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Chow See Luk

Other names : 周诗禄
Chow Si Luk
Chow Sze Luk
Zhou Shilu
Birthdate : 1/1/1914
Date of death : 7/9/1964
Nationality : China, Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (78), Producer (3), Writer (2), Cinematographer (1), Production Manager (2)


Chow See Luk was a film director, producer and director of photography whose career spans from the 30s to the early 60s. In the 50s he was one of the two managers of the Shaws' Cantonese Film Group, a post which enabled him to produced numerous films as well as to discover many talents in front and behind the camera.

Born in 1914, Chow originated from Guangdong. He steps into the Shanghai film industry as a teenager and is already an assistant cinematographer at 13 for the Unique studios run by the eldest of the Shaw brothers Runje . At 17 he becomes director of photography. He notably takes part in the productions of Unique's first talking film Nightclub Colours/ Gechang Chunse (1931) and to the first Cantonese dialect film ever made, also produced by Unique, The Platinum Dragon (1934). When Unique moves his movie-making operations to Hong Kong, Chow comes along and keeps working for the studio up until at least 1941.

Around 1947, Chow Sze Luk becomes a director with the film Joy And Success. In nine years, he has directed about seventy films for several Hong Kong studios including Qinhua, Wangfang and Longfeng. The best films of that time are Cantonese opera movies as well as comedies. He directed films in all kinds of dialects: Mandarin and Cantonese of course but also Chaozhou and Anoy.

In 1955, Shaw's second brother Runde, Shaw And Sons, Ltd studio's boss, sets up a Cantonese dialect production unit and appoints two seasoned filmmakers to run it: Fung Fung Goh and Chow Sze Luk. The later owes his new job to his own Cantonese background, his work in the Cantonese film industry as well as his decade long associsation with the Shaw brothers. As head of the unit Chow produces more than fifty films and directs about twenty. He discovers and uses many young new stars such as Patricia Lam Fung, Cheung Ying Tsoi, Mak Gei and Lui Kei (1). Talents behind the camera are also revealed by Chow like Ng Daan and Lung Fong, who are to become two important directors in the 1960s Hong Kong Cantonese cinema.

Early 1960s, Chow starts working more on Mandarin productions for the newly established Shaw Brothers, which probably contributes to the slowing down of the Cantonese Production Unit's pacing. For the Shaw Brothers, Chow directs The ChaseWhen The Poles Meet, Stepmother (1963), The Amorous Lotus Pan (1963) and The Female Prince (1964). Chow is assigned to direct the new wuxia production Temple Of The Red Lotus but dies of liver cancer on September 7, 1964. His final film The Female Prince is released on December 10 of that same year. The Shaw's Cantonese production unit is shut down shortly after Chow's death.

Written by Yves Gendron (January 2007).
Source : The Shaw Screen a Preliminary Study.

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 Amorous Lotus Pan, The 1964 Director
 Female Prince, The 1964 Director
 Stepmother 1963 Director
 Chase 1961 Director
 Fan To Remember 1961 Director
 Mother 1961 Director
 When The Poles Meet 1961 Director
 Ever-Blooming Waterlilies, The 1960 Director
 Helping Hand, The 1960 Director
 Life Of Life 1960 Director
 Love And Chasity 1960 Director
 Love Knot (Part 1) 1960 Director
 Love Knot (Part 2) 1960 Director
 Pursuers, The 1960 Director
 Beseiged 1959 Director
 Bride From Another Town 1959 Director
 Case Of The Female Corpse, The 1959 Director
 Fragrance Of Durians, The 1959 Director
 Love On The Lonely Bridge 1959 Director
 Vengeance Of The Vampire, The 1959 Director
 Young Rock 1959 Director
 Crime Of Passion In The Hotel 1958 Director
 Marriage On The Rocks 1958 Director
 Mother's Broken Heart 1958 Director
 Pretty Girl's Love Affair, A 1958 Director
 Princess Jade Lotus 1958 Director
 Sweet Girl In Terror 1958 Director
 Virtuous Girl From A Humble House, A 1958 Director
 Dances Of Charm, The 1957 Director
 Fairy Sleeves, The 1957 Director
 Marriage Between The Quick And The Dead, The 1957 Director
 Pearl Of The Island 1957 Director
 Return On A Snowy Night 1957 Director
 Colorful Tokyo 1956 Director
 Feather Fan Under Spring Lantern 1956 Director
 Grand Reunion, The 1956 Director
 Pak Kam Lung And His Impersonator 1956 Director
 Story Of Little Cabbage And Yang Naiwu, The 1956 Director
 Eternal Peony 1955 Director
 Shilin Offers Sacrifice to the Leifeng Pagoda 1955 Director
 Silver Phoenix 1955 Director
 Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs 1955 Director
 Till Death Us Do Part 1955 Director
 Elopement, The 1954 Director
 Her Difficult Life 1954 Director
 When Beauty Fades From The Twelve Ladie's Bower 1954 Director
 Another Chance For Love 1953 Director
 Female White Golden Dragon, The 1953 Director
 Scholar In A Buddhist House, A 1953 Director
 Swallows' Return 1953 Director
 Woman In Grief 1953 Director
 Beautiful Matching 1952 Director
 Fool on Honeymoon, The 1952 Director
 Ghost That Created An Uproar In Guang Changlong, The 1952 Director
 Master Adou, A Native Of Darling 1952 Director
 My Beloved Grandchild 1952 Director
 Young Lady's Escort Army, The 1952 Director
 Eight Immortals In The World Of Men 1951 Director
 Good Mother And A Hooker, A 1950 Director
 How Song Jiang Slew His Mistress Yan Poxi 1950 Director
 Solving The Copper-Netted Trap 1950 Director
 Two Roaming Orphan Girls 1950 Director
 Walking Corpse Of An Old Temple 1950 Director
 Where Shall We Meet Again 1950 Director
 Beating The Match-Maker 1949 Director
 Chen Shimei Betrayed His Wife 1949 Director
 Great Wall, The 1949 Director
 Night Hanging Of Bai Furong 1949 Director
 Red Chamber Dream 1949 Director
 Shi Xiu's Uproar In Cuiping Hill 1949 Director
 Swordsman Of Shu Hill 1949 Director
 Wu Song's Bloody Fight At Double Pavilion 1949 Director
 Every Thing Goes My Way 1948 Director
 God's Punishment To The Good Man 1948 Director
 Joy And Success 1948 Director
 Mo Tsung's Adventure Of The Lion Pavilion 1948 Director
 Native Scholar, The 1948 Director
 Two Drug Addicts Sweep A Long Dike 1948 Director
 Pretty Girl's Love Affair, A 1958 Producer
 Princess Jade Lotus 1958 Producer
 Valley Of The Love Birds 1958 Producer
 Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs 1955 Writer
 Two Roaming Orphan Girls 1950 Writer
 Glowing Pearl, The 1937 Cinematographer
Production Manager
 Furry Rat, The 1941 Production Manager
 Happiness Is A Well-Defended Home 1937 Production Manager

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