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 [ F*-Fa Fe-Fi Fl-Fo Fr-Fu
 Title     ( HK -  All ) Year   Director(s)
 F***/Off 1998 Abe Kwong Man Wai
 Fabulous Protectress 1970 Leung Yui
 Face Behind The Mask, The 1979 Chan Chi Hwa
 Face d'Ange 1994 Pierre Reinhard
 Face Of Fear, The 1963 Wong Toi
 Face Off 1997 John Woo
 Face To Fate 2006
 Faces And Places 1981 Alex Law Kai Yui , Clara Law Cheuk Yu , Rachel Zen
 Faces Of Horror 1998 Lam Chin Wai , Szeto Ying Kit , Heaven Yiu Tin Hung
 Facets Of Love 1973 Li Han Hsiang
 Factory Rose 1964 Wong Toi
 Failan 2001 Hye Sung Song
 Fair Sex, The 1961 Wong Yuet Ting
 Fairy Dove, The 1957 Ching Biu Go
 Fairy Fox and Ghost, The 1970 Gam Sing Yan
 Fairy Of Keng Fa 1970 Chan Wan
 Fairy Of The Chalice 2006
 Fairy Sleeves, The 1957 Chow See Luk
 Fairy Tale Killer 2012 Danny Pang Fat
 Fairy, Ghost, Vixen 1965 Tong Wong
 Fairy, The Ghost And Ah Chung, The 1979 Patrick Lung Kong
 Fait Accompli 1994 Roman Cheung Shiu Lung
 Faithful Wife And Lascivious Woman, The 1948 Yue Leung
 Faithful Wife, The 1955 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Faithful Wife, The 1940 Wang Fuqing
 Faithfully Yours 1995 Taam Long Cheong
 Faithfully Yours 1988 Wong Wah Kai
 Faithless Husband 1958
 Fake Emperor 1995 Lau Kwok Kuen
 Fake Ghost Catchers, The 1982 Lau Kar Wing
 Fake Husband, The 1964
 Fake Married Couple 1962
 Fake Phoenix 1947 Huang Zuo Lin
 Fake Pretty Woman, A 1995 Ivan Lai Gai Ming
 Falcon 1991 1991 Cheung Hing Lung (2)
 Fall For You 2000 Cha Chuen Yee
 Fall In Love 2013 Hua Ming
 Fall In Love With Versace 1998 Joe Hau Wing Choi
 Fall Of Ming 2013 Wang Jing
 Fall Of The Pear Flower 1936 Chiu Shu San
 Fall Of The Plum 1940 Wang Fuqing
 Fallen Angel 1938 Hou Yao
 Fallen Angels 1995 Wong Kar Wai
 Fallen Family, The 1984
 Fallen Flowers, Flowing Water, The Spring Is Gone 1979
 Fallen Petals 1968 Poon Lui
 Fallen Petals In The Autumn Rain 1953 Ng Wui
 Falling Flowers 2013 Huo Jian Qi
 False Accusation Of Mother, The 1958 Wong Hok Sing
 False Alarm 1962
 False Lady 1992 Chan Lau (2)
 Fame Of Chess 1977 Ha Yue
 Family 1953 Ng Wui
 Family Affair, A 1984 Dean Shek Tien
 Family Affairs 1994 Cheung Chi Kok
 Family Day 1990 Stanley Fung Shui Fan
 Family Doctrine (Part 1) 1965
 Family Doctrine (Part 2) 1965
 Family Feud 1995 Liu Miao Miao (1)
 Family Honor 1990 Norman Law Man
 Family In Thousands 1975 Woo Siu Fung
 Family Light Affair 1984 Alfred Cheung Kin Ting
 Family Of Lust 1981 Man Yiu Wah
 Family Of Swindler King, The 1990 Taam Yui Ming
 Family Strikes Back, The 1986 Dean Shek Tien
 Family, The 1956 Chen Hsi Ho
 Famous Prostitute - Sadly Fall, Liu Ru Shih 1992 Yau Muk Kei
 Famous Swordsman Tin Kiu 1969 Law Gei Sek , Siu Sang
 Fan Lay Far 1960 Wong Hok Sing
 Fan Lay Far And Her Adopted Son 1960
 Fan Lihua Bears A Son In The Golden-Light Militia 1958 Wu Pang
 Fan Lihua, The Female General 1968 Fung Chi Kong
 Fan To Remember 1961 Chow See Luk
 Fang Shiyu And His Father's Revenge 1950
 Fang Shiyu And His Impersonator 1950
 Fang Shiyu And Misao Cuihua 1948 Fung Chi Kong
 Fang Shiyu And Wu Weiqian's Three Attemps At Wudang Mountain 1949 Goo Man Chung
 Fang Shiyu Attacks Emperor Qianlong In Fury 1958
 Fang Shiyu Challengers The Boxing-Stage Champion (Part 1) 1952
 Fang Shiyu Challengers The Boxing-Stage Champion (Part 2) 1952
 Fang Shiyu Comes To Hong Xiguan's Rescue 1956
 Fang Shiyu In A Marriage-Fixing Boxing Contest (Part 1) 1950
 Fang Shiyu In A Marriage-Fixing Boxing Contest (Part 2) 1950
 Fang Shiyu's Bloody Battle With The Net Of Dual Forces 1959
 Fang Shiyu's Invasion Of Juling Peak 1951
 Fang Shiyu's Nine Battles At Emei Hill 1949 Goo Man Chung
 Fang Shiyu's Revenge 1949 Goo Man Chung
 Fang Shiyu's Three Attacks On Emperor Qianlong 1958
 Fang Shiyu's Three Ventures Into The Lane Of Wooden Robots 1951
 Fantasia 2004 Wai Ka Fai
 Fantasies Behind The Pearly Curtain 1975 Pai Ching Jui
 Fantastic Knight, The 1940 Yam Pang Nin
 Fantastic Magic Baby, The 1975 Chang Cheh
 Fantastic Water Babes, The 2008 Jeff Lau Chun Wai
 Fantasy Mission Force 1982 Chu Yen Ping
 Fantasy Of Youth 1959 Law Gwan Hung , Zhu Shilin
 Fantasy Romance 1991 Taylor Wong Tai Loy
 Far Away 1954
 Far removed from war 1987 Hu Mei
 Farewell 19 1983
 Farewell China 1990 Clara Law Cheuk Yu
 Farewell Dearest 1974 Patrick Tse Yin
 Farewell My Concubine 1993 Chen Kaige
 Farewell My Dearest 1995 Chan Hon
 Farewell On A Winter Night 1939 Wu Pang
 Farewell To A Warrior 1976 Chu Yuan
 Farewell To My Lady 1939 Hung Chung Ho , Yeung Wang Goon
 Farewell, Flowers 1936 Gam Paang Gui
 Farewell, My Love 1969 Chun Kim
 Fascinating Affairs 1985 Chu Yuan
 Fascinating Group, The 1971 Wong Gam Wing
 Fascination Amour 1999 Herman Yau Lai To
 Fascination Love, The 1970 Lau Daat
 Fashionholic 2002 Ah Bu
 Fast Fingers 1983 Hsu Hsia
 Fast Sword, The 1971 Huang Feng
 Faster Than Lightning 1946 Yeung Kung Leung
 Fastest Sword, The 1968 Poon Lui
 Fat Choi Spirit 2002 Johnnie To Kei Fung , Wai Ka Fai
 Fatal Adventure, A 1966 Chu Yuan
 Fatal Attraction 1952 Chan Hoh Ching
 Fatal Attraction 2000 Philip Ko Fei
 Fatal Attraction 1952 Tu Guangqi
 Fatal Chase 1992 Jonathan Chik Gei Yee , Cindy Chow Fung , Philip Ko Fei
 Fatal Comic 2002 Woo Ga Kan
 Fatal Contact 2006 Dennis Law Sau Yiu
 Fatal Desire 1998 Jue Wai Gwong
 Fatal Encounter 1994 Hugo Ng Doi Yung
 Fatal Flying Guillotines, The 1977 Raymond Lui Sing Kung
 Fatal Game, The 1991 David Shum Dai Wai
 Fatal Jump, A 1994
 Fatal Love 1993 Chow Cheung
 Fatal Love 1988 Leong Po Chih
 Fatal Love 1993 Lo Kin
 Fatal Love Web 2003 Ng Kwok Hao
 Fatal Maple 1994
 Fatal Memory 1995 Yeung Shek Bun
 Fatal Mission 1991 Stephen Yip Tin Hang
 Fatal Move 2008 Dennis Law Sau Yiu
 Fatal Needles VS Fatal Fists 1978 Lee Tso Nam
 Fatal Obsession 1994 Raymond Lee Wai Man
 Fatal Passion 1990 David Ho Dai Wai
 Fatal Recall 1990 Tsai Yang Ming
 Fatal Rose 1993 Richard Chen (2)
 Fatal Seduction 1993 Cheung Sek Lung
 Fatal Termination 1990 Andrew Kam Yeung Wah
 Fatal Training Course 2003 Francis Nam Chi Wai
 Fatal Vacation 1990 Eric Tsang Chi Wai
 Fatalist, The 1996 Chi Wai
 Fatality, The 2008 Kuang Shen , Liang Hung Chih , Lin Tzu Liang , Tiwa Moeithaisong
 Fate 2008 Raymond Yip Wai Man
 Fate Fighter 2003 Steve Cheng Wai Man
 Fate Of Lee Khan, The 1973 King Hu
 Fate Of The Last Empire 1994
 Fate Takes A Hand 1987
 Fate Twisters 2003
 Fate, The 1982
 Faterangers, The 1999 Kenneth Lau Hau Wai
 Fatest Fists 1972 Ding Sin Saai
 Father And Son 1981 Allen Fong Yuk Ping
 Father And Son 1954 Ng Wui
 Father And Son 1963 Wu Jiaxiang
 Father Earns, Daughter Spends 1963 Wong Hok Sing
 Father Is Back 1961 Lee Tit
 Father Marries Again 1952 Doe Chin
 Father Takes A Bride 1963 Wong Tin Lam
 Fatherland 1980 Tsui Siu Ming
 Fatherless Son (part 2), The 1956
 Fathomless Love, Fathomless Hate 1951
 Fatty Marries Skinny 1956 Cheung Wai Gwong
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Falling Flowers (2013)

Fairy Tale Killer (2012)

The Fantastic Water Babes (2008)

Fatal Move (2008)

Fatal Move (2008) x26
Fatal Contact (2006) x10
Fatal Training Course (2003) x10
Fallen Angels (1995) x10

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