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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
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73 Interviews
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32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Wong Hok Sing

Activities : Director (170), Writer (53), Actor (58)

 [ 1970 - 1960 - 1950 - 1940 - 1930 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 To Crack The Dragon Gate 1970 Actor
 Flying Thief, White Flower 1969 Actor
 Flying Dragon Dagger, The 1968 Director
 Reincarnation Of Lady Plum Blossom, The 1968 Director
 Strange Sword, The 1968 Writer
 Gifted Scholar And A Beautiful Maid, A 1967 Director
 Li Shishi 1967 Director
 Plot, The 1967 Director
 Selling, Pawning And Borrowing 1967 Director
 Teddy Boy In The Gutter 1967 Director
 Uproar In Jade Hall 1967 Director
 Who Should Be The Commander-In-Chief ? 1967 Director
 Goddess Of Mercy Celebrated Her Birthday At Xiang Shan 1966 Director
 Golden Monk 1966 Director
 Monkey King And The Imps 1966 Director, Writer
 Treasure Of Diamonds 1966 Director
 Agent 101 1965 Director
 All Packed In A Small House 1965 Director
 All-Powerful Flute (Part 1), The 1965 Director
 All-Powerful Flute (Part 2), The 1965 Director
 Dial 999 For The Three Murderers 1965 Director
 Eighteen Powerful Swords 1965 Director
 Eternal Beauty Zhao Feiyan, The 1965 Director
 Furious Phoenix And The Mad Dragon 1965 Director
 Ji Gong is After The Demon 1965 Director, Writer
 Ji Gong Raids The Courtoom 1965 Director, Writer
 Monkey Saint Teases the Fairy of Flowers 1965 Director, Writer
 Monkey Saint Versus Eight Fairies 1965 Director, Writer
 Mysterious Murder, A 1965 Director
 Red Robe, The 1965 Director
 Two Mouthy Ladies From The North And South 1965 Director
 Beauties, The 1964 Director
 Club Of Magic Flame, The 1964 Director
 Four Crazy Heroes (Part 1) 1964 Director
 Four Crazy Heroes (Part 2) 1964 Director
 Getting Rich 1964 Director
 Golden Scissors (Part 2) 1964 Director
 Half A Bed 1964 Director
 Living Immortals 1964 Director
 Magic Crane And The Golden Eagle, The 1964 Director
 Musketeers Plundering South Yangtze 1964 Director, Writer
 Revenge battle, The 1964 Director
 Seven Fights With Nine Tail Fox 1964 Director, Writer
 Three Tigers (Part 1) 1964 Director
 Three Tigers (Part 2) 1964 Director
 Young And Idle 1964 Director
 Blood-Stained Butterfly Dart, The 1963 Director
 Claw And The Whip, The 1963 Director
 Claws Of Horror, The 1963 Director
 Crying Over Qiuxiang 1963 Director
 Drums along the battlefield 1963 Director
 Father Earns, Daughter Spends 1963 Director
 Golden Scissors (Part 1) 1963 Director
 I Want My Country And My Wife Back 1963 Director
 Iron Wild Goose (Part 1), The 1963 Director
 Iron Wild Goose (Part 2), The 1963 Director
 Little Dragon Girl Teases White Snake Spirit 1963 Director
 Magic Sword (Part 1) 1963 Director
 Magic Sword (Part 2) 1963 Director
 Magic Sword Of Leopard Mountain, The 1963 Director
 Meeting My Mother 1963 Director
 Mother-And-Child Tombstone 1963 Director
 Mythical Crane, Evil Dragon 1963 Director
 Sword And Pen 1963 Director
 Whose Son Is He ? 1963 Director
 Banners Of Victory 1962 Director, Writer
 Battle At Sizhou 1962 Director
 Battle Between The Seven Phenixes And The Dragon 1962 Director
 Beauty In A Fallen City 1962 Director
 Birth Of Na Zha, The 1962 Director
 Birth Of Shi Guizi, The 1962 Director
 Fen Shiyu Rescued His Mother In The Boxing Ring 1962 Director
 Feng Shiyu Fixing His Marriage At Wudang Shan 1962 Director
 Flying Hero, The 1962 Director
 Heroes And The Beauty, The 1962 Director
 How Na Zha Shattered Heaven To Save His Mother 1962 Director
 Injustice Undone 1962 Director
 Lamenting The Fallen Petals 1962 Director
 Princess Ping Yang 1962 Director
 Romance Of The Phoenix Chamber 1962 Director
 Seven Woman Generals 1962 Director
 Smile For A Kingdom, A 1962 Director
 Stars Of Happiness And Prosperity 1962 Director
 Strange Romance Of The Dragon And The Phoenix, The 1962 Director, Writer
 Three Encounters Of Na Zha And Carlet Boy 1962 Director
 Unruly Commander-In-Chief And The Blunt General, The 1962 Director
 Uproar In The Palace 1962 Director
 Woman With The Magic Eyes In Search Of Her Son, The 1962 Director
 Crime Of Passion 1961 Director
 Crimson Girl 1961 Director
 Cruel King, The 1961 Director, Writer
 Female General Mrs. Yang 1961 Director
 Feminine General Far Mok Lan 1961 Director
 Green Dragon Sword 1961 Director, Writer
 Hero And Beauty 1961 Director
 Heroes Of The Age 1961 Director
 Heroic Deed 1961 Director, Writer
 In The Palace 1961 Director
 Love With Tears 1961 Director, Writer, Actor
 New Year's Greetings 1961 Director
 Pretended Ghost 1961 Actor
 Return From Battle For His Love 1961 Director
 Seven Phoenixes 1961 Director
 Thirteen Swords (Part 1) 1961 Director, Writer
 Thirteen Swords (Part 2) 1961 Director, Writer
 Three Battles To Secure Peace For Nation 1961 Director
 When The Blind Man Sees His Son-In-Law 1961 Director, Writer
 Wonderful Handkerchief 1961 Director
 A-Dou In The Army 1960 Director
 Adventure Of Black Heroine 1960 Director
 Ape's Daughter Vs. Dragon Devil (Part 1) 1960 Director
 Ape's Daughter Vs. Dragon Devil (Part 2) 1960 Director
 Eagle Knight And The Crimson Girl, The 1960 Director
 Fan Lay Far 1960 Director
 Mother's Tears 1960 Director, Writer
 Poetic Genius 1960 Director
 Prince Flying Dragon 1960 Director
 Swordsmen Of Mount Win Tai 1960 Director, Writer
 To Whom Should The True Murderer Be ? 1960 Director
 Two Honourable Sisters 1960 Director, Writer
 Two Sisters And The Stepmother 1960 Director, Writer
 Fourth Son Of The Yang Family Visits His Mother (Part 2), The 1959 Director
 Fourth Son Of The Yang Family Visits His Mother, The 1959 Director
 Maid Who Led An Expedition To Conquer The West, The 1959 Director
 Misguided Love 1959 Director
 Mr. Wang Advertises For A Wife 1959 Director
 Mr. Wang is in his wife's dress by mistake 1959 Director
 Mr. Wang's Adventures With The Unruly Girl 1959 Director
 Regret From The Spring Lantern And Feathered Fan 1959 Actor
 Sad Wedding Night, A 1959 Director, Writer
 Seven Heroes Spy On Chongxiao Bower 1959 Director, Writer
 Shattering The Copper Net Array 1959 Director
 Story Of Mu Guiying (Part 1), The 1959 Director
 Story Of Mu Guiying (Part 2), The 1959 Director
 Story Of The Wronged Wife 1959 Director
 Stroke Of Romance For Mr. Wang, A 1959 Director
 Sweet Girl 1959 Director
 Three Attempts To Steal the Cup Of The Nine Dragons 1959 Director, Writer
 Twin Lotuses 1959 Director, Writer
 Wu Song Fights The Tiger 1959 Director
 Carp Spirit, The 1958 Director, Writer
 Emperor Zhengde's Night Visit To The Dragon-And-Phoenix Inn 1958 Director, Writer
 False Accusation Of Mother, The 1958 Director, Writer
 Flower Of The Night 1958 Director, Writer
 Mad Monk By The Sea 1958 Director
 Marriage Of The 2 Beautiful Qiao Sisters, The 1958 Director
 Petal-Spraying Fairy, The 1958 Director
 Rouge Well, The 1958 Director, Writer
 Seven Good Wives 1958 Director, Writer
 Sisters-In-Laws' Tombs Beside Luoyang Bridge 1958 Director
 Spring Breeze Brings Back The Returned Swallow 1958 Director, Writer
 Story Of Liu Jinding, The 1958 Director
 Story Of Yutangchun, The 1958 Director, Writer
 Tragedy Of Han Palace, The 1958 Director, Writer
 Two Sisters-In-Law 1958 Actor
 Zhang Xun Slays His Concubine To Please The Army 1958 Director, Writer
 Building The Luoyang Bridge 1957 Director, Writer
 Feuds Between Fang Tanfgjing And Chen Mengji, The 1957 Director, Writer
 Haunted Bridge 1957 Director
 How Di Qing Seized The Pearl Flag 1957 Director, Writer
 How Fang Tangjing Exasperated The Government Official 1957 Director, Writer
 How Old Master Jiang Crossed The River 1957 Actor
 Knife in Fish-Gut 1957 Director, Writer
 Luo Tong Conquers The North 1957 Director, Writer
 Martyrs Of Ming 1957 Director, Writer
 Tricking The Lords With Beacon Fires 1957 Director, Writer
 Bloodshed In The Chu Palace 1956 Director, Writer
 Chang E's Flight To The Moon 1956 Director, Writer
 Country Bumpking Looks For His Son, A 1956 Director
 How Liang Hongyu's War Drum Caused The Jin Army To Retreat 1956 Director, Writer
 How Zhou Yu Was Thrice Defeated By Kong Ming 1956 Director, Writer
 Philosopher Zhangzhi's Butterfly Dream 1956 Director, Writer
 Sanmen Street Brawl 1956 Director, Writer
 Zhu Maichen's Grand Homecoming 1956 Director, Writer
 Bad-Luck For The Fishmonger At Tortoise Hill 1955 Director, Writer
 Bandits Of Shandong Province 1955 Director, Writer
 Chen Shimei Betrays His Wife 1955 Actor
 Ghost By The Melon-Store, The 1955 Actor
 Three Tests Of Yu Tangchun, The 1955 Director, Writer, Actor
 Breaching Of Black Wind Stockade, The 1952 Actor
 Dragon Rising 1951 Actor
 Fang Shiyu's Three Ventures Into The Lane Of Wooden Robots 1951 Actor
 Great Hero Of Many Blunders, A 1951 Actor
 Scarlet Hero, The 1951 Actor
 Shrew Must Have Her Way, The 1951 Actor
 Adventures Of Gan Fengchi And Fourth Miss Lu 1950 Actor
 Eight Swordsmen Of Jiangnan 1950 Actor
 Elderly Gentleman Searches For Romance, The 1950 Actor
 End Of The Year Means Money, The 1950 Actor
 Fang Shiyu And His Impersonator 1950 Actor
 Fang Shiyu In A Marriage-Fixing Boxing Contest (Part 1) 1950 Actor
 Fang Shiyu In A Marriage-Fixing Boxing Contest (Part 2) 1950 Actor
 Five Rats' Adventures in Eastern Capital (Part 3) 1950 Actor
 Golden Chain, The 1950 Actor
 Handsome Hero's Brawl In Sanmen Street, The 1950 Actor
 Magnificent Hero Jin Luohan 1950 Actor
 Season Of Falling Petals, The 1950 Actor
 Strange Hero 1950 Actor
 Two Swordsmen From Emei Mountain 1950 Actor
 General Di Qing 1949 Actor
 Honeymoon For Two 1949 Actor
 Purple-Misted Cup 1949 Actor
 Five Rascals In The Eastern Capital 1948 Actor
 Five Rascals In The Eastern Capital (Part 2) 1948 Actor
 Jiang Ping, Zhan Chao Versus Bai Juhua 1948 Actor
 Romance Of The Golden Country 1948 Actor
 Show Off Your Beauty 1948 Actor
 Black Market Couple 1947 Actor
 Great Lover 1947 Actor
 Joy And Peace 1947 Actor
 White Powder And Neon Lights 1947 Actor
 Entangling Ones, The 1946 Actor
 Pi-pa's Regret 1946 Actor
 Smile To Please 1946 Actor
 Way To Brightness 1946 Actor
 Golden Gate Girl 1941 Actor
 Expedition To The East 1940 Actor
 Five Generals, The 1940 Actor
 Five Swordsman's Nocturnal Tryst, The 1940 Actor
 Lady Takes Command, The 1940 Actor
 Legend Of Wang Zhaojun, The 1940 Actor
 Marrying General, The 1940 Actor
 One Hundred Thousand Children's Corpses 1940 Actor
 Breaking Through The Bronze Net 1939 Actor
 Farewell To My Lady 1939 Actor
 Triple Flirtation Of The White Chrysanthemum 1939 Actor
 Twelve Widows 1939 Actor

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