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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
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3722 Videos
Feng Yi

Other names : Feng I
Fung Ngai
Fung Yien
Activities : Actor (86), Brief appearance (1)

 [ 1980 - 1970 - 1960 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Crazy Instructor, The 1984 Actor
 New York Chinatown 1982 Actor
 Showdown At The Equator 1979 Actor
 Seven Man Army 1976 Actor
 Black Alice 1975 Actor
 Eight Hundred Heroes 1975 Actor
 Last Message, The 1975 Actor
 My Wacky, Wacky World 1975 Actor
 Young Rebel, The 1975 Actor
 Badge 369 1974 Actor
 Drug Addicts, The 1974 Actor
 Games Gamblers Play 1974 Actor
 Heroes Two 1974 Actor
 Land Of The Brave 1974 Actor
 Mad World Of Fools, A 1974 Brief appearance
 Men From The Monastery 1974 Actor
 Na Cha The Great 1974 Actor
 Naughty ! Naughty ! 1974 Actor
 Shaolin Martial Arts 1974 Actor
 Stoner 1974 Actor
 Virgin Mart, The 1974 Actor
 Back Alley Princess 1973 Actor
 Black Belt, The 1973 Actor
 Karate Killers, The 1973 Actor
 Mandarin, The 1973 Actor
 Police Force 1973 Actor
 Police Woman 1973 Actor
 Boxer From Shantung, The 1972 Actor
 Fist Of Fury 1972 Actor
 Hurricane, The 1972 Actor
 Angry River, The 1971 Actor
 Blade Spares None, The 1971 Actor
 Bloody Claw 1971 Actor
 Brave And The Evil, The 1971 Actor
 Comet Strikes, The 1971 Actor
 Thirty Six Killers 1971 Actor
 Black Pearl 1970 Actor
 Eagle's Claw, The 1970 Actor
 Quick Swordsman 1970 Actor
 Unconquered 1970 Actor
 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 1970 Actor
 Betrayer 1969 Actor
 Huang Fei Hong's Combat With The Five Wolves 1969 Actor
 Little Warrior, The 1969 Actor
 Mad, Mad Sword 1969 Actor
 Pearl In Command, A 1969 Actor
 Redress 1969 Actor
 Silver Knife, Scarlet Blade 1969 Actor
 Three Encounters 1969 Actor
 Huang Feihong : Duel For The Championship 1968 Actor
 Invisible Sabre, The 1968 Actor
 Magic Whip, The 1968 Actor
 Magnificent Five, The 1968 Actor
 Unicorn Fortress 1968 Actor
 Lady In Black Cracks The Gate Of Hell 1967 Actor
 Blue And The Black, The 1966 Actor
 Come Drink With Me 1966 Actor
 Golden Buddha, The 1966 Actor
 Knight Of Knights, The 1966 Actor
 Magnificent Trio, The 1966 Actor
 One Duel Too Many (Part 1) 1966 Actor
 One Duel Too Many (Part 2) 1966 Actor
 Blundering Woman Detective 1965 Actor
 Inside The Forbidden City 1965 Actor
 Lark, The 1965 Actor
 Mermaid, The 1965 Actor
 Six Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 1), The 1965 Actor
 Six-Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 2), The 1965 Actor
 Six-Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 3) 1965 Actor
 Sons Of Good Earth 1965 Actor
 Temple Of The Red Lotus 1965 Actor
 Treasure Hunt 1965 Actor
 Twin Swords, The 1965 Actor
 Vermilion Door 1965 Actor
 Golden Hairpin (Final Episode), The 1964 Actor
 Golden Hairpin (Part 3), The 1964 Actor
 Lady General Hua Mulan 1964 Actor
 Last Woman Of Shang, The 1964 Actor
 Snowflake Sword (Part 1), The 1964 Actor
 Story Of Sue San, The 1964 Actor
 Adulteress, The 1963 Actor
 Golden Hairpin (Part 2), The 1963 Actor
 Mid-Nightmare (Part 2) 1963 Actor
 Black Fox, The 1962 Actor
 Bride Napping 1962 Actor
 Enchanting Shadow, The 1960 Actor
 Flames Of Passion 1960 Actor

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 Feng Yi pictures :  (Hide)
Seven Man Army
The Young Rebel
Heroes Two
Na Cha The Great
Shaolin Martial Arts
The Drug Addicts
Police Woman
Fist Of Fury
The Boxer From Shantung
The Boxer From Shantung
The Angry River
The Angry River
The Blade Spares None
The Comet Strikes
The Comet Strikes
Come Drink With Me
The Blue And The Black
Sun, Moon And Star (Part 1)
 Other Feng Yi pictures :  (Hide)
The Boxer From Shantung (1)
The Angry River (5)
The Comet Strikes (1)
The Golden Buddha (1)
The Magnificent Trio (1)
The Twin Swords (2)
The Last Woman Of Shang (1)

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