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Interview Gordon Chan, from The Big Heat to A-1
Beast Cops, Anthony Wong, Michael Wong 1/1 - Page 10
Author(s) : Thomas Podvin
David Vivier
Date : 13/1/2005
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Gordon Chan Kar Shan
Dante Lam Chiu Yin
Andy Lau Tak Wah
Anthony Wong Chau Sang
Michael Wong Man Tak
Movies :
Beast Cops
Fist Of Legend
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HKCinemagic: So we said that Fist of Legend wasn’t a black and white movie. Another movie that wasn’t black and white either was…
Gordon Chan:Beast Cops. It was about grey. (Laughing).

Beast Cops

HKCinemagic: There was some of the best performances of the year in the film. I am thinking of Anthony Wong who can stand in front of the camera several minutes and stay in character. He managed to keep the viewer’s attention.
Gordon Chan: Yes, but you have to trust him. You have to give him that option.


Beast Cops

HKCinemagic: He said in our interview he improvised also, for instance, when his character broke up with his girlfriend.
Gordon Chan: Yes. I think that part was probably the best example of how we trust each other. The original shot was: The dialogue finishes and the girl leaves and he says: “But I love you.” So we rehearsed once, did it once and the tone wasn’t good at all. We started again, did a second take. The girl came in and talked and exited, and Anthony Wong stayed there. Dante Lam [Ed.: Gordon Chan’s assistant director then] was ready to call cut because he thought Anthony forgot his dialogue. I just hold Dante and stopped him and Anthony said his line. I was happy he got it. I sort of understood what he was up to looking at his eyes. He too was so happy and said after we called cut: “You understood.” I said: “Of course, I understand.” I trusted him and he trusted me. I am grateful for that because Anthony is such a good actor, and a spontaneous actor who needs room.


Anthony Wong breaks up

There is a bunch of actors who are so good and who need to live, not to act [the scene]. They leave room for that, they’re living there, they are not just acting.

HKCinemagic: So you think Anthony is actually acting or living his parts?
Gordon Chan: He almost lives it. Sometimes, even he cannot control the character. When I write, sometimes the character controls my script. I just go on [and follow the flow]. For Beat Cops, I gave the script to Anthony and he would let it sink and would come back with a lively guy who sometimes reacts spontaneously disregarding the script. And that was such a good experience. But he needs partners. You really need to create the right environment and with the partners he would adapt and react. Otherwise, if I say: “Cut ! Hey guys, how come you didn’t follow your dialogue” then I am dead. We try to bring life to some scenes. We tried with Andy Lau when we were doing Armageddon [Ed.: Also starring Anthony Wong], which was really fun and Andy Lau started appreciating that kind of acting environment of ours.
HKCinemagic: There was some SDU parts in Beast Cops too, with Michael Wong. Why did you do that?
Gordon Chan: It was for fun. And because of Michael Wong’s character’s background, I wanted him to be so different of them. These guys work on the mean street and Michael just comes from up there, he’s middle class, drives a Hummer. He has a good life. He can never understand the lives of the guys down there, on the streets. And this is why I make him drive that Hummer.


The Hummer

HKCinemagic: In short, Michael Wong’s character believes in black and white while Anthony Wong’s character lives in a grey area.

Michael Wong in black and white


Gordon Chan: Yes.
HKCinemagic: What did you tell Anthony Wong for the last part of the film? It was really different from the rest of the movie? He became crazy, knifed down people, etc. Was it a reference to his parts in Category 3 films?
Gordon Chan: Not actually [referential], but it was really about craziness. It was really about self destruction. He [Wong’s character, Tung] lost everything. He was ready to give up his life. He always thought he was the hero around, the peacekeeper around, and then he created a monster. He needed to bring this monster along with him. And that what was in his mind. The period of the shooting of Beast Cops was the worst time for HK films in the last decade. It was the time everybody was buying pirated VCD on streets. The box office sunk to such a long time low. We knew we were going to have a loss [on the film] anyway.
HKCinemagic: Having said that, Beast Cops was still a low budget film.
Gordon Chan: Yes, but it still lost [money]. It was the first picture I had made in twenty years and for which I hadn’t managed to make any profit.
HKCinemagic: So this final scene came from you anger.
Gordon Chan: It was really my anger. It was really kind of an outburst. I knew the world was not a perfect world, but the situation in HK was not right.


The monster

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Page 9 : Fist of Legend, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Chen Zhen
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