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 Title     ( HK -  All ) Year   Director(s)
 Pachun Martial Arts 1978 Lee Hyeok Su
 Pacte des loups, Le 2000 Christophe Gans
 Pages Of Treasures 2008
 Pagoda Of Long Life, The 1955 Ng Wui
 Pai Yu Ching 1977 Lee Ga
 Paid With Blood 1970 Kim Lung
 Pain Of Separation, The 1936 Chan Pei
 Pain Of Separation, The 1931 Lai Bak Hoi
 Painted Faces 1988 Alex Law Kai Yui
 Painted Skin 2008 Gordon Chan Kar Shan , Andy Chin Wing Keung , Danny Go Lam Paau
 Painted Skin 1993 King Hu
 Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection 2012 Wu Ershan
 Painted Veil, The 2006 John Curran
 Painting With Human Skin 1999 Mo Keung Bong
 Pak Kam Lung And His Impersonator 1956 Chow See Luk
 Palace 1961
 Palace Of Evil (Part 1) 1964 Wong Fung (2)
 Palace Of Evil (Part 2) 1964
 Palace, The 2013 Pan An Zi
 Palanquin des larmes, Le 1987 Jacques Dorfmann
 Pale Passion 1984 Gam Bing Hing
 Pale Sky, The 1998 Takkie Yeung Yat Tak
 Pan Qiaoyun's Seduction Of Shi Xiu 1956
 Panda Express 2009 Wang Yue Lun
 Panda Man Heroic Detective 2010 Jay Chou Kit Lun
 Panda The Sun 1996 Yeung Laap Gwok
 Pandamen 2010 Jay Chou Kit Lun
 Pandora's Booth 2006 Albert Mak Kai Gwong
 Pangs of Love, The 1946 Chan Sat , Daan Do Yue
 Pantyhose Hero 1990 Sammo Hung Kam Bo
 Papa Loves You 2004 Herman Yau Lai To
 Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing 1983 Yue Ham Ping
 Paper Marriage 1986 Alfred Cheung Kin Ting
 Paper Moon 2013 Stanley Law Tak Ming
 Para Para Sakura 2001 Jingle Ma Choh Sing
 Paradise Hotel 1995 Clifton Ko Chi Sum
 Paragon Of Sword And Knife 1967 Chan Lit Ban
 Paragon Of Sword And Knife (Grand Finale) 1968 Chan Lit Ban
 Paramount Motel 2000 Billy Chung Siu Hung
 Paranoid Park 2007 Gus Van Sant
 Parental Guidance 2007
 Parents' Hearts 1955 Chun Kim
 Parents' Love 1953 Jack Li Ping Qian
 Parents' Love Tears 1959 Chan Man
 Paris Festival 2006
 Paris je t'aime 2006 Olivier Assayas , Frédéric Auburtin , Emmanuel Benbihy , Gurinder Chadha , Sylvain Chomet , Ethan Coen, Joel Coen , Isabel Coixet , Wes Craven, Alfonso Cuaron , Gérard Depardieu , Christopher Doyle , Richard La Gravenese , Vincenzo Natali , Alexander Payne , Bruno Podalydès, Walter Salles , Oliver Schmitz , Nobuhiro Suwa , Daniela Thomas, Tom Tykwer , Gus Van Sant
 Park, The 2003 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Parking 2008 Chung Mong Hong
 Parking Service 1986 Angela Mak Leng Chi
 Part Time Job 1980 Laai Shing Ying
 Parting Unto Sky's End 1951 Wu Pang
 Partisan Lovers, The 1969
 Partners 2002 Bee Chan
 Partners, The 1994 Chen Jie , Jiang Cheng
 Part-Time Lady 1993 Wong Yau Sing
 Passage, The 2004 Cheng Wen Tang
 Passenger 1979
 Passenger Who Wears The Handcuff, The 1981 Henry Yu Yeung
 Passing Flickers 1982 Li Han Hsiang
 Passion 1986 Sylvia Chang Ai Chi
 Passion 1997 Richard Chen (2)
 Passion 1967 Wu Jiaxiang
 Passion 1995 1995 Clarence Ford
 Passion Island 2010 Kam Kwok Leung
 Passion Unbounded 1995 Joe Hau Wing Choi
 Passionate Dream 1992 Philip So Yuen Fung
 Passionate Killing In The Dream 1992 Wong Gwok Chue
 Passionate Nights 1997 Joe Hau Wing Choi
 Passionately In Love 1963 Ng Wui
 Passions Across Two Lifetimes 1991 Lin Chi Fan
 Passion's Precious Mirror 1929 Jack Li Ping Qian
 Patch Of Love, A 1968 Hoh Gin Yip
 Path Of Glory 1989 Yeung Yee Woh
 Pathbreaker 1998 Wu Ma , Yip Hing Fai
 Patriotic Heroine, The 1971 Wong Hung Cheung
 Patriotic Knights, The 1971 Cheung Sing Yim
 Patriotic Lovers, The 1941 Wong Daat Choi
 Patriotic Spirit Of The Spy 1948 Wang Yin
 Patriotic Woman, A 1936 Man Yat Man , Runje Shaw
 Patriots, The 1937 Lee Fa
 Patriots, The 1972 Evan Yang
 Pauline's Life 2002 Law Man Chau
 Pauper King, The 1949 Wong Toi
 Pavilion In The Spring Dawn 1954 Griffin Yueh Feng
 Pavilion Of Sorrow 1947 Hung Chung Ho
 Pawned Wife, The 1985 Wong Guk Gam
 Pay Back 2013 Fu Xi
 Paycheck 2003 John Woo
 Payment In Blood 2000 Philip Ko Fei
 Payment In Blood 1973 Kuei Chih Hung
 Payoff 1979 Wa Yan
 Peace Hotel 1995 Wai Ka Fai
 Peace In All Ages 1938 Choh Ban
 Peace To All Generations 1953 Goo Man Chung
 Peace To Man And Wife 1959 Wu Pang
 Peaceful Family Will Prosper 1956 Cheung Ying
 Peach Blossom Hero 1949 Goo Man Chung
 Peach Blossom Hero's Battle On Chastity Island, The 1950 Chan Ping
 Peach Blossom Land 1992 Stan Lai
 Peach Blossom Village 1957 Chan Yik Ching , Chen Lieh
 Peach Blossoms Fount By Night 1952
 Peach Blossoms Still Titter In The Spring Breeze 1947 Yeung Kung Leung
 Peach Girl, The 1931 Bu Wan Cang
 Peach Sex Noxious Star 1993
 Peach-Blossom Hero Spies On Poisonous Dragon Swamp By Night 1950 Taam Chung Ha
 Peach-Blossoms Are Still In Bloom, The 1956 Chu Kei , Ng Wui
 Peacock 2005 Gu Chang Wei
 Peacock King 1989 Nam Nai Choi
 Peacock's Sad Tale, The 1956 Chu Kei , Ng Wui
 Pear Blossom In A Winter Storm 1950
 Pear Flowers In Rainstorm 1934 Ma-Xu Weibang
 Pearl In A Bitter Sea 1962
 Pearl In Command, A 1969 Man Sek Ling
 Pearl Of Oriental, The 1992 Chan Jun Tak
 Pearl Of The Island 1957 Chow See Luk
 Pearl Pagoda, part one 1953 Goo Man Chung
 Pearl Pagoda, part two 1953 Goo Man Chung
 Pearl Phoenix, The 1967 Yang Fan
 Pearl, Demon, Fire 1964 Sam Gaam Chi
 Pearl's Reconciliation 1957 Law Chi Hung
 Pearly Tears 1951
 Peasants' Tragedy, A 1949 Yuen Jun
 Peculiar Boxing Tricks And the Master 1978 Richard Chen (2)
 Pedicab Driver 1989 Sammo Hung Kam Bo
 Peeper, The Model And The Hypnotist, The 1972 Cheung Sam
 Peeper's Story : The Tattoo Crotcheteer, The 2003 Law Man Dick
 Peeper's Story 2, The : The Escape Partner 2003
 Peeping Tom, The 1997 Ivan Lai Gai Ming
 Peeping, The 2002 Marco Mak Chi Sin
 Peerless Beauty, The 1953 Jack Li Ping Qian
 Pei Shih 1972 Patrick Lung Kong
 Peintre, La 1994 Huang Shuqin
 Peking Man, The 1977 Cheung Mei Gwan
 Peking Opera Blues 1986 Tsui Hark
 Pembunahan Pursuit 1980 Wong Tin Lam
 Penal Reconnaissance, The 1994 Philip Ko Fei
 Penitentiary Angel 1999 Xie Jin
 Peony Pavilion 2001 Yon Fan
 Peony Pavilion, The 1995 Chen Kuo Fu
 Peony Pavilion, The 1940 Wong Hing Fook
 People Mountain People Sea 2011 Cai Shang Jun
 People Searching Story Of Cola Lee 2014 Zhou Wei
 People's Hero 1987 Derek Yee Tung Sing
 People's Police 1988 Chow Hiu Chik , Shut San Fung
 Per il gusto di uccidere 1966 Tonino Valerii
 Perfect Baby 2011 Wang Jing (2)
 Perfect Beauty, The 1940 Wong Chi Lung
 Perfect Beyond 2014 Yin Bo
 Perfect Couple 1947 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Perfect Couples 1993 David Lam Tak Luk
 Perfect Education 3 2002 Sam Leung Tak Sam
 Perfect Girls 1990 Wong Jing
 Perfect Life 2008 Emily Tang Xiao Bai
 Perfect Match 1989 Dennis Chan Kwok San
 Perfect Match 1952 Cho Kei
 Perfect Match 2000 Chung Shu Kai
 Perfect Match, A 1962 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Perfect Match, A 1960 Luk Bong
 Perfect Match, A 1952 Mok Hong See
 Perfect Match, A 1960 Yam Yi Ji
 Perfect Match, A 1958 Yeung Sai Hing
 Perfect Match, A 1960 Zhu Shilin
 Perfect Match, The 1982 Frankie Chan Fan Kei
 Perfect Match, The 1991 Stephen Shin Gei Yin
 Perfect Match, The 1936 Tang Xiaodan
 Perfect Matching 1948 Go Wai Lim
 Perfect Together 1949
 Perfect Wedding 2010 Barbara Wong Chun Chun
 Perfect Wife, The 1983 Dean Shek Tien
 Perfumed Arrow, The 1966 Kao Li
 Perhaps Love 2005 Peter Chan Ho Sun
 Perils Of The Sentimental Swordsman 1982 Chu Yuan
 Perish In The Name Of Love 2003
 Permanent Residence 2009 Scud
 Personal Tailor 2013 Feng Xiaogang
 Petaling Street Warriors 2011 James Lee Thim Heng , Sampson Yuen Choi Hin
 Petal-Spraying Fairy, The 1958 Wong Hok Sing
 Petite Wife, The 1970 Liu Cheung Hung
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Perfect Beyond (2014)

People Searching Story Of Cola Lee (2014)

Pay Back (2013)

Personal Tailor (2013)

The Palace (2013) x14
Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection (2012) x3
Panda Man Heroic Detective (2010) x12
Partners (2002) x10

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