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The Blue And The Black    (1966)

Director :
Doe Chin

Producer :
Run Run Shaw

Writer :
Doe Chin

Cinematographer :
Hung Ching Yun

Other titles : 蓝与黑 (HK Title)
藍與黑 (HK Title)
The Blue And The Black (Part 1) (HK Title)
The Blue And The Black 1 (HK Title)
Laam yue hak (Seung) (HK Title)
Lan yu hei
Lan yu hei (Shang)
Country : Hong Kong
Film Company : Shaw Brothers
Genre : Drama
Runtime :
Alt. Runtime :
- 118 : Hong Kong DVD version.
Video : Colour
Audio : Speaking (Mandarin)
 Cast :  
Linda Lin Dai
Kwan Shan
Chin Han
Angela Yu Chien
Ou-Yang Sha Fei
Feng Yi
Wong Chung (2)
Carrie Ku Mei
Cheung Kwong Chiu
Kao Pao Shu
 (full cast & crew)


The colour blue symbolizes freedom, love, the sea and sky. Black, on the other hand, represents the forces of evil, a bottomless pit.

Tang Chi, a young and attractive orphan, has been raised by her aunt Kao, a widow from a prominent Tientsin family. The old lady has two married sons and a daughter named Tan Chiu. Her elder son and his wife are Japanese collaborators. Het young son is in school in England. She is looked after by her daughter and her second daughter-in-law.
Tan Chiu is engaged to Chen Ya, son of Mr. Chi, a well-known figure.
Mr. Chi also has a daughter named Hui Ya. Chang Hing-ya nephew of Mrs. Chi and also an orphan, lives with the Chis.
Tang Chi, a student nurse in Peking, returns home on het aunt's birthday. At the dinner party, she meets Chang Hsing-ya and they fall in love.
The elder Kao tries to use Tang Chi as bait to lure Wang, section chief of a puppet organization. Tang Chi refuses to cooperate. Annoyed, her persuades his mother to keep Tang Chi at home.
Chang Hsing-ya has a close friend named Ho Meng who's brother Ho Li is a secret agent of Central Government in Chungking. Hsing-ya had always wanted to serve his country in war. But his romance with Tang Chi has changed him completely. While out skating with Tang Chi one night, he is beaten up by jealous teddy boys.
Tang Chi takes him home and remains overnight nursing him. When she returns the next day, Madam Kao berates her and refuses to listen to Hui Ya's explanation.
The old lady forcibly detains Tang Chi in the house.
Hsing-ya's aunt won't let him visit Tang Chi in fear of complications. Thanks to Hui Ya's help, he writes her regularly.
She finally escapes from home and gets a job in a hospital. In deperation she urges Hsing-ya to elope with her. He refuses and incurs her hatred.
The hospital superintendent drugs Tang Chi and ravishes her. She is publicly denounced by Madam Kao. The news shocks Hsing-ya into near madness.
To earn a living, Tang Chi becomes a nightclub singer.
Ho Li sneaks into Tientsin to take a group of young patriots with him to Chungking. Hsing-ya pleads with Ho Li to take Tang Chi along. He reluctantly agrees.
The next day, Ho Li calls on Tang Chi and asks her not to hazard the dangerous journey, even for her sweetheart's sake.
Hsing-ya fails to meet Tang Chi at the time of departure. But Tang Chi sends him a farewell letter through a close friend.
Hsing-ya joins a student army which later engages the enemy in a fierce battle in the Taihang mountains. He is wounded but the rigors of warfare have toughened him and he recovers to become a hero. (IVL)

Often described as Hong Kong's response to Gone With the Wind, this two-part epic, set during the tumultuous years of World War II, won Best Picture at the 1966 Asia Film Festival -- months after its luminous star, Linda Lin Dai, had committed suicide. Her poignant performance is immortal, however, as is that of newcomer Angela Yu Chien, who was named Best Supporting Actress. Part I ends with a literal cliffhanger, setting the stage for the equally memorable Part II. (SB-IVL)

Crew and cast galleries
 Crew : (when available)  (Hide)  (full cast & crew)

Director, Writer :
Doe Chin

Producer :
Run Run Shaw
 Cast : (when available)  (Hide) (full cast & crew)

Linda Lin Dai

Kwan Shan

Chin Han

Angela Yu Chien

Ou-Yang Sha Fei

Feng Yi

Wong Chung (2)

Carrie Ku Mei

Cheung Kwong Chiu

Kao Pao Shu

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