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 [ L-La Le Li Lo LS-Ly
 Title     ( HK -  All ) Year   Director(s)
 L For Love, L For Lies 2008 Patrick Kong Nim Sum
 L...O...V...E... LOVE 1997 Matt Chow Hoi Kwong
 La Rencontre (Lacoste advertising spot) 2002 Wong Kar Wai
 Laboratory Of The Devil 1992 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Lackey And The Lady Tiger 1980 Norman Law Man , Siao Lung
 Lacuna 2012 Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung , Jimmy Wan Chi Man
 Ladies First 1962 Evan Yang
 Ladies Killer 1992 Do Gong Yue
 Lady 9 Flower 1969 Cheung Fong Ha
 Lady And The Thief, The 1963 Doe Chin
 Lady Assassin, The 1983 Tony Liu Jun Guk
 Lady Balsam's Conquest 1955 Cheung Sin Kwan , Wong Tin Lam , Evan Yang
 Lady Balsam's Conquest Part 2 1955 Cheung Sin Kwan , Wong Tin Lam , Evan Yang
 Lady Black Cat 1966 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Lady Black Cat Strikes Again 1967 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Lady Blood Boxer 1974 Tyrone Hsu Tin Wing , Hui Keung
 Lady Bond 1966 Mok Hong See
 Lady Constables, The 1978 Cheung San Yee
 Lady Cop & Papa Crook 2008 Felix Chong Man Keung , Alan Mak Siu Fai
 Lady Detective, The 1963 Ng Wui
 Lady Escort, The Sequel, The 1947 Yam Pang Nin
 Lady Exterminator 1977 Sun Chung
 Lady Fan 2004 Mak Kin Bong
 Lady Flying Dragon 1967 Cheung Man (8)
 Lady From Shanghai, A 1982 Woo Siu Fung
 Lady From The Moon 1954 Chiang Nan , Gu Sam Lam , Li Han Hsiang
 Lady From The West Lake, The 1937 Kwan Man Ching
 Lady General Hua Mulan 1964 Griffin Yueh Feng
 Lady Ghost, The 1939 Wang Fuqing
 Lady Ghost, The Sequel, The 1939 Wang Fuqing
 Lady Hermit, The 1971 Ho Meng Hua
 Lady In Black 1987 Sun Chung
 Lady In Black Cracks The Gate Of Hell 1967 Joe Law Chi
 Lady In Combat, The 1941 Yam Paang Nin
 Lady In Distress 1957 Li Han Hsiang
 Lady In Distress 1947 Wang Yin
 Lady In Distress: The Invincible Fighter 1967 Mok Hong See
 Lady In Heat 1999 Che Man Ching , Chu Yen Ping
 Lady In Pink 1967 Richard Yeung Kuen
 Lady In The Moon 1966 Yuen Chau Fung
 Lady In The Water 2006 M. Night Shyamalan
 Lady Iron Chef, The 2007 Billy Chung Siu Hung
 Lady Is The Boss 1983 Lau Kar Leung
 Lady Jade Locket 1967 Yan Jun
 Lady Karate 1976 Ding Sin Saai
 Lady Killer 1992 Cheung Yan Git
 Lady Killer, The 1967 Wong Fung (2)
 Lady Killer, The 1977 Zhu Mu
 Lady 'Lightning' Among Swordsmen 1961 Luk Bong
 Lady Liu And Snobbish Chao 1950 Fung Fung
 Lady Mengjiang 1926 Runje Shaw
 Lady Musketeer, The 1960 Wong Tin Lam
 Lady Of Mystery, The 1957 Wa Hak Ngai
 Lady Of Steel 1970 Ho Meng Hua
 Lady Of The Law 1975 San Kong , Stanley Siu Wing
 Lady On The Roof 1959 Wong Tin Lam
 Lady Or Gentleman? 1938 Hung Chung Ho
 Lady Ping 1954 Chu Kei , Ng Wui
 Lady Professional, The 1971 Matsuo Akinori , Kuei Chih Hung
 Lady Protector And The Knight With The Whip, The 1949
 Lady Protector, The 1947 Yam Paang Nin
 Lady Punisher, The 1994 Tony Liu Jun Guk
 Lady Racketeer 1960 Chu Kei
 Lady Racketeer, The 1961 Ching Biu Go
 Lady Red Leaf 1954
 Lady Sings the Blues 1957 Mok Hong See
 Lady Snake Fist 1980
 Lady Songbird 1968 Chan Cheuk Sang
 Lady Supercop 1993 Billy Chung Siu Hung
 Lady Takes Command, The 1940 Bat Foo
 Lady Thief, The 1948 Ng Man Chiu
 Lady Whirlwind 1971 Huang Feng
 Lady With A Cat's Eyes 1967 Joe Law Chi
 Lady With A Sword 1971 Kao Pao Shu
 Lady With The Lute 1963 Bu Wan Cang
 Lady Wolf 1991 Richard Tung Chin Hu
 Lady Xue Yan 1959
 Lady, Be Mine 1937 Chan Tin
 Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch 1988 Jacob Cheung Chi Leung
 Lam Ah Chun 1978 Ricky Chan Ka Suen
 Lam Ah Chun Blunders Again 1979 Wong Wah Kai
 Lama Avenger, The 1979 Wong Wah Kai
 Lamb In Despair, A 1999 Tony Leung Hung Wah , Stephen Wong Fung Fai
 Lamb Killer 1993 Jonathan Chik Gei Yee
 Lament Of A Divorced Woman 1949 Wu Pang
 Lament Of the Ancient Palace 1958 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 Lamenting The Fallen Petals 1962 Wong Hok Sing
 Lan 2010 Jiang Wen Li
 Lan Kwai Fong 2011 Wilson Chin Kwok Wai
 Lan Kwai Fong 2 2012 Wilson Chin Kwok Wai
 Lan Kwai Fong 3 2014 Wilson Chin Kwok Wai
 Lan Kwai Fong Swingers 1993 Cheung Chung Chi
 Lan Yu 2001 Stanley Kwan Kam Pang
 Land Of Many Perfumes, The 1968 Ho Meng Hua
 Land of Rebirth, The 1983 Yan Ji Zhou , Yeung Gwong Yuen
 Land Of The Brave 1974 Stanley Siu Wing
 Land Of The Undaunted 1975 Lee Hsing
 Land With No Boundary, The 2011 Xu Zimu
 Lantern 1994 Lau Kar Yung
 Lantern Festival Adventure 1977 Cheung Pooi Saan
 Lantern Street, The 1977 Larry Tu Chong Hsun
 Lara Croft Tomb Raider : The Cradle Of Life 2003 Jan de Bont
 Largo Winch 2008 Jérôme Salle
 Lark, The 1971 Man Sek Ling
 Lark, The 1965 Sit Kwan
 Laser Drama - Action In Space 1992 Kuk Kok Leung
 Laserman 1988 Peter Wang Zheng Fang
 Lassiter 1984 Roger Young
 Last Affair, The 1983 Tony Au Ting Ping
 Last Aristocrats, The 1989 Xie Jin
 Last Battle Of Yang Chao, The 1978 Mo Man Hung
 Last Blood, The 1991 Wong Jing
 Last Concubine, The 2004
 Last Conflict, The 1988 Raymond Lee Wai Man
 Last Conscience, The 1925 Zhang Shi Chuan
 Last Duel, The 1972 Chui Chang Wang
 Last Duel, The 1989 Tommy Faan Sau Ming
 Last Duel, The 1981 Ling Yun (2)
 Last Emperor of China - Pu Yi, The 1981 Wong Sau
 Last Emperor, The 1986 Bernardo Bertolucci
 Last Emperor, The 1986 Li Han Hsiang
 Last Empress, The 1986 Chan Ga Lam , Suen Ching Gwok
 Last Eunuch, The 1991 Tian Zhuang Zhuang
 Last Five Minutes, The 1960
 Last Flight To Freedom 1964
 Last Ghost Standing 1999 Billy Chung Siu Hung
 Last Hero In China 1984 Tsai Yang Ming
 Last Hero In China 1993 Wong Jing
 Last Hurrah For Chivalry 1977 John Woo
 Last Judgement, The 1979 Huang Feng
 Last Message, The 1975 Michael Hui Kun Man
 Last Night Of Madam Chin, The 1984 Pai Ching Jui
 Last Night's Light 1982
 Last Romance 1988 Yon Fan
 Last Sight From Death 1999 David Lau Chun Ming
 Last Song In Paris 1986 Chu Yuan
 Last Strike 1977 Wa Yat Wang
 Last Supper, The 2012 Lu Chuan
 Last Tempest, The 1976 Li Han Hsiang
 Last Tycoon, The 2012 Wong Jing
 Last Woman Of Shang, The 1964 In hyeon Choi , Griffin Yueh Feng
 Lau Hai Meets Fairies 1963
 Lau Kam Ding - The Female General 1967 Siu Sang
 Laugh In 1976 Patrick Lung Kong
 Laugh In The Sleeve 1975 Lee Tit
 Laugh, Clown Laugh 1960 Jack Li Ping Qian
 Laughing Fist 1980
 Laughing Times 1981 John Woo
 Laughter And Tears 1950 Lau Fong
 Laughter And Tears 1950 Lau Fong
 Laughter And Tears 1958 Yan Jun
 Laughters Of "Water Margins" 1993 Clifton Ko Chi Sum
 Lavender 2000 Riley Yip Kam Hung
 Law Don 1979 Stanley Siu Wing , Alan Tang Kong Wing
 Law Enforcer, The 1986 Danny Lee Sau Yin
 Law Of Attraction, The 2011 Zhao Tian Yu
 Law On The Brink 1994 Chan Dung Chuen
 Law Or Justice 1988 Taylor Wong Tai Loy
 Law With Two Phases 1984 Danny Lee Sau Yin
 Lawman, The 1978 Ho Conbet
 Lawrence Of Mongolia 1999 Siao Lung
 Lawyer, Lawyer 1997 Joe Ma Wai Ho
 L'invincible tigresse du karaté 1975 Yeung Jing Chan
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Lan Kwai Fong 3 (2014)

The Last Tycoon《大上海》_主題曲《定風波》MV

The Last Supper (2012)

Lacuna (2012)

L For Love, L For Lies (2008) x1
Lavender (2000) x10
A Lamb In Despair (1999) x10
Lawyer, Lawyer (1997) x9

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