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Fearless    (2005)

Director :
Ronny Yu Yan Tai

Producer :
Jet Li, Bill Kong Chi Keung, Ronny Yu Yan Tai, Yeung Bo Ting

Action Director :
Yuen Woo Ping

Writer :
Chris Chow Chun, Li Feng, Christine To Chi Long, Wang Bin

Other titles : 霍元甲 (HK Title)
Fok Yuen Kap (HK Title)
Huo Yuan Jia (HK Title)
Legend Of A Fighter (HK Title)
Le Maître d'armes (French Title)
Country : Hong Kong, USA
Film Company : Hero China International Ltd.
Genre : Action / Kung fu
HK Category : I I B
Runtime : 104 min.
Video : Colour
Audio : Speaking (Cantonese, Mandarin)
 Cast :  
Jet Li
Betty Sun Li
Dong Yong
Zhu Qi Long
Chen Zhi Hui
Collin Chou Siu Long
Harada Masato
Nakamura Shidou
Nina Pau Hei Ching
Nathan Jones
 (full cast & crew)


This is the story of Huo Yuan Jia - A fighter who represents Chinese martial arts to a nation; A man, who fought his way out of the darkness into history.
Young Yuan Jia was an arrogant fighter who was always spoiling for a fight. On the same day he became the best fighter in Tian Jin, he lost his mother and daughter. Crazed with grief and shame, Yuan Jia fled Tian Jin stumbling upon an idyllic village. Guided by the villagers' simple kindness and generosity, Yuan Jia began to forget his pain and his desire to fight. At last he makes his peace with world and decides to return home.
Back in Tian Jin, an American wrestler is making headlines by defeating Chinese fighters and dismissing them as 'Sick Men of the East'. Yuan Jia beats the bulking wrestler easily with his graceful martial arts. This startles members of the Foreign Chamber of Commerce, who worry that Yuan Jia's victory would fan the flames of anti-Western sentiment in the Chinese people. (EDKO Video Ltd.)
1.  Extra gallery
2.  Extra information on the forum.
3.  The scenes with Michelle Yeoh and Somluck Kamsing are not in the final cut.  
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Crew and cast galleries
 Crew : (when available)  (Hide)  (full cast & crew)

Director, Producer :
Ronny Yu Yan Tai

Producer :
Jet Li

Producer :
Bill Kong Chi Keung

Action Director :
Yuen Woo Ping

Writer :
Chris Chow Chun

Writer :
Christine To Chi Long
 Cast : (when available)  (Hide) (full cast & crew)

Jet Li

Betty Sun Li

Dong Yong

Zhu Qi Long

Chen Zhi Hui

Collin Chou Siu Long

Harada Masato

Nakamura Shidou

Nina Pau Hei Ching

Nathan Jones

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[Trailer] Fearless (2005)

[Trailer Int.] Fearless (2005)
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