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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Kara Hui Ying Hung

Other names : 惠英红
Kara Hui
Hui Ying Hung
Claire Wai
Claire Wai Ying Hung
Birthdate : 3/2/1960
Nationality : China
Workplace : China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Activities : Actress (126), Cameo (6), (1)

 [ 2010 - 2000 - 1990 - 1980 - 1970 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Midnight After, The 2014 Actress
 7 Assassins 2013 Actress
 Fox Lover, The 2013 Actress
 Rigor Mortis 2013 Actress
 Blood Stained Shoes 2012 Actress
 Diva 2012 Actress
 Turning Point: Laughing Gor Returns 2011 Actress
 Wedding Diary, The 2011 Actress
 Wu Xia 2011
 Chinese Fairy Tale, A 2010 Actress
 Choy Lee Fur Kung Fu 2010 Actress
 Kung Fu Wing Chun 2010 Actress
 At The End Of Daybreak 2009 Actress
 Man In Charge 2009 Actress
 Forensic Heroes II 2008 Actress
 L For Love, L For Lies 2008 Actress
 Legend Of The Demigods 2008 Actress
 Legendary Assassin 2008 Actress
 Pages Of Treasures 2008 Actress
 Wasabi Mon Amour 2008 Actress
 Word Twisters Adventures 2007 Actress
 Chinese Tall Story, A 2005 Actress
 Crazy 'n The City 2004 Actress
 Jiang Hu 2004 Actress
 Wanted 2004 Actress
 Dirty Man 2003 Actress
 Infernal Affairs II 2003 Actress
 Night Corridor 2003 Actress
 Park, The 2003 Actress
 Secret Society : Boss, The 2003 Actress
 Ling's Story 2001 Actress
 Visible Secret 2001 Actress
 High K 2000 Actress
 At The Threshold Of An Era 1999 Actress
 Fist Power 1999 Actress
 Crazy Mission 1997 Actress
 Master Of Tai Chi 1997 Actress
 Dragon From Shaolin 1996 Actress
 Kung Fu Mistress 1994 Actress
 Out Bound Killing 1994 Actress
 Madam City Hunter 1993 Actress
 On Parole 1993 Actress
 On Parole 2 1993 Actress
 Story In Beijing City, A 1993 Actress
 Tale Of A Heroine, The 1993 Actress
 Tattoo Girl 1993 Actress
 Woman Gamble God 1993 Actress
 Behind The Curtain 1992 Actress
 Bloody Revenge 1992 Actress
 Guys in Ghost Hand 1992 Actress
 Inspector Wears Skirts 4, The 1992 Actress
 Megaforce From Highland 1992 Actress
 Vengeance Of Six Dragons 1992 Actress
 Visa To Hell 1992 Actress
 Zen Of Sword 1992 Actress
 Banquet, The 1991 Cameo
 Heart Of Danger 1991 Actress
 Legend Of The Drunken Tiger 1991 Actress
 Mission Of Condor 1991 Actress
 Queen Of Gamble 1991 Actress
 Real Me, The 1991 Actress
 Red Lips 1991 Actress
 Roar Of The Vietnamese, The 1991 Actress
 Who Cares 1991 Actress
 Angel Terminators 1990 Actress
 Brave Young Girls 1990 Actress
 Braveful Police 1990 Actress
 Bullet To Survive 1990 Actress
 Never Say Regret 1990 Actress
 Raid On Royal Casino Marine 1990 Actress
 Stage Door Johnny 1990 Actress
 That’s Money 1990 Actress
 Widow Warriors 1990 Actress
 Burning Ambition 1989 Actress
 Inspector Wears Skirts 2, The 1989 Actress
 Peacock King 1989 Cameo
 They Came To Rob Hong Kong 1989 Actress
 Dragon Family, The 1988 Actress
 Inspector Wears Skirts, The 1988 Actress
 Rouge 1988 Cameo
 Happy Go Lucky 1987 Actress
 Naughty Boys 1986 Actress
 Rosa 1986 Actress
 Seventh Curse, The 1986 Cameo
 Story Of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, The 1986 Actress
 Journey Of The Doomed 1985 Actress
 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 1985 Actress
 Why Me ? 1985 Actress
 Double Decker 1984 Actress
 Family Light Affair 1984 Actress
 Long Road To Gallantry 1984 Actress
 New Tales Of The Flying Fox 1984 Actress
 Return Of Pom Pom, The 1984 Actress
 Three Stooges Go Undercover 1984 Actress
 Demon Of The Lute 1983 Actress
 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, The 1983 Actress
 Lady Is The Boss 1983 Actress
 82 Tenants, The 1982 Actress
 Brave Archer And His Mate 1982 Actress
 Buddha's Palm 1982 Actress
 Cat Vs. Rat 1982 Actress
 Emperor And The Minister, The 1982 Actress
 Legendary Weapons Of China 1982 Actress
 Lovers Blades 1982 Actress
 Brave Archer 3, The 1981 Actress
 Martial Club 1981 Actress
 My Young Auntie 1981 Actress
 Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman 1981 Actress
 Clan Of The White Lotus 1980 Actress
 Emperor Chien Lung And The Beauty 1980 Actress
 Return To The 36th Chamber 1980 Actress
 Swift Sword 1980 Actress
 Tiger And The Widow 1980 Actress
 Deadly Breaking Sword, The 1979 Actress
 Dirty Ho 1979 Actress
 Ghost Story, The 1979 Actress
 Heaven And Hell 1979 Actress
 Last Judgement, The 1979 Actress
 Life Gamble 1979 Actress
 Mad Monkey Kung Fu 1979 Actress
 Scandalous Warlord, The 1979 Actress
 Tigress Of Shaolin, The 1979 Actress
 Brave Archer 2, The 1978 Actress
 Clan Of Amazons 1978 Actress
 Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part II 1978 Actress
 Invincible Shaolin 1978 Actress
 Shaolin Hand Lock 1978 Cameo
 Swordsman And Enchantress 1978 Actress
 Voyage Of Emperor Chien Lung, The 1978 Actress
 Brave Archer, The 1977 Actress
 Chinatown Kid 1977 Cameo
 Dream Of The Red Chamber, The 1977 Actress
 Teenager's Nightmare - The Criminals, Part V, The 1977 Actress

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 Kara Hui Ying Hung pictures :  (Hide)
A Chinese Tall Story
Crazy 'n The City
Jiang Hu
Infernal Affairs II
Visible Secret
Dragon From Shaolin
Madam City Hunter
Tattoo Girl
Legend Of The Drunken Tiger
Red Lips
Angel Terminators
Stage Door Johnny
Stage Door Johnny
Burning Ambition
The Inspector Wears Skirts
Journey Of The Doomed
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars
Long Road To Gallantry
The Return Of Pom Pom
Demon Of The Lute
Lady Is The Boss
The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
Cat Vs. Rat
Legendary Weapons Of China
Martial Club
Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman
Clan Of The White Lotus
Clan Of The White Lotus
Return To The 36th Chamber
Dirty Ho
Heaven And Hell
Life Gamble
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
The Deadly Breaking Sword
The Tigress Of Shaolin
Invincible Shaolin
Swordsman And Enchantress
The Voyage Of Emperor Chien Lung
The Brave Archer
Blood Stained Shoes
 Other Kara Hui Ying Hung pictures :  (Hide)
Blood Stained Shoes (1)
Choy Lee Fur Kung Fu (1)
At The End Of Daybreak (1)
Crazy 'n The City (1)
Visible Secret (1)
Fist Power (1)
Master Of Tai Chi (1)
Dragon From Shaolin (5)
Top Fighter 2 (1)
Madam City Hunter (4)
More pictures in the gallery

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