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Statistics :
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3722 Videos
Yeung Chi Hing

Other names : 杨志卿
Yan Chih Ching
Yang Chi Ching
Yang Chih Ching
Yang Tse Ching
Yang Zhi Qing
Yang Zhiqing
Yang2 Zhi4 Qing1
Birthdate : 11/2/1919
Date of death : 30/4/1984
Nationality : China
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Actor (217), Brief appearance (3)


Yeung Chi Hing (Yang Chi Ching), a native of Hebei, began his acting career at an early age. He made his movie debut in 1941 and starred in several productions of Shanghai's Hwa Ying and Chung Luen film compagny. In 1947 he joined the Cathay Film Compagny. Yeung settled in Hong Kong in 1951 and joined Shaw Brothers where he worked for over 30 years and appeared in more than 100 movies.

Yeung was as brilliant as he was versatile, with the ability to handle all types of roles with ease. He had worked with renowned actors and actresses like Bai Guang, Linda Lin Dai, etc.

Yeung's wife Chan Wan Wa (Chen Yun Hua) was also a famous movie actress.

(IVL, modified)

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Disciples Of The 36th Chamber 1985 Actor
 Hidden Power Of Dragon Sabre, The 1984 Actor
 New Tales Of The Flying Fox 1984 Actor
 Opium And The Kung Fu Master 1984 Actor
 Return Of The Bastard Swordsman 1984 Actor
 Descendant Of The Sun 1983 Actor
 Enchantress, The 1983 Actor
 Fast Fingers 1983 Brief appearance
 Lady Assassin, The 1983 Actor
 Men From The Gutter 1983 Actor
 Shaolin Prince 1983 Actor
 Tales Of A Eunuch 1983 Actor
 Clan Feuds 1982 Actor
 Emperor And The Minister, The 1982 Actor
 Fake Ghost Catchers, The 1982 Actor
 Godfather From Canton 1982 Actor
 Hex After Hex 1982 Actor
 Kid From Kwangtung 1982 Actor
 My Rebellious Son 1982 Actor
 Ode To Gallantry 1982 Actor
 Passing Flickers 1982 Actor
 Perils Of The Sentimental Swordsman 1982 Actor
 Spirit Of The Sword, The 1982 Actor
 Strange Skill 1982 Actor
 Tiger Killer 1982 Actor
 Winner Takes All 1982 Actor
 Battle For The Republic Of China, The 1981 Actor
 Bewitched 1981 Actor
 Black Lizard 1981 Actor
 Challenge Of The Gamesters 1981 Actor
 Duel Of The Century, The 1981 Actor
 Emperor And His Brother, The 1981 Actor
 Gambler's Delight 1981 Actor
 Lion Vs Lion 1981 Brief appearance
 Revenge Of The Corpse 1981 Actor
 Bat Without Wings 1980 Actor
 Convict Killer, The 1980 Actor
 Disco Bumpkins 1980 Actor
 Emperor Chien Lung And The Beauty 1980 Actor
 Haunted Tales 1980 Actor
 Heroes Shed No Tears 1980 Actor
 Hex Vs Witchcraft 1980 Actor
 Shaolin Abbot 1980 Actor
 Tiger And The Widow 1980 Actor
 Brothers, The 1979 Actor
 Dirty Ho 1979 Actor
 Full Moon Scimitar 1979 Actor
 Ghost Story, The 1979 Actor
 Heaven And Hell 1979 Actor
 Kung Fu Instructor, The 1979 Actor
 Murder Plot 1979 Actor
 Proud Twins, The 1979 Actor
 Scandalous Warlord, The 1979 Actor
 Shaolin Rescuers 1979 Actor
 What Price Honesty ? 1979 Actor
 Avenging Eagle 1978 Actor
 Clan Of Amazons 1978 Actor
 Flying Guillotine 2 1978 Actor
 Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part I 1978 Actor
 Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part II 1978 Actor
 Legend Of The Bat 1978 Actor
 Proud Youth, The 1978 Actor
 Sensual Pleasures 1978 Actor
 Swordsman And Enchantress 1978 Actor
 Voyage Of Emperor Chien Lung, The 1978 Actor
 Adventures Of Emperor Chien Lung, The 1977 Actor
 Call Girls, The 1977 Actor
 Chinatown Kid 1977 Actor
 Clans Of Intrigue 1977 Brief appearance
 Cobra Girl 1977 Actor
 Death Duel 1977 Actor
 Jade Tiger 1977 Actor
 Judgement Of An Assassin 1977 Actor
 Mad Monk, The 1977 Actor
 Pursuit Of Vengeance 1977 Actor
 Sentimental Swordsman, The 1977 Actor
 Teenager's Nightmare - The Criminals, Part V, The 1977 Actor
 Big Bad Sis 1976 Actor
 Black Magic, Part II 1976 Actor
 Dragon Missile, The 1976 Actor
 Heroes Of The Underground 1976 Actor
 Homicides - The Criminals, Part II 1976 Actor
 Killer Clans 1976 Actor
 King Gambler 1976 Actor
 Last Tempest, The 1976 Actor
 Big Brother Cheng 1975 Actor
 Bloody Escape, The 1975 Actor
 Cuties Parade 1975 Actor
 Empress Dowager, The 1975 Actor
 Lady Of The Law 1975 Actor
 Queen Hustler 1975 Actor
 Shantung Man In Hong Kong 1975 Actor
 That's Adultery ! 1975 Actor
 Five Tough Guys 1974 Actor
 Kidnap 1974 Actor
 Rat Catcher, The 1974 Actor
 Shadow Boxer, The 1974 Actor
 Supermen Against The Orient 1974 Actor
 Tea House, The 1974 Actor
 Ambush 1973 Actor
 Bastard, The 1973 Actor
 Call To Arms 1973 Actor
 Generation Gap, The 1973 Actor
 River Of Fury 1973 Actor
 Black Tavern, The 1972 Actor
 Finger Of Doom 1972 Actor
 Fourteen Amazons, The 1972 Actor
 Gourd Fairy, The 1972 Actor
 Killer, The 1972 Actor
 Lizard, The 1972 Actor
 Man Of Iron 1972 Actor
 Pursuit 1972 Actor
 Yellow Muffler, The 1972 Actor
 Anonymous Heroes, The 1971 Actor
 Duel Of Fists 1971 Actor
 Duel, The 1971 Actor
 Eunuch, The 1971 Actor
 Place To Call Home, A 1970 Actor
 Singing Killer, The 1970 Actor
 Swordswomen Three 1970 Actor
 Twelve Gold Medallions, The 1970 Actor
 Vengeance ! 1970 Actor
 Flying Dagger, The 1969 Actor
 Golden Sword, The 1969 Actor
 Killers Five 1969 Actor
 Raw Courage 1969 Actor
 River Of Tears 1969 Actor
 Swordmates, The 1969 Actor
 Temptress Of A Thousand Faces 1969 Actor
 Bells Of Death, The 1968 Actor
 Black Butterfly 1968 Actor
 Forever And Ever 1968 Actor
 Golden Swallow 1968 Actor
 Hong Kong Rhapsody 1968 Actor
 Jade Raksha, The 1968 Actor
 Sword Of Swords, The 1968 Actor
 Dragon Creek, The 1967 Actor
 King Cat 1967 Actor
 Lady Jade Locket 1967 Actor
 Madam Slender Plum 1967 Actor
 Moonlight Serenade 1967 Actor
 One-Armed Swordsman 1967 Actor
 Pearl Phoenix, The 1967 Actor
 Rape Of The Sword 1967 Actor
 Silent Swordsman, The 1967 Actor
 Susanna 1967 Actor
 Come Drink With Me 1966 Actor
 Grand Substitution, The 1965 Actor
 Inside The Forbidden City 1965 Actor
 Mermaid, The 1965 Actor
 Vermilion Door 1965 Actor
 West Chamber, The 1965 Actor
 Five Swordsmen 1964 Actor
 Golden Hairpin (Final Episode), The 1964 Actor
 How the Oil Vendor Won the Beauty Contest 1964 Actor
 Lady General Hua Mulan 1964 Actor
 Last Woman Of Shang, The 1964 Actor
 Shepherd Girl, The 1964 Actor
 Story Of Sue San, The 1964 Actor
 Adulteress, The 1963 Actor
 Empress Wu Tse-Tien, The 1963 Actor
 Golden Hairpin (Part 2), The 1963 Actor
 Lady With The Lute 1963 Actor
 Love Eterne 1963 Actor
 Mid-Nightmare (Part 2) 1963 Actor
 South Dragon, North Phoenix 1963 Actor
 Birth of the Monkey King (Part 2), The 1962 Actor
 Birth Of The Monkey King, The 1962 Actor
 Black Fox, The 1962 Actor
 Dream Of The Red Chamber, The 1962 Actor
 Madam White Snake 1962 Actor
 Mid-Nightmare 1962 Actor
 Love Without End 1961 Actor
 Swallow, The 1961 Actor
 Between Tears and Laughter 1960 Actor
 Enchanting Shadow, The 1960 Actor
 Magnificent Concubine, The 1960 Actor
 Street Boys 1960 Actor
 Full Of Joy 1959 Actor
 Kingdom And The Beauty, The 1959 Actor
 Pink Murder, The 1959 Actor
 Spring Frolic 1959 Actor
 Angel, The 1958 Actor
 Appointment After Dark, An 1958 Actor
 Circus, The 1958 Actor
 Dan Feng Street 1958 Actor
 Diau Charn 1958 Actor
 Love With An Alien 1958 Actor
 Magic Touch, The 1958 Actor
 Red Lantern 1958 Actor
 Where Is My Bride ? 1958 Actor
 Lady In Distress 1957 Actor
 Lady Of Mystery, The 1957 Actor
 Mating Story, A 1957 Actor
 Miss Evening Sweet 1957 Actor
 Fresh Peony, The 1956 Actor
 Fruit Of Marriage 1956 Actor
 Lonely Heart, A 1956 Actor
 Love's Elegy 1956 Actor
 Married Woman's Secret, A 1956 Actor
 Our Good Daughter 1956 Actor
 Till We Meet Again 1956 Actor
 Chin Ping Mei 1955 Actor
 Heart Break Well 1955 Actor
 Story Of Qiuhaitang, The 1955 Actor
 Tragedy Of Vendetta 1955 Actor
 Beyond The Grave 1954 Actor
 Little Couple 1954 Actor
 Mortal Wind, The 1954 Actor
 Rose I Love You 1954 Actor
 Bright Day 1953 Actor
 Little Phoenix 1953 Actor
 Meal Time 1953 Actor
 Qiu Jin, The Revolutionary Heroine 1953 Actor
 Song To Remember, A 1953 Actor
 Sorrowful Glory 1953 Actor
 Love In The Bloom 1952 Actor
 Tomorrow 1952 Actor
 Missing Document 1951 Actor
 Lady Thief, The 1948 Actor

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 Yeung Chi Hing pictures :  (Hide)
New Tales Of The Flying Fox
Opium And The Kung Fu Master
Return Of The Bastard Swordsman
Return Of The Bastard Swordsman
Descendant Of The Sun
Fast Fingers
Men From The Gutter
Tales Of A Eunuch
The Enchantress
The Lady Assassin
Clan Feuds
Godfather From Canton
Kid From Kwangtung
My Rebellious Son
Ode To Gallantry
Ode To Gallantry
The Fake Ghost Catchers
The Spirit Of The Sword
Tiger Killer
Challenge Of The Gamesters
Bat Without Wings
Shaolin Abbot
The Convict Killer
Dirty Ho
Heaven And Hell
Heaven And Hell
The Proud Twins
The Scandalous Warlord
Avenging Eagle
Flying Guillotine 2
Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part I
Legend Of The Bat
Swordsman And Enchantress
Swordsman And Enchantress
The Proud Youth
Chinatown Kid
Death Duel
Jade Tiger
Judgement Of An Assassin
The Adventures Of Emperor Chien Lung
The Sentimental Swordsman
The Sentimental Swordsman
Killer Clans
The Bloody Escape
Five Tough Guys
The Tea House
River Of Fury
Finger Of Doom
The Lizard
Duel Of Fists
The Anonymous Heroes
The Duel
The Singing Killer
The Twelve Gold Medallions
Vengeance !
Killers Five
Raw Courage
Golden Swallow
The Sword Of Swords
One-Armed Swordsman
The Silent Swordsman
Come Drink With Me
The West Chamber
Lady General Hua Mulan
The Last Woman Of Shang
Madam White Snake
 Other Yeung Chi Hing pictures :  (Hide)
Men From The Gutter (1)
Tales Of A Eunuch (1)
Clan Feuds (2)
The Fake Ghost Catchers (1)
Tiger Killer (1)
Challenge Of The Gamesters (1)
Tiger And The Widow (1)
Shaolin Rescuers (1)
Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part I (1)
Legend Of The Bat (1)
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