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 [ O.-On Op-Oy
 Title     ( HK -  All ) Year   Director(s)
 O.C.T.B. Case : The Floating Body 1995 Lam Yee Hung
 O.K. 1969
 Oath Of Death, The 1971 Pao Hsueh Lieh
 Obsessed 1983 Henry Chan Jun Git
 Obsessed, The 1975
 Obsession 1993 Biu Ga Chun
 Occupant, The 1984 Ronny Yu Yan Tai
 Ocean Flame 2008 Liu Fendou
 Ocean Heaven 2010 Xue Xiao Lu
 Ocean Of Love, An 1965 Chu Yuan
 October Bride 1965 Law Gwan Hung
 Odd Couple 1979 Lau Kar Wing
 Odd One Dies, The 1997 Patrick Yau Tak Chi
 Ode To Gallantry 1982 Chang Cheh
 Ode To Youth 1953 Liu Qiong
 Of Cooks And Kung Fu 1979 Ting Chung
 Of Wives And Mistresses 1972 Kao Li
 Off Pedder 2008
 Off To Success 1979
 Off Track 1991 Cha Chuen Yee
 Offence Storm 1993 Wong Ying Kit
 Offend The Law Of God 1980 Pai Ching Jui
 Offense Storm 1993 Wong Ying Kit
 Offensive Shaolin Longfist 1983 Philip Chan Yan Kin
 Officer Qiao's Careless Matching 1956 Che Hung
 Oh ! My Cops ! 1983 Danny Lee Sau Yin
 Oh ! My Dad ! 1999 Ka Ka
 Oh ! My Three Guys 1994 Derek Chiu Sung Kei
 Oh ! What A Family 1981 Wong Hiu Wai
 Oh ! Yes Sir ! 1994 Frankie Chan Fan Kei
 Oh Boys ! Oh Girls ! 1961 Doe Chin , Lung Seung
 Oh My Love 1971 Cheung Sam
 Oh, My God 1985 Li Chao
 Oi Sek Long 1996
 Oil Seller And The Song Girl, The 1937 Hung Chung Ho
 Oily Maniac, The 1976 Ho Meng Hua
 Okinawa Rendez-Vous 2000 Gordon Chan Kar Shan
 OL Supreme 2010
 Old And The New Loves, The 1954 Ching Biu Go
 Old Cinderella, The 2014 Wu Bai (2)
 Old Man Of Southeast Asia, The 1958 Lam Chuen
 Old Master Q 1975 Hui Keung
 Old Master Q And Little Ocean Tiger 2011 Fukutomi Hiroshi , Alphonso Wong Chak
 Old Master, The 1979 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 Old Soldiers Never Die 1978 Peter Yang Kwan
 Old Time Buddy 1997
 Old Well 1986 Wu Tian Ming
 On And Bom 1999 Siu Kin Hang
 On Fire 1996 Clarence Ford
 On His Majesty's Secret Service 2009 Wong Jing
 On My Own 1941 Sek Yau Yue
 On My Way 2012 Li Yuan (2) , Gary Mak Wing Lun
 On Parole 1993 Lee Gwok Laap
 On Parole 2 1993 Lee Gwok Laap
 On Probation 1977 Wong Wah Kai
 On The Banks Of The Pearl River 1957 Wong Hang
 On The Beat 1996 Ning Ying
 On The Black Street 1974 Mo Man Hung
 On The Edge 2006 Herman Yau Lai To
 On The Hill Of The Waiting Wife She Awaits Her Husband's Return 1955 Wu Pang
 On The Mountain Of Tai Hang 2005 Chen Jian , Shen Dong , Wei Lian
 On The Other Side Of The Bridge 2002 Hu Mei
 On The Red 1986 Tony Liu Jun Guk
 On The Road To Success (Part 1) 1959 Chu Kei
 On The Road To Success (Part 2) 1959 Chu Kei
 On The Run 1988 Alfred Cheung Kin Ting
 On The Society File Of Shanghai 1981 Jo jo Wang Chu Chin
 On The Verge Of Death 1973 Li Fai Mon
 On The Waterfront 1972 Hau Chang
 On The Wrong Track 1983 Clarence Ford
 Once A Black Sheep 1992 David Wu Tai Wai
 Once A Gangster 2010 Felix Chong Man Keung
 Once A Thief 1991 John Woo
 Once A Thief 1996 John Woo
 Once In A Lifetime 1995 Wellson Chin Sing Wai
 Once Upon A Mirage 1982 Patrick Lung Kong
 Once Upon A Rainbow 1982
 Once Upon A Time 1978 Sylvia Chang Ai Chi
 Once Upon A Time A Hero In China 1992 Lee Lik Chi
 Once Upon A Time In 2040 1993 Yuen Yan Hong
 Once Upon A Time In China 1991 Tsui Hark
 Once Upon A Time In China And America 1997 Sammo Hung Kam Bo
 Once Upon A Time In China II 1992 Tsui Hark
 Once Upon A Time In China III 1993 Tsui Hark
 Once Upon A Time In China IV 1993 Yuen Bun
 Once Upon A Time In China V 1994 Tsui Hark
 Once Upon A Time In Shanghai 2014 Wong Ching Po
 Once Upon A Time In Tibet 2010 Dai Wei
 Once Upon A Time In Triad Society 1996 Cha Chuen Yee
 Once Upon A Time In Triad Society 2 1996 Cha Chuen Yee
 One And A Half 1995 Lawrence Ah Mon
 One And Eight 1984 Zhang Jun Zhao
 One Arm Chivalry Fights Against One Arm Chivalry 1977 Gam Sing Yan
 One Arm Hero 1994 Wei Han Tao
 One Armed Boxer, The 1971 Jimmy Wang Yu
 One Armed Swordsman Against Nine Killers 1976 Chui Chang Wang
 One Armed Swordsman, The 1966 Miu Hong Nee
 One Armed Swordsmen 1976 David Chiang Da Wei , Jimmy Wang Yu
 One Armed Swordswoman 1972 Gam Sing Yan
 One By One 1973
 One Day 2010 Hou Chi Jan
 One Day At A Time 1969 Wong Fung (2)
 One Drop Of Blood Per Step 2000 Philip So Yuen Fung
 One Duel Too Many (Part 1) 1966 Chan Man
 One Duel Too Many (Part 2) 1966 Chan Man
 One Eye Open 2004 Benny Law Gam Chuen
 One Foot Crane 1979 Mo Man Hung
 One Foot Off The Ground 2006 Chen Da Ming
 One Foundation 2007 Alfred Cheung Kin Ting , Lin Jin He , Liu Yi Wei , Sun Zhou
 One Hundred Thousand Children's Corpses 1940 Bat Foo
 One Husband Too Many 1988 Anthony Chan Yau
 One In Yellow, The 1969
 One Last Dance 2005 Max Makowski
 One Man Olympics, The 2008 Hou Yong (1)
 One Million For Me 1959 Woo Siu Fung
 One Murder, Five Deaths 1963 Tu Guangqi
 One Night In Taipei 1962 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 One Night Stand 1994
 One Night Surprise 2013 Eva Jin Yi Meng
 One Nite In Mongkok 2004 Derek Yee Tung Sing
 One Of The Lucky Ones 1994 Clifton Ko Chi Sum
 One Queen And Three Kings 1963 Chan Lit Ban
 One Son Too Many 1979
 One Step Ahead 1980 Wong Wah Kai
 One Step Beyond 1992 Hoh Lin Chow
 One Stone And Two Birds 2004 Chu Yen Ping , Tsao Kuo Li
 One Stone And Two Birds 2 2006 Chu Yen Ping
 One Way Only 1981 Danny Lee Sau Yin , Nam Nai Choi
 One Way Only 1979 Wong Yuen San
 One Who Saved All 1961 Fung Fung
 One Wrong Step 2011 Jiang Tao
 One Year's Fantasy 1974 Patrick Tse Yin
 One, The 2001 James Wong
 One-Armed Magic Nun, The 1969 Chan Lit Ban
 One-Armed Swordsman 1967 Chang Cheh
 One-Eye Dragon Strange Hero 1947 Fung Chi Kong
 One-Eyed Loner, The 1969 Ling Yun
 One-Eyed Swordsman, The 1968 Ling Yun
 One-Legged Fiend 1968 Cheung Fong Ha
 Only Fools Fall In Love 1995 Vincent Kok Tak Chiu
 Only For You 1986 Tiu Hon
 Only The Way 2008 Dang Tak Wing
 [ Top  O.-On Op-Oy
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Once Upon A Time In Shanghai (2014)

One Night Surprise (2013)

On My Way (2012)

Old Master Q And Little Ocean Tiger (2011)

Once Upon A Time In Shanghai (2014) x25
On The Mountain Of Tai Hang (2005) x12
One Nite In Mongkok (2004) x10
Once Upon A Time In China And America (1997) x10

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