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Lydia Shum Tin Ha

Other names : 沈殿霞
Fei Fei
Lydia Fei Fei
Sam Din Ha
Shen3 Dian4 Xia2
Lydia Shum
Shum Tin Ha
Sum Tin Ha
Birthdate : 21/7/1947
Date of death : 19/2/2008
Nationality : China
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (1), Actress (94), Cameo (2)


A venerated Hongkongese seasoned actress, Lydia Shum was a child actress in the 60s often alongside Josephine Siao and Connie Chan.

She was born in 1947, in Shanghai, in a large family of 12 (6 sisters and 3 brothers) and moved to Hong Kong when she was very young. At 12, she learns from a friend that the Shaw Brothers are looking for a young slightly overweight actress. She tries her luck without telling her parents and gets her very first part.

Following this success, she gives up school to devote herself to a film career. She will not regret it! Lydia will be part of big commercial successes
in which her glibness and her physical appearance do wonders to make the audience laugh. The emblematic film of that time is House Of 72 Tenants, which will contribute in putting Cantonese back to the fore (in the early 1970s when Mandarin cinema was the norm).

In the 1970/80s, she starts to diversify herself, by regularly appearing on television, even more than on cinema screens. Filmwise, she can all
the same be seen in the popular series of Mad Mad World and the well-named Double Fattiness.

She hasn't made any films for a few years but she has remained very present in the Hongkongese daily life by appearing on television, in commercials and various great events of the local culture life. As for her love life, she was married to Adam Cheng, with whom she divorced afterwards.

In 2006, Lydia Shum was admitted to hospital for a gall bladder cancer. Then she had heart and lungs complications. Travelling back and forth between house and hospital was her life's routine in the last 3 years. As a sign of will to struggle for life, she treated herself to the life pleasures (especially food...) after each of her illness remission .

The actress died at 60 in the Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital on February 19, 2008 at 8:35 PM (local time), after 3 years of struggle against a terrible disease.
Lydia Shum was not only very famous in Hong Kong but also in all Asia and in chinatowns around the world.

Arnaud Lanuque (December 2002- updated Feb 2008)

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 In-Laws, Out-Laws 2004 Actress
 Miss Du Shi Niang 2003 Actress
 Fitness Tour 1997 Actress
 Happy Together 1997 Actress
 Recipe For The Heart, A 1997 Actress
 Just Married 1995 Actress
 Laughters Of "Water Margins" 1993 Actress
 Perfect Couples 1993 Actress
 It's A Mad Mad Mad World Too ! 1992 Actress
 Banquet, The 1991 Cameo
 Perfect Match, The 1991 Actress
 Bachelor's Swan Song, The 1989 Actress
 City Squeeze 1989 Actress
 It's A Mad Mad World 3 1989 Actress
 Lost Souls 1989 Actress
 Double Fattiness 1988 Actress
 Faithfully Yours 1988 Actress
 It's A Mad Mad World 2 1988 Actress
 King Of Stanley Market 1988 Actress
 Mother Vs Mother 1988 Actress
 Tiger On The Beat 1988 Cameo
 It's A Mad Mad World 1987 Actress
 Millionaire's Express, The 1986 Actress
 Crazy Instructor, The 1984 Actress
 Drunken Tai Chi 1984 Actress
 Cat Vs. Rat 1982 Actress
 I'm A Woman 1979 Actress
 Fame Of Chess 1977 Actress
 Gallantry King, The 1977 Actress
 Great Man, The 1977 Actress
 Country Man And The Scavenger 1976 Actress
 Love In Hawaii 1976 Actress
 Tiger Of Northland 1976 Actress
 You Are Wonderful 1976 Director, Actress
 Frigidity 1975 Actress
 Kiss By The Wolves 1975 Actress
 Laugh In The Sleeve 1975 Actress
 Maids-In-Waiting 1975 Actress
 Pretty Swindler 1975 Actress
 Sup Sap Bup Dup 1975 Actress
 Desire 1974 Actress
 Little Man Ah Fook, The 1974 Actress
 Adventure In Denmark 1973 Actress
 Death Comes In Three 1973 Actress
 Devil's Assignment, The 1973 Actress
 Facets Of Love 1973 Actress
 Hong Kong Style 1973 Actress
 House Of 72 Tenants, The 1973 Actress
 If Tomorrow Comes 1973 Actress
 Love Is A Four Letter Word 1973 Actress
 Money-Tree, The 1973 Actress
 Private Eye, The 1973 Actress
 We Visited Southeast Asia 1973 Actress
 Crimes Are To Be Paid 1972 Actress
 Lizard, The 1972 Actress
 Songs And Romance Forever 1972 Actress
 Fascinating Group, The 1971 Actress
 Invincible Eight, The 1971 Actress
 Crazy Bar, The 1970 Actress
 Fairy Of Keng Fa 1970 Actress
 Happy Times 1970 Actress
 Lucky Seven Strike Again 1970 Actress
 Modern School Life 1970 Actress
 Secret Agent No. 1 1970 Actress
 Girls Are Flowers 1969 Actress
 Little Warrior, The 1969 Actress
 Lucky New Home, A 1969 Actress
 Moments Of Glorious Beauty 1969 Actress
 One Day At A Time 1969 Actress
 Strange Couple Who Steal, The 1969 Actress
 Teddy Girls 1969 Actress
 To Catch A Cat 1969 Actress
 Four Gentlemanly Flowers 1968 Actress
 Happy Years 1968 Actress
 House Filled With Happiness, A 1968 Actress
 Lady Songbird 1968 Actress
 Three Heroines (Part 1) 1968 Actress
 We All Enjoy Ourselves Tonight 1968 Actress
 Wonderful Youth 1968 Actress
 Blue Skies 1967 Actress
 Broadcast Queen 1967 Actress
 Every Girl A Romantic Dreamer 1967 Actress
 Flying Killer, The 1967 Actress
 Iron Lady Against The One-eyed Dragon, The 1967 Actress
 Lady In Black Cracks The Gate Of Hell 1967 Actress
 Lady Killer, The 1967 Actress
 Mirror And The Lichee, The 1967 Actress
 Sweetest Moment, The 1967 Actress
 Big Chase, The 1966 Actress
 How Master Cute Thrice Saved The Idiot Ming 1966 Actress
 Master Cute And Da Fanshu 1966 Actress
 Lark, The 1965 Actress
 Lotus Lamp, The 1965 Actress
 Adulteress, The 1963 Actress
 Dream Of The Red Chamber, The 1962 Actress
 When The Peach Blossoms Bloom 1960 Actress

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 Lydia Shum Tin Ha pictures :  (Hide)
Laughters Of "Water Margins"
Perfect Couples
Mother Vs Mother
It's A Mad Mad World
Drunken Tai Chi
Cat Vs. Rat
The House Of 72 Tenants
The Lizard
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Perfect Couples (2)
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Double Fattiness (2)
It's A Mad Mad World 2 (3)
Mother Vs Mother (4)
Tiger On The Beat (1)
It's A Mad Mad World (4)
The Millionaire's Express (1)
Drunken Tai Chi (1)
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