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Maggie Cheung Man Yuk

Other names : 张曼玉
Cheung Maan Yuk
Maggie Cheung
Cheung Man Yuk
Margaret Cheung
Zhāng Mny
Zhang Man Yu
Zhang1 Man4 Yu4
Birthdate : 20/9/1964
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : China, France, Hong Kong
Activities : Actress (88), Cameo (4)


Maggie Cheung Man Yuk was born on 20 September 1964 and emigrated to England with her family when she was eight. At the age of seventeen, she visited Hong Kong and caught the attention of a talent scout which led to first TV commercial appearence. She then became a model. In 1983, she came in second at the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Contest organized by the television Broadcasts Limited and thereafter her showbiz career began.
Maggie made her TV debut in the drama series "Police Cadet 1984" together with Tony Leung Chiu Wai and won her popularity. She stepped onto the silver screen after the expiry of her contract with TVB. She made her first movie appearence in "Prince Charming". After all these years, Maggie had starred in more than 60 movies and got lots of film awards. In "Full Moon in New York", "A Fishy Story" and "Center Stage", Maggie won her best actress accolades in Golden Horse Film Award, Hong Kong Film Award and Berlin Film Festival respectively. In recent years, her well-honed acting skill gained recognition from international directors and was invited to star in foreign films such as the French movie "Irma Vep".

She does not deliberately pick up those artistic or solemn movies. Maggie thinks that movies of any subject can be filmed if the screenplay is sensible, even crazy comedy is possible. The most important is that artists can exhibit their potential. It should not be a film that embarrasses her. It is crucial for her to enjoy the filming process and a harmonious working relationship during the production period can also be a very good experience. Maggie had numerous unusual adventures and finally she figured out a balance point between career, romance, living and family. All these go hand-in-hand practically and cheery. In this era, it is doubted how many people can break through from the net of fame and romance. In a generation full of enticement and illusions, what will be more important than one realizes to treasure oneself.
Beauty and diverse appeal are influential elements for Maggie's succes but her refines performing skill plays the dominant role. She acts vividly in all kinds of character and leaves an ingrained memory in the audiences. In "Conjugal Affairs", "The Soong Sisters" and "Comrades, Almost A Love Story", all had differrent theme and style but they did not bring any difficulty to Maggie. She won the Best Actress Award at the 17th Hong Kong Film Award in "Comarades, Almost, A Love Story".

At present, Maggie always stays overseas and sometimes stars in TV commercials. In "Chinese Box", a movie recently shown in Hong Kong, Maggie was cast as a girl with deformed features. (Universe Laser & Video Co. Ltd.)

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 Sound Of The Desert 2014 Actress
 Ten Thousand Waves 2010 Actress
 Inglourious Basterds 2009 Actress
 Ashes Of Time Redux 2008 Actress
 Clean 2004 Actress
 Hero 2002 Actress
 In The Mood For Love 2000 Actress
 Sausalito 2000 Actress
 Augustin, Roi du Kung Fu 1999 Actress
 Chinese Box 1997 Actress
 Soong Sisters 1997 Actress
 Comrades, Almost A Love Story 1996 Actress
 Irma Vep 1996 Actress
 Ashes Of Time 1994 Actress
 Conjugal Affairs 1994 Actress
 Bare-Footed Kid, The 1993 Actress
 Boys Are Easy 1993 Actress
 Eagle Shooting Heroes, The 1993 Actress
 Enigma Of Love, The 1993 Actress
 Executioners 1993 Actress
 First Shot, The 1993 Actress
 Flying Dagger 1993 Actress
 Green Snake 1993 Actress
 Heroic Trio, The 1993 Actress
 Holy Weapon 1993 Actress
 Mad Monk, The 1993 Actress
 Millionaire Cop 1993 Actress
 All's Well Ends Well 1992 Actress
 Center Stage 1992 Actress
 Dragon Inn 1992 Actress
 Moon Warriors, The 1992 Actress
 Police Story 3 - Supercop 1992 Actress
 Rose 1992 Actress
 Too Happy For Words 1992 Actress
 True Love 1992 Actress
 Twin Dragons, The 1992 Actress
 What A Hero ! 1992 Actress
 Alan And Eric : Between Hello And Goodbye 1991 Actress
 Days Of Being Wild 1991 Actress
 Perfect Match, The 1991 Actress
 Today's Hero 1991 Actress
 Will Of Iron 1991 Actress
 Dragon From Russia, The 1990 Actress
 Farewell China 1990 Actress
 Full Moon In New York 1990 Actress
 Heart Into Hearts 1990 Actress
 Red Dust 1990 Actress
 Song Of The Exile 1990 Actress
 Bachelor's Swan Song, The 1989 Actress
 Doubles Cause Troubles 1989 Actress
 Fishy Story, A 1989 Actress
 Hearts No Flowers 1989 Actress
 Iceman Cometh, The 1989 Actress
 In Between Loves 1989 Actress
 Little Cop 1989 Actress
 My Dear Son 1989 Actress
 Young Woman's Heart, A 1989 Actress
 As Tears Go By 1988 Actress
 Beloved Son Of God 1988 Actress
 Double Fattiness 1988 Actress
 Game They Called Sex, The 1988 Actress
 Girls Without Tomorrow 1988 Actress
 How To Pick Up Girls 1988 Actress
 Last Romance 1988 Actress
 Love Soldier Of Fortune 1988 Actress
 Moon, Star, Sun 1988 Actress
 Mother Vs Mother 1988 Actress
 Police Story 2 1988 Actress
 Heartbeat 100 1987 Actress
 Heavenly Fate 1987 Actress
 Project A II 1987 Actress
 Romancing Star, The 1987 Actress
 Sister Cupid 1987 Actress
 You're My Destiny 1987 Actress
 Happy Ghost 3 1986 Actress
 Lost Romance 1986 Actress
 Paper Marriage 1986 Actress
 Seventh Curse, The 1986 Actress
 Yangs' Saga, The 1986 Actress
 Feud That Never Was, The 1985 Actress
 Girl With The Diamond Slipper, The 1985 Actress
 It's A Drink, It's A Bomb 1985 Actress
 Police Story 1985 Actress
 Behind The Yellow Line 1984 Actress
 Fallen Family, The 1984 Actress
 Police Cadet '84 1984 Actress
 Prince Charming 1984 Actress
 Rainbow Around My Shoulder 1984 Actress
 2046 2004 Cameo
 Heart Against Hearts 1992 Cameo
 Banquet, The 1991 Cameo
 Seven Years Itch 1987 Cameo

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 Maggie Cheung Man Yuk pictures :  (Hide)
Ashes Of Time Redux
Ashes Of Time Redux
In The Mood For Love
In The Mood For Love
Comrades, Almost A Love Story
Ashes Of Time
Flying Dagger
Flying Dagger
Flying Dagger
Green Snake
Green Snake
Millionaire Cop
Millionaire Cop
The Eagle Shooting Heroes
The First Shot
The First Shot
The Heroic Trio
The Heroic Trio
The Mad Monk
The Mad Monk
Center Stage
Center Stage
Dragon Inn
Police Story 3 - Supercop
The Moon Warriors
The Moon Warriors
The Moon Warriors
The Moon Warriors
The Moon Warriors
The Twin Dragons
Days Of Being Wild
Will Of Iron
Farewell China
Farewell China
Heart Into Hearts
The Iceman Cometh
As Tears Go By
As Tears Go By
As Tears Go By
Girls Without Tomorrow
How To Pick Up Girls
How To Pick Up Girls
Mother Vs Mother
Police Story 2
The Romancing Star
The Romancing Star
Paper Marriage
The Seventh Curse
Police Story
The Girl With The Diamond Slipper
Behind The Yellow Line
Behind The Yellow Line
 Other Maggie Cheung Man Yuk pictures :  (Hide)
Clean (5)
Hero (5)
In The Mood For Love (13)
Comrades, Almost A Love Story (8)
Ashes Of Time (1)
Executioners (3)
Green Snake (6)
Millionaire Cop (2)
The Eagle Shooting Heroes (1)
The First Shot (5)
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