952 Actor
 Perfect Match 1952 Actor
 Sweep-Stake Madness 1952 Actor
 All Illusion Of Paradise 1951 Actor
 Blood-Stained Azaleas 1951 Actor
 Eight Immortals In The World Of Men 1951 Actor
 Infancy 1951 Actor
 Love's Misgivings 1951 Actor
 Loving Father, A 1951 Actor
 Neglected Wife 1951 Actor
 Orphan's Sad Tale, An 1951 Actor
 Tiger's Den, The 1951 Actor
 Who Will Sympathize With Stepmother? 1951 Actor
 Kaleidoscope 1950 Actor
 Walking Corpse Of An Old Temple 1950 Actor
 Wave Of Jealousy 1950 Actor
 Breaking The Medicinal Herb 1949 Actor
 Cast Aside The Beloved One 1949 Actor
 For My Country 1949 Actor
 Ghost Woman Of The Old Mansion 1949 Actor
 Quarrelsome Couple, A 1949 Actor
 Springtime Again 1949 Actor
 Beautiful Evening, A 1948 Actor
 Regretful Lovers 1948 Actor
 Soul's Return In The Storm, The 1948 Actor
 Twelve Beauties Pavilion 1948 Actor
 Uncompromising Fellow 1948 Actor
 Sheung Ngo Dashing To The Moon 1947 Actor
 Take The Poison With Smile 1947 Actor
 Unfinished Story, The 1947 Actor
 Final Victory 1946 Actor
 Flames Of Lust 1946 Actor
 Lovers In Turbulent Times 1946 Actor
 Children Of The Earth 1945 Actor
 Stubborn Lovers (Part 2) 1943 Actor
 Black Knight, The 1941 Actor
 Empty House, An 1941 Actor
 Trials Of Love 1941 Actor
 Blood In the Forest 1940 Actor
 General, The 1940 Actor
 Smile Of A Woman, The 1940 Actor
 Lovers Of The Silver Screen 1939 Actor
 Marriage Made In Heaven 1939 Actor
 Spoiler And The Spoiled, The 1939 Actor
 Thirty Years Of Misery 1939 Actor
 At This Crucial Juncture 1938 Actor
 Four Boys Joint The Army 1938 Actor
 Love In Wartime 1938 Actor
 Woman Spies 1938 Actor
 Close Combat 1937 Actor
 Country Woman Joins The Army, The 1937 Actor
 Cuiheng Village 1937 Actor
 Honor Of Patriots, The 1937 Actor
 Mad Director, The 1937 Actor
 Song Of Life 1937 Actor
 Children's Debts 1936 Actor
 Fall Of The Pear Flower 1936 Actor
 Loveknot 1936 Actor
 New Youth 1936 Actor
 Blooming Rose, A 1935 Actor
 Bumbling Father-In-Law, The 1935 Actor
 Lifeline 1935 Actor
 Body Snatchers, The 1934 Actor
 Brother 1934 Actor
 Return From The Battleground 1934 Actor
 Spoondrift Village 1934 Actor
 Shining Pearl, The 1933 Actor
 Gunshot At Midnight 1932 Actor

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