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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos

Other names : 火星
Cheung Wing Fat
Feng Shing
Birthdate : 28/2/1954
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Action Director (10), Assistant Action Director (3), Actor (86), Brief appearance (14), Stuntman (13)


In the 80’s Mars became a fan favorite in Jackie Chan’s stunt team and appeared in a number of his films – either acting or doing stunt work. While growing up, he was a student at the Peking Opera School run by Madame Fan Fok-fa where he practiced from 5 in the morning till 9 at night. As a child he showed up in many films – Monkey, Blue Skies and was one of the children in the King Hu classic Come Drink with Me (as were some of the 7 Little Fortunes). After leaving the school, he earned a reputation as one of the better stuntmen in the business.

 [ Action Director - Assistant Action Director - Actor - Brief appearance - Stuntman ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
Action Director
 72 Tenants Of Prosperity 2010 Action Director
 I Corrupt All Cops 2009 Action Director
 Bullet & Brain 2007 Action Director
 Give Them A Chance 2003 Action Director
 Inner Senses 2002 Action Director
 Mr. Nice Guy 1997 Action Director
 How To Meet The Lucky Stars 1996 Action Director
 Wrath Of Silence, The 1994 Action Director
 Wheels On Meals 1984 Action Director
 Trail, The 1983 Action Director
Assistant Action Director
 Knock Off 1998 Assistant Action Director
 Drunken Master II 1994 Assistant Action Director
 Project A 1983 Assistant Action Director
 7 Assassins 2013 Actor
 Fortune Buddies, The 2011 Actor
 I Corrupt All Cops 2009 Actor
 Bullet & Brain 2007 Actor
 Kung Fu Mahjong 3 : The Final Duel 2007 Actor
 Prostitute Killers 2000 Actor
 Jackie Chan : My Stunts 1999 Actor
 Moonlight Express 1999 Actor
 Till Death Do Us Part 1998 Actor
 How To Meet The Lucky Stars 1996 Actor
 Red Zone 1995 Actor
 Wrath Of Silence, The 1994 Actor
 Police Story 3 - Supercop 1992 Actor
 Angry Ranger 1991 Actor
 Stage Door Johnny 1990 Actor
 Undeclared War 1990 Actor
 Inspector Wears Skirts 2, The 1989 Actor
 Miracles 1989 Actor
 Inspector Wears Skirts, The 1988 Actor
 Police Story 2 1988 Actor
 Spooky Spooky 1988 Actor
 Magic Story 1987 Actor
 Project A II 1987 Actor
 Naughty Boys 1986 Actor
 Police Story 1985 Actor
 Project A 1983 Actor
 Trail, The 1983 Actor
 Winners And Sinners 1983 Actor
 Dragon Lord 1982 Actor
 Strife For Mastery 1982 Actor
 Return Of The Deadly Blade 1981 Actor
 Lackey And The Lady Tiger 1980 Actor
 Challenger, The 1979 Actor
 Crazy Couple 1979 Actor
 Crazy Partner 1979 Actor
 Dragon, The Hero, The 1979 Actor
 His Name Is Nobody 1979 Actor
 Incredible Kung Fu Master, The 1979 Actor
 Itchy Fingers 1979 Actor
 Knockabout 1979 Actor
 Mar’s Villa, The 1979 Actor
 Odd Couple 1979 Actor
 Amsterdam Kill, The 1978 Actor
 Bruce Lee - The Invincible 1978 Actor
 Bruce Li In New Guinea 1978 Actor
 Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog 1978 Actor
 Legendary Strike, The 1978 Actor
 Naked Comes The Huntress 1978 Actor
 Broken Oath 1977 Actor
 He Has Nothing But Kung Fu 1977 Actor
 Last Hurrah For Chivalry 1977 Actor
 Last Strike 1977 Actor
 Money Crazy 1977 Actor
 Shaolin Plot, The 1977 Actor
 Strike And Sword 1977 Actor
 Bruce Lee - True Story 1976 Actor
 Private Eyes, The 1976 Actor
 Golden Lion, The 1975 Actor
 Hong Kong Superman 1975 Actor
 Valiant Ones 1975 Actor
 Young Dragons, The 1975 Actor
 Bloody Ring 1974 Actor
 Dynamite Brothers 1974 Actor
 Master With Cracked Fingers 1974 Actor
 Shaolin Boxer, The 1974 Actor
 Super Kung Fu Kid 1974 Actor
 Supermen Against The Orient 1974 Actor
 Thunder Kick 1974 Actor
 Virgins Of The Seven Seas 1974 Actor
 Ambush 1973 Actor
 Fist Of Unicorn 1973 Actor
 Rats, The 1973 Actor
 Rendezvous Of Warriors, The 1973 Actor
 Young Tiger, The 1973 Actor
 Black Tavern, The 1972 Actor
 Brutal Boxer, The 1972 Actor
 Hurricane, The 1972 Actor
 Tough Guy 1972 Actor
 Trilogy Of Swordsmanship 1972 Actor
 Golden Swallow 1968 Actor
 Blue Skies 1967 Actor
 One-Armed Swordsman 1967 Actor
 Come Drink With Me 1966 Actor
 Golden cup and the Wandering Dragon (part 1), The 1966 Actor
 Golden Cup and the Wandering Dragon (Part 2) 1966 Actor
 Monkey Goes West, The 1966 Actor
Brief appearance
 No Problem 1999 Brief appearance
 Rush Hour 1998 Brief appearance
 Drunken Master II 1994 Brief appearance
 Crime Story 1993 Brief appearance
 Project S 1993 Brief appearance
 Banquet, The 1991 Brief appearance
 Pom Pom ! 1984 Brief appearance
 Fists And Guts 1979 Brief appearance
 Enter The Fat Dragon 1978 Brief appearance
 Bastard, The 1973 Brief appearance
 Fist To Fist 1973 Brief appearance
 Casino, The 1972 Brief appearance
 Eunuch, The 1971 Brief appearance
 Rescue, The 1971 Brief appearance
 Around The World In 80 Days 2004 Stuntman
 Knock Off 1998 Stuntman
 Once Upon A Time In China And America 1997 Stuntman
 Thunderbolt 1995 Stuntman
 Dragons Forever 1988 Stuntman
 Tower Of Death 1981 Stuntman
 Game Of Death, The 1978 Stuntman
 Warriors Two 1978 Stuntman
 Iron Fisted Monk, The 1977 Stuntman
 Magic Blade, The 1976 Stuntman
 Skyhawk, The 1974 Stuntman
 Enter The Dragon 1973 Stuntman
 Fist Of Fury 1972 Stuntman

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 Mars pictures :  (Hide)
Crime Story
Stage Door Johnny
Undeclared War
Police Story 2
Police Story
Pom Pom !
The Trail
Odd Couple
The Challenger
Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog
The Legendary Strike
Warriors Two
The Iron Fisted Monk
The Iron Fisted Monk
The Magic Blade
Master With Cracked Fingers
Fist Of Unicorn
The Young Tiger
The Black Tavern
Trilogy Of Swordsmanship
Golden Swallow
 Other Mars pictures :  (Hide)
How To Meet The Lucky Stars (1)
Drunken Master II (1)
Crime Story (1)
Police Story 3 - Supercop (1)
Undeclared War (3)
Miracles (1)
Project A II (1)
Naughty Boys (2)
Police Story (1)
Pom Pom ! (1)
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