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Interview Clement Cheng on Gallants
Bruce Leung and Chen Kuan Tai 1/1 - Page 7
Author(s) : Thomas Podvin
Date : 1/6/2011
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Chen Kuan Tai
Bruce Leung Siu Lung
Lo Meng
Movies :
Kung Fu Hustle
The Tea House
Companies :
Shaw Brothers
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Q&A: The cast was pretty big here, with Bruce Leung and Chuen Kuan Tai. How did you assemble such a cast?
Clement Cheng: We actually wrote the film for them. After we got them on board, then we started writing the final draft of the script. So we had to get them. We heard many legends about Bruce Leung and Chen Kuan Tai, who actually beat up directors on set. They are really bad asses. We were quite impressed when we first met. We talked to Bruce for over a week and he shared everything very unselfishly, no matter if it was his philosophy toward life or his idea of kung fu.

We flew all the way to Beijing to meet Chen Kuan Tai, and in the end he agreed to do the film. And we didn't get beaten up!


Martial arts extraordinaire Bruce Leung.

Q&A: Was MC Jin, here playing the bully, in the US at the time? MC Jin is a famous rapper and he's done albums in English.
Clement Cheng: We learned about the name MC Jin probably eight years ago. I think he won several rap battles against African-American people, and he raps in Chinese too. He actually rapped in Chinese in one of those rap battles. That name really stuck with me. He was in HK when we started assembling the cast.
HKCM: You mainly wrote the film for Chen Kuan Tai and Bruce Leung. Tell us what in these actors - the films they made and the characters they portrayed - inspired you and Derek Kwok?
Clement Cheng: First of all, we love Bruce Leung. We love him. He's not handsome, but when we were little kids we thought, “how come we like this guy so much?” that we forgot his face. Because his kung fu style and the way that he moves is really awesome. Plus, there are always legends about him. He is the best street fighter in HK. He's been in over 200 street fights in HK, and he never lost. And there is one rumor, which I actually asked him about, where there are more than 15 people with weapons and knives going at him and he came out okay.


No one can defeat Bruce Leung.

HKCM: He is a real street fighter.
Clement Cheng: Exactly. That is why we love him. Plus, in Kung Fu Hustle he wasn't given the chance to do real kung fu. It was all animation. And I thought that didn't do him justice.

As for Chen Kuan Tai, needless to say he is the greatest kung fu star of Shaw Brothers. He's also awesome. I think he also won like five Asia free-fighting competitions back in the 60's. And speaking of the Shaw Brothers, one of the movies that really influenced this movie is The Tea House, which starred Chen Kuan Tai.

The thing is, they still train everyday. I am so sick and tired of wire work fighting, all the CGI. As a kid, you could mimic the movie afterward, but now you can't because they are flying everywhere. I get really sick and tired of watching these movies. I really wanted to do a movie where you can see how they kick, you can see the action. I was using medium, long shots all the time
HKCM: It's impressive. You also had the pros to do it: Bruce Leung, Chen Kuan Tai, Lo Meng… They can pull it off in one take.
Clement Cheng: I have to give credit to our action director, Yuen Tak. I mean, he helped a lot. Nowadays there is very fast editing. We did it very continuously. Young people cannot do that [action]. Only they [Leung, Chen, Lo] can. There are maybe 15 different styles of fighting in one shot, and only they can do it. No one else can do it now. If it wasn't for them, this movie couldn't have been made.


Cheng Kuan Tai and his iron fists.

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